How Do I Reset My Samsung Ice Maker?

Have you invited friends for a dinner party this weekend but suddenly your ice maker isn’t dumping ice?

That’s a dreaded nightmare no homeowner would like to experience. But unfortunately, no matter how well you maintain the appliance, you must have run into some problem or the other.

And one of the common complaints that almost every Samsung fridge owner makes is that the ice maker isn’t making ice. Of course, calling an electrician right away isn’t possible, but at the same time, resolving the issue is important. 

Ideally, a quick reset of the appliance will fix this issue, but sadly, most homeowners aren’t well-aware of how to go about it. Having said that, we’ve curated a guide on “How do I reset my Samsung ice maker?” wherein we’ll walk you through the steps to fix your appliance in a breeze. 

So, let’s dive in, then! 

Troubleshooting A Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker

Resetting an ice maker is one of the easiest and quickest ways to fix minor issues and faults. So, if yours isn’t functioning properly, try resetting it by following these steps:

Step 1: Take Off The Ice Bucket

Take the ice bucket out of your refrigerator so that you can reset it without any difficulty. 

Step 2: Look For The Reset Button

Search for the reset or test button, which is rectangular and located either on the side or the bottom of the appliance. 

Step 3: Hold The Button

After locating it, hold it down and release it when you hear a chime indicating a successful reset.

Step 4: Replace The Bucket Into The Refrigerator

Without any further delay, put the bucket back into its place so that it dispenses ice on it rather than throwing it on the floor. 

Steps To Resetting Ice Maker In A Side-By-Side Samsung Freezer

Step 1: Take Out The Ice Bucket

To see the ice maker clearly, you’ll have to remove the ice bucket from its place slowly and gently so that you don’t end up damaging it. 

Step 2: Find The Reset Button And Press It

After taking out the bucket from the ice maker, look for the reset button that you’ll find on the right side of the appliance. When you locate it, push it until you hear a sound, which indicates that the test or reset process has begun. 

Step 3: Reinsert The Bucket

Put back the ice bucket into the refrigerator so that it can collect the leftover ice that the maker disposes of. Note that when you reinsert it, you’ll hear a locking sound that ensures that the bucket is placed back into its position. 

If the maker makes no sound, but there is a movement in it, then you can rest assured that the reset is successful. On the other hand, it may also happen that you may neither notice the sound nor the movement. So, in such situations, it’s advisable to unplug the refrigerator and plug it back after two minutes to repeat the reset process. 

Easy Ways To Reset A Samsung Bottom Mount Refrigerator 

Step 1: Locate The Ice Maker

First and foremost, you’ll have to look for the ice maker that is typically located in the rear left corner of the ceiling of the freezer. More often than not, the ice maker in such models is equipped with a cover.

Step 2: Press The Reset Button

Unlike other models, the ice maker reset button in side-by-side refrigerators is usually found on the front, beneath the motor housing. Now, push it by applying some pressure and release it when the motor begins to torque.

Step 3: Wait For 24 Hours

After resetting, leave the ice maker untouched for at least 24 hours.

Resetting An Ice Maker On The Back Of The Freezer Door

Step 1: Remove The Bucket

To inspect or reset your ice maker, remove the bucket from its place. If you have an older model fridge, there will probably be only one front cover that you will have to lift carefully and pull out. 

However, if you have purchased a more recent model, it will have an ice bucket with handles that can be moved out without any trouble. 

Step 2: Press The Test Switch

Now that the ice bucket is out, look for the reset button that will probably be on the bottom left side of the device and keep pressing it until you hear a ring. 

Step 3: Place Back The Cover

Next, carefully place the cover back into its position until it snaps into place. In case you don’t place it properly, then it will flash the ice off indicator to notify you that the bucket isn’t placed properly. However, you must keep in mind that it depends upon the model of your refrigerator you own, so we suggest referring to the user manual. 

For older models, the reset button is located on the front rather than the bottom of the ice maker, so look for it there. 

At times, the unit doesn’t make a chiming sound, but you will notice slight movements. So, if that happens, fret not because your appliance is working properly and the reset is successful. But, if there is no movement and the machine makes no sound, then there might be minor issues. Simply unplug the refrigerator for a few minutes and try the reset process after plugging it back. 

Ways To Reset A Top Freezer Ice Maker

Step 1: Pull Out The Ice Bucket

For resetting a top freezer ice maker, you should pull out the ice bucket that will be resting beneath it. 

Step 2: Reset The Ice Maker

Look for the test switch or the reset button, which you will have to press for some time until you hear a ringing sound. 

Step 3: Reinsert The Bucket

After you have successfully reset the ice maker, it’s time to reinsert the bucket by sliding it into its position. However, if you don’t notice any movement or ringing sound, then restart the unit before repairing the reset procedure. 

Also, you should avoid pressing the test switch repeatedly as it can cause further damage to the appliance. As a rule of thumb, reset the ice maker once every 24 hours, if need be. 

Resetting A Bottom Freezer Ice Maker

Step 1: Remove The Bucket

If the ice maker of your bottom freezer isn’t functioning properly, then remove the bucket from the place by lifting it gently and placing it on the table properly. 

Step 2: Locate The Reset Button

Now, look for the reset button so that you can press it to reset the unit. Generally, the reset button is located towards the front of the ice maker in these models. So, once you find it, apply some force to press it and wait for the chiming sound. 

If you hear the ring two times, then your ice maker is functioning properly. On the other hand, when the chiming sound appears repeatedly, then there is something wrong with it. In such cases, calling a professional or a maintenance specialist would be the best bet. 

However, we’d suggest you contact the Samsung service center to detect the root cause of the issue. 

Step 3: Reinsert The Bucket

If your appliance makes the chiming sound twice, you’ve successfully reset it. So, now, it’s time to place the ice bucket into its place, so slide it the same way you pulled it out, and you’re done! However, don’t forget to slide it gently to avoid damaging it. 

Resetting A French Door Model With A Heated Tray

Do you own a french door refrigerator with a heated tray whose ice maker isn’t dumping enough ice? Don’t worry; you can quickly fix the issue by resetting the ice maker by following these steps:

Step 1: Release The Ice Bucket

Much like other refrigerators, you’ll have to remove the bucket from the ice maker. To do so, release it properly and then slide it out of its place gently. 

Step 2: Reset It

Usually, the reset button on the right side is located on the right side of the ice maker, so search for it in that direction. After finding it, push it with slight pressure and keep doing so till you hear a soft sound. 

In newer models, you’ll hear the sound twice, wherein the second one will let you know that the reset is successful. However, it is suggested to press the button for at least 10 seconds in the older model to reset it completely. 

Resetting A Samsung French Door Model With Two Ice Makers Or Without Dispensers

If you own a french door refrigerator and your ice maker has suddenly started acting up, then don’t worry. That’s because you can follow the DIY route to fix it in an instant. All you need to do is hold the reset button and keep pushing it till the motor of the ice tray begins to torque and then release it gently. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When To Reset A Samsung Ice Maker?

Ideally, it’s recommended to reset your ice maker when it stops dumping ice. However, you can also consider doing so if the ice production is lower than usual or if it isn’t getting filled with water. 

Where Is The Reset Button Located On A Samsung Ice Maker?

Usually, you’ll find it on the front of the ice maker, but it may also be located on its side or bottom. However, we’d suggest you refer to the user manual to know where it is exactly located. 

Summing It Up


If your ice maker is making little to no ice or not dispensing enough, you should immediately reset it to avoid aggravating it. With the steps mentioned above, we hope you will be able to reset your appliance in a jiffy without any trouble. 

However, if it still doesn’t function appropriately after resetting, it’s best to consult an experienced professional. In such situations, we suggest you contact the Samsung support center for proper diagnosis. 

Lastly, we recommend hiring a professional for regular inspection of your appliance, which will prevent the need for frequent repairs. Until next time! 

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