How To Defrost A Mini-Fridge?

Are you going through the pain of watching your mini-fridge being frosted but not sure how to defrost it without creating a mess?

How to defrost a mini-fridge

Well, this article will guide you in defrosting your mini-fridge safely along with other additives such as

  • How to defrost a mini-fridge?
  • What should you avoid while defrosting and cleaning a mini-fridge?
  • How to maintain a mini-fridge?

Remove the food from your mini-fridge and unplug it. Defrosting should be done with the door open, and lay a towel on the floor to absorb water, and leave it overnight. Clean the mini-fridge with a warm bowl of water and remove the containers or shelves. After wiping the mini-fridge dry, it is ready to be restarted. 

Steps to defrost a mini-fridge

Do you have a mini-fridge that has been frosted and stayed idle for a while? Then it’s time to go into your cleaning mode and remove those enormous chunks of ice. But that doesn’t mean you start plunging the ice with sharp objects.

There are effective ways to deal with it without causing chaos. Hence, we will go through some steps of defrosting so that your mini-fridge comes out in one piece and runs smoothly.

Clear all food items 

To start the defrosting process, you need to declutter your mini-fridge by removing all the food items inside it.

Separate the expired or spoilt products and get rid of them to avoid foul smell or any health hazard when you start restocking. Get another alternative to store your food as you will need the whole day to defrost.

Detach your mini-fridge from the outlet 

Once you clear your mini-fridge, disconnect it from any power outlet despite an off button present in the mini-fridge.

Place a cloth under the fridge. 

When defrosting begins, a lot of water will be released from the fridge, and to avoid water circulation on the floor, a towel or more should be placed under the fridge and the floor. This way, water will be absorbed, saving you from other inconveniences.

Try to set a towel even inside the fridge, and it is advisable always to use a towel for better immersion. 

Leave the mini-fridge overnight 

Let the mini-fridge defrost the whole night and leave the fridge door open

Remove and clean the fridge’s accessories 

The next day, squeeze out all the water from the soaked towels, and if there is still water releasing, place the towels again. Next, remove all the trays, shelves, and racks from the mini-fridge and give them a good clean.

Clean the mini-fridge 

Begin by wiping moisture from all areas of the mini-fridge. If you come across any odor, or stain, get rid of it by using lukewarm and soapy water. Avoid using cleaners or pads as they may scratch the mini-fridge. Leave the mini-fridge to air dry.

Put everything back and plug in your mini-fridge

After all the cleaning and drying, double-check if the mini-fridge is dry. Once confirmed, start putting all the shelves, racks, and trays back to their designated position.

Plugin your fridge, regulate the temperature accordingly, and your unit will be ready to run generally in a few hours.

How to manually defrost your mini-fridge?

The idlest way is to follow the steps above, but you will need to manually remove the ice if you can’t wait for a day. How? Get a plastic spatula and shave through the ice carefully to avoid damage to the unit.

The process is exhausting and time-consuming, not as the above. Furthermore, get a pot to hold boiling water and put it inside the fridge, making the ice melt faster but keep the fridge door open.

What to avoid while defrosting and cleaning a mini-fridge?

If you want your mini-fridge to operate correctly and last longer, here are a few things you need to avoid while defrosting and cleaning your mini-fridge.

  • Do not use a metal scraper, knife, or ice pick to remove the ice as they are hostile and can severely destroy the fridge.
  • Never use a blow dryer to defrost your fridge, as the heat emitting through the blow dryer can harm certain parts of the fridge made from plastic.
  • Remember to wipe and clean the seals of your mini-fridge door as it is unhygienic with high chances of food being stuck. 
  • Do not run your mini-fridge without ensuring that every inch of it is adequately dry after defrosting as if the fridge is still wet; moisture can turn into frost in no time.

Ways to maintain a mini-fridge

As a vital primary appliance, you need to adopt suitable methods to maintain your unit. And for that, all you have to do is follow these steps-

  • Place your mini-fridge away from the heat source or direct sunlight. If your mini-fridge comes with a freezer, never place it in unheated areas below 60 degrees, for the compressor may run low, causing the unit to fail in keeping food items frozen.
  • Keep your mini-fridge on a plain surface so that it doesn’t lean in one direction. 
  • Maintain the temperature setting of the unit to medium-cold so that your food doesn’t immediately freeze.
  • Ensure enough spacing between your food and other items to allow the air to circulate and keep everything chilled.
  • Do clean your mini-fridge monthly by rubbing the surfaces with warm water to remove stubborn stains. To remove foul odor, use 1-2 tbsp of baking soda, mix it with warm water, put it into a bowl, and place it inside the mini-fridge.


Mini-fridges are very convenient appliances that need good care. So if you liked our content, make sure to follow the steps.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your cleaning gloves! Your mini-fridge is probably waiting to be all spick and span.

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