How to Reset a Thermador Refrigerator

If the Thermador refrigerator filter light is constantly on or you see it blinking, that could mean the unit needs a reset. 

Nobody wants their Thermador refrigerator chirping all day, and the problem needs to be dealt with immediately. We recommend checking the freezer columns and the old filter as soon as you feel something is wrong. The display panel may also have a blinking light, which could indicate a malfunction. 

This guide will tell you about the possible reasons behind a filter alert or a blinking light on the appliance display board. We have also discussed quick solutions to the issues at hand, and you can always try working them out at home. 

So, let’s get started.

How to Reset A Thermador Refrigerator

You must have put in a lot of thought before purchasing a high-end refrigerator with smart features. While you may forget to schedule changing the water filter or cleaning the fridge, the unit will prompt you at the right time. 

However, once it starts beeping, it can be pretty unpleasant. The Thermador refrigerator sound would not stop until you have fixed the problem. Also, this brand uses certain error code messages, which the user is supposed to know about. In case you do not remember them, you can always look up the manual and find answers. 

If you wish to readjust the Thermador refrigerator, then you will have to unplug it and leave it like that for 30 minutes. After that, plug the cable again and switch it on. The system should be completely reset, which should correct minor faults. 

Adding on, please remember that if the refrigerator water filter light is reset after changing the filter, then the whole unit will be reset. 

How to Reset A Refrigerator Alarm

Next, we will tell you about the process of resetting the refrigerator alarm. First of all, you will need to figure out the alarm that is beeping and the reason behind it.

1. Replace Thermador Refrigerator Filter 

These refrigerators will always alert you if the filter needs to be changed. If this happens to you, then it is best to replace the water filter with a new one immediately. Then the indicator has to be reset so that you do not have to worry about the alarm. 

Moving on, it is best to replace the filter before the water filter indicator alarm beeps. We will recommend checking and replacing it every six months. In case you do not know the right way to do it, look up online to check the process. 

2. Shut The Thermador Refrigerator Door 

Thermador recommends that you close the door well before leaving the room. If the Thermador refrigerator door does not shut fully, an alarm will continuously ring until you close it well. This is kept in place to prevent cold air from escaping as well, as it can save unnecessary costs. 

In case you find that the door seal is broken or is malfunctioning, immediately call up customer care representatives and ask for help. They should be able to fix your problem within a day. 

3. Look For Warning Signs 

The Thermador refrigerator will also warn you if any of the parts are not functioning well. If you can hear the sound nonstop, inspect the entire unit thoroughly. If you cannot find a solution, then it is best to call up the official help center. They will then send one of their technicians to take a look and solve the issue. 

4. Temperature Adjustment 

Know that the fridge can become too cold, or it may not be able to reach the right temperatures. The temperature sensor should tell you that by beeping, you’ll have to reset it after reading the installation booklet. 

Now, we would recommend checking the instructions and settings to know the right temperature. Set it accordingly, and the temperature issue should be sorted out. Moving on, please remember to check the air vents for any kind of obstructions. If there are none, then the airflow will be good.

How to Readjust A Thermador Refrigerator Which Is Not Making Enough Ice? 

In case the water filter is not making ice in large amounts, then that could mean a filter alert, and you may need to change the filter. So, the Thermador Refrigerator Filter strains contaminants and small particles, which are often present in the water supply in the unit. 

The impurities can then build up in the filter and lead to less ice formation. Please make a note of how much ice can the ice maker form before replacing the filter. 

Once you do so, check again, and the whole refrigerator should be able to make ice again. While you may not receive a ‘change filter’ message, a filter change may still be necessary in case of such an issue. 

How To Readjust The Thermador Refrigerator Filter Light? 

If you wish to reset the filter light of your Thermador refrigerator, then the ice and super buttons need to be pressed. You will have to press the “super” and “ice” buttons simultaneously for around five seconds. As soon as that’s done, the filter light will be reset. 

Furthermore, the filter button or the reset button needs to be pressed, and you will find both on the control panel. Press and hold the button for five seconds, and that should reset the water filter indicator. 

If that does not work, we recommend professional service personnel who can be called simply by placing a call. 

Final Words 


If you can hear the refrigerator beeping, it can mean that there are some issues with the cooling temperature, or a water filter reset may be required. There could be some simple problems too, like overloading the fridge or a loose door seal. 

When this happens, it is usually unable to cool down fast, or the temperature may not go down at all. This could, in turn, affect the ice formation, which could again be an issue. 

Please talk to customer care to know how much food you can keep inside. You can then adjust accordingly and try to keep it within limits. 

Otherwise, the ice alarm may go off in time, and you would not want that. Also, check the airflow and ensure that all the vents are clear. That is all that we have for you today.

Until next time, take care, stay safe, and good luck resetting your Thermador refrigerator! 

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