How To Remove A Samsung Freezer Drawer (Quick Guide)

Regular cleaning is a must for refrigerators to prevent accumulating dirt and bacteria, which can spoil the food you store inside.

That’s when you’ll need to remove crisper drawers, freezer trays, bins, and more.

While most of these components are designed for easy removal and assembly, one wrong step can cause damage and a high repair bill!

So, to avoid such situations, here’s a short yet informative guide to removing a Samsung freezer drawer.

How To Remove A Samsung Freezer Drawer [Quick Guide]

Step 1 – Removing The Upper Tray Assembly 

Pull the drawer to remove the upper tray. Now, push the tray into the drawer, raise its wheels from the slots, and gently lift it to remove the tray entirely. 

Step 2 – Removing The Box Tray

Tip the back end of the tray and gently push it back. Then, tilt it from the front and remove it from the box.

Step 3 – Removing The Bolts

You’ll see four 10-millimeter bolts keeping the drawer sturdy. Remove them from either side of the drawer’s opening. For this, we recommend using a 10-millimeter socket.

Thereafter, hold the door from either of the sides and lift it. This will remove the brackets on the rails. 

Step 4 – Removing The Slide Rails

Next, you’ll see the retaining pit keeping the gear shaft upright. So, you’ll have to slide it right, pick it up from the left, and remove it. Then, you can unfold the slide rails, locate the locking tab, lower it and eject the rails.

Keep in mind that this method works for every Samsung freezer drawer, even the FlexZone drawer in a French door refrigerator. But, you’ll have to pick up the FlexZone basket before ejecting the Samsung freezer drawer. 

How To Assemble Samsung Freezer Drawers?

Once you’ve removed the freezer drawers, it’s time to deep clean! But what after you’re done cleaning the Samsung refrigerator? You’d definitely want to assemble everything back, right?

Well, then here’s how you go about it.

Step 1: Push the slide rails until it locks in place. Pull out the rails and push the gear shaft towards the rails. Make sure the holes on the gear shaft are in proper alignment. Now, insert the retaining pin as that will ensure the shaft stays put.

Step 2: Now, fix the drawer door while keeping the slots aligned to the glides and the tabs to the brackets. Then, you can remount the four 10-millimeter bolts, placing two on either side.

Step 3: To put the box tray in place, start by pushing the rear end into the drawer. Then lower the front and align it in place. Thereafter, you can place the upper tray by inserting the back portion first and then rolling it into the wheel slots. Here, we recommend moving the tray to lock it in place.

Just like the previous method, these steps for assembling the Samsung freezer drawers work for all units from the brand, even the FlexZone drawers.

What To Do If Samsung Freezer Drawer Does Not Open?

Your freezer drawer getting jammed is no less than a nuisance, especially when you really need to get some gunk out of the fridge. That’s when you can use the steps given below to fix a freezer drawer that won’t open.

Step 1: Start by unplugging the Samsung refrigerator and allowing the freezer to defrost. Defrosting may take anywhere between 24-48 hours.

Step 2: Once the buildup has melted, open the drawer again as it could have been jammed with ice. Moreover, once opened, wipe away any excess moisture to prevent refreezing. 

Step 3: Lastly, allow the freezer to air dry for about 24 hours and then plug it in. You can even use paraffin wax or petroleum jelly (with no medication) as lubricants as they will help maintain refrigerator doors, roller axles, etc.

However, if freezing was not the reason behind the freezer drawers staying shut, you may have to get your drawer slides repaired. Here, we recommend getting in touch with a professional technician or the Samsung Support Center. 

How To Remove A Freezer Shelf?

For removing freezer shelves, you just need a screwdriver. Simply hold the shelf and pick it up once the screws are loose. You should be able to pull it off the freezer easily.

How To Remove A Samsung Freezer Drawer?

Removing the freezer drawer is no rocket science, thanks to the easy design and extensive user manual provided by the company. Yet, if you’re uncertain, here are the steps you must follow to remove freezer drawers.

Step 1: Press the lid of the drawer while pulling it forward. This should open the drawer, which you can slide back in again.

Alternatively, you can shut the drawer by sliding it forward till it’s fixed in its position.

Step 2: Start by removing the ice tray as that will create more space to eject the drawer from the Samsung fridge. 

Step 3: Unlock the door (by pressing the required button) and remove the drawer.

Step 4: To put the drawer back in, gently slide it in your direction and push it to its designated place. Then, close the freezer door.

Step 5: Finally, insert the ice tray and lock the freezer door. 

How To Remove Door Bins In A Samsung Refrigerator?

Although the method for removing a door bin does not vary for different brands and models of refrigerators, here is an easy process for beginners… 

Step 1: First off, you will notice a marked line on the top door bin. This makes removal and installment easier.

Step 2: Start by pushing the bin up gently with both hands. Make sure you do not use too much pressure, or the bin might break. Then simply pull it out for cleaning. 

Step 3: Reinserting the door bin is also a no-brainer. Just align it with the marked section and place it back in its location.

How To Remove The Glass From Vegetable/Crisper Drawers?

Before you get started, we recommend being very careful as the glass can break and cause injuries. Do not use hot or warm water to clean the glass. It’s best to wait till the glass adjusts to the room temperature and then use lukewarm water and a damp cloth to clean it.

Simple Shelf Setup

Check if your Samsung fridge has a simple shelf setup. All you’ll have to do then is fully open the doors and eject the vegetable drawers. 

Simply lift one side of the shelf and support it with one hand while sliding the shelf out with the other hand. 

Complex Shelf Setup

For Samsung refrigerators with a complex setup, you’ll have to remove the lower door bins and the crisper drawers. 

Step 1: Angle the crisper drawers towards the center of the fridge and slide them out.

Step 2: Look for the tabs on the water filter housing and the drawer divider. You’ll find one on either side behind each roller wheel. Now, push both the tabs inwards and hold until you can pick the shelf out of the water filter housing. 

Keep in mind that the aforementioned tabs may look different in various units, but the location remains the same.

Step 3: Next, lift up the glass shelf and pull it out to eject it from the back wall of the refrigerator. You can further angle it downwards to remove it completely from the unit. 

Turn the shelf over before placing it on a clean surface. 

Step 4: Check for retainer clips on the shelf to remove it from the plastic frame. You should be able to find them on the rear end of each side. They’ll look like small white squares where the white plastic meets the glass.

Step 5: Turn the shelf to find the retainer clips and remove them completely.

Step 6: Now, you’ll notice two tabs on each clip. Just push the tab closest to the center of the shelf and gently lift the back corner of the shelf. This will create pressure on the tab, making the clip fall off.

Consequently, the shelf will come loose, and then you can repeat the same method to remove clips from the remaining side. 

Step 7: After removing the clips, lift the shelf and dislodge the glass from the frame.

Step 8: You can reinstall the glass shelf by following the previous steps in reverse order.


What Is The FlexZone In Samsung Refrigerators?

Samsung fridges are equipped with the FlexZone, which gives you more flexibility and utility for large party trays, wines and beverages, pizzas, deli items, etc. According to what you put inside, you can adjust the temperature of this area.

Can You Remove The FlexZone Basket From 4-Door French Door Refrigerators?

Yes, you can open the FlexZone drawer and pull the basket out with both hands. Similarly, you just need to lower the basket to insert it inside the drawer.

Final Words

And that’s all for today, folks – a quick guide on removing the Samsung freezer drawer!

But before we sign off, here’s a safety tip – always wear your work gloves and use a dry, clean cloth to wipe different parts of the fridge. This will prevent the chances of an electric shock.

And in any case, if you feel confused about what to do, contacting a professional is the best way to go.

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