How To Clean A Samsung Refrigerator Drawer (Quick Guide)

Samsung, one of the largest producers of electronic devices, is a brand one can trust when it comes to refrigerators!

Whether it’s a double door or french door refrigerator model, it has a ton of storage space owing to the large number of drawers. But unless you maintain them properly, the stored food might go bad rather quickly. 

So, it is essential that you have clean and dry drawers. If grime and dirt get trapped inside the drawers or the channels, you might have to spend a lot of time cleaning the fridge.

In this guide, we will take you through the best steps that you should follow to clean Samsung fridge drawers. We will also talk about the essential materials needed for the job. 

So, let’s take a look!

Steps To Follow To Clean Samsung Refrigerator Drawers

The following steps need to be followed in the right order to ensure proper cleaning. 

Step 1

To start, you will have to remove all the food and empty the refrigerator drawers. After that is done, remove the drawers one by one. You should be very careful while you are doing this to ensure that the drawers do not get damaged.

We understand that not all food items can be kept outside, so you should store the perishable ones in the other parts of the refrigerator. That said, you need not worry as cleaning the drawers does not take a long time.

Also, ensure that your refrigerator drawers are free of any stale food materials. Decaying food gives rise to the growth of bacteria and fungi that might damage other food items in your fridge. 

Step 2

After clearing out the drawers and removing them carefully, it is time to clean them. To do this, hold each drawer firmly and scrape its sides and bottom properly using a damp cloth. Avoid using stiff or rough materials as they may leave scratches on the surface.

This step will help you remove any vegetable peel or food spills that might have accumulated on the drawer surfaces over time. 

Pro tip: Try following this step even when you are trying to clean a glass shelf in a Samsung refrigerator.

Step 3

If you do not clean the refrigerator drawers often, there’s a good chance that there will be stubborn stains and particles on them. And to get rid of them, you will need to soak the drawers in hot water for a while. After soaking them for some time, give them a proper rinse using a mild detergent.

To get the stains out easily, you can use a soft cloth or a sponge to give the drawers a proper rub. 

Many of our readers have noted that they find it difficult to clean the drawers in their kitchen sink, especially when the sink is small. If you are stuck in a similar situation, you can put your recently-cleaned bathtub to use. 

After you are done cleaning the interiors and have given the drawers a proper exterior wipe with soapy water, rinse them well with clean water. And let them dry completely before reinstalling them in your refrigerator. 

Step 4

For your fridge to function properly, you will need to ensure that the drawers and cabinet surfaces are clean.

Moving on, after the drawers have dried, set them aside for a while. Utilize this time to mix water and vinegar in a one to one ratio and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle to ensure that the water and the vinegar mix well.

Once the mixture is ready, spray it inside the fridge to keep the interior clean. This needs to be done before reinstalling the drawers for the best results.

Also, you are most likely to find grime and dirt under the drawer, and they need proper cleaning before you reinstall the drawers. Moreover, to keep the refrigerator free of dirt, you will need to scrub these areas properly. Once you are satisfied with the cleaning, you can use a soft cloth to wipe dry the surface.

Sometimes, when you are cleaning a refrigerator with a super extended drawer, there is a chance that you will find dirt embedded in the channels. To clean the channels, you can use a toothbrush. 

Step 5

Once you have wiped dry and you have clean drawers, it is time to reinstall them. After you are done with the reinstallation, you can proceed to store the food items back in place. 

Dealing With Samsung French Door Refrigerator

In french door models, you are most likely going to find a glass shelf above the drawers. You will find tabs on the side of the drawer divider that will enable you to separate the shelf from the divider.

Once they are separated, you can clean them using the steps we have mentioned before reinstalling them.

Final Words

To be safe, always unplug the refrigerator before you proceed to clean the drawers. However, while you are cleaning the drawers, you can put the power on to ensure that the fridge does not defrost. And when you are putting the drawers back in, you can unplug the device to not risk electrocution.

In case you are still a bit confused about how to clean a Samsung refrigerator properly, we suggest that you take the help of the user manual. For people who do not have any prior experience cleaning refrigerators, contacting the Samsung Support center for help is also a good idea. 

Samsung has a very efficient customer service who will answer all your queries when needed. Also, in case any of the drawers need replacement, you can ask them for it. 

That’s all for today; we’ll be back again soon. Till then, take care!

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