Samsung Ice Maker Won’t Come Out

Ice makers stuck in the fridge are never fun.

Imagine this- you are preparing the drinks for a special dinner at home, but your ice maker has other plans. No matter how hard you pull, it won’t release and pop out of your Samsung fridge.

Needless to say, this will be quite a disappointment for your guests, who will have to make do with lukewarm refreshments.

Once the party is over, you would probably come back to the freezer, give it a staredown, and frown. But your disapproval will not be enough to scare the Samsung Ice maker out of its place!

If a little gentle wiggle does not displace the ice, try not to force it out. Usually, there is a trick involved in which you have to twist the device to a special angle.

How A Samsung Ice Maker Works

Before you try to pry open ice makers, learning a little about their mechanism might help. Here is a simplified explanation of how a Samsung ice maker works.

An electromechanical solenoid is responsible for controlling the flow of water in a Samsung ice maker. Essentially, when the current is applied, the value opens up for about seven seconds. When the value of flowing water opens, there is only enough time to fill in enough water to fill the ice trays. 

And after the container is filled with fresh water, then the machine will wait for the required time to freeze all the water. With the inbuilt thermostat, the device measures the freezer temperature. There is a mechanism that closes the electrical switch when the freezer is cold enough

Just after the electrical switch is closed, the heating coils in the ice maker are activated. This allows the bottom part of the ice maker to heat up, thus making it easy to remove the frozen ice cubes from their moulds. Usually, the ice tray motor is activated by the electric circuit, which in turn makes the ice.

In the ice maker, the cubes of ice are linked to one another, but not for long. The blades get pushed through the notches, which breaks the ice cubes into individual pieces. Then, the ice cubes drop into the container, and the shut-off arms are lifted. After this, the ice cubes are released for use. 

With this mechanism, there is a controlled and regular supply of ice that does not allow for the overflow of water.

Guide To Removing A Stuck Ice Maker From A Samsung Fridge

1. Determine The Problem Area

Before you begin applying any solution, it is essential to discover why the ice maker is stuck in the first place. There are two scenarios that are most probable, the more manageable of the two is a case of a frozen Samsung refrigerator ice maker. The other possibility could be a more serious issue that might only be resolved by hiring a professional.

To determine which issue it might be, you may have to set the fridge in forced defrost mode. The whole point is to melt the frozen ice to investigate the issue further. The buttons to reduce the freezer temperature and melt the clumped ice quicker differ based on the fridge model. So, check the user manual to find the relevant fridge button.

Alternatively, you could turn the fridge to energy saver mode in your fridge or freezer. Once you long-press the correct button, the ice maker compartment should defrost, and the frozen water will have a chance to melt in 10 minutes. After the ice is melted, turn off the forced defrost mode and restore the freezer temperature.

2. Unplug The Fridge

For safety reasons and to get the best results, you must turn off the power on your Samsung fridge. So, the next step is to unplug the device from the power source. And, if you are having trouble reaching the wall outlet, switch off the circuit breaker that is responsible for controlling the refrigerator.

3. Remove The Ice Maker

Now, it’s time to remove the ice maker with the tray and all out of the fridge. However, there isn’t one single way to do this because each refrigerator differs in the make and design. With some models, you need to place your hand at the bottom of the ice bucket, lift slightly and then pull towards the front. 

On the other hand, some ice makers smoothly slide out of the device without any mechanism. So, remove the ice maker to check if ice still remains on the ice tray. Better still, leave the freezer door open so that any remaining ice can melt and thaw effectively. 

It would be best to avoid using a blow dryer to thaw the ice maker buildup because that can disfigure and bend the plastic parts.

4. Take Out The Wiring

Next, you will need to unscrew the parts that keep the wiring in place. In a Samsung refrigerator, this should be on the left side compartment of your ice maker. Removing it is simple; just take off the cover and pull it towards you to remove it.

Now that the parts are out, take out the wiring from the compartment gently. Once you disconnect the wire harness and remove it, the power should be disconnected from the ice maker. 

5. Expose The Coil

After this, take out the ice tray compartment screw with a regular screwdriver. A flat head screwdriver should be good enough to get the job done. Use it to push open the ice tray and move it to the right, after which, use a gentle motion to remove it out of your way.

If the fridge has a cooling coil, it will get exposed by this step. Use the same screwdriver to move the coil around such that it assists you in taking out the ice maker easily. However, you must make sure not to pull the coils or stretch them too loose, or else they might get damaged.

If the coils break or get punctured, you won’t be able to use them again and will be forced to purchase new parts.

6. Remove The Ice Maker

After this, release the ice maker by pressing the clip visible at the top. Keep pushing the ice maker downwards while you pull it forwards. Ideally, this should loosen the device from the ice compartment, and thus it would be easier to remove from the fridge. 

How To Remove The Ice Bucket From A Samsung Fridge?

Let’s say you have one of these older models of refrigerators. With them, there is a different method of working for removing the ice bucket, especially if it is stuck.

So, begin by pressing the lever or button on the top part of the ice tray to release the device. Then grab the bottom part to pull the ice bucket out of the main contraption. 

On the other hand, the newer ones need only holding at the bottom to remove. Just lift the tray and pull it out for access to ice cubes. If you face some obstruction while taking the ice tray out, move the bucket side to side, wiggling for easy removal.  

In case the ice maker is stuck and you cannot move it entirely, the only option remaining is to thaw the ice as quickly as possible. Don’t wait till the point the water starts spilling around the freezer because that would mean the freezer has become too hot. 

However, you can always adjust the ice maker temperature so that there isn’t too much ice. Also, it should still be dispensing ice because simply cold water has no place in an icebox.

But, if there are any wires hanging about, you should definitely call Samsung customer support to get guidance on the problem. The team is well equipped to explain the situation and provide solutions. 

Also, you can notify the technicians at Samsung and have them come over to check the issue.

Thawing A Samsung Ice Maker Manually

The simplest way to thaw the entire freezer is by unplugging the Samsung refrigerator. In the case that it is not possible to unplug the fridge from the wall socket, you can cut the circuit breaker for one section of the house. However, make sure to remove all perishables from the refrigerator lest they get spoilt. 

Of course, there might be puddle formation as the ice melts due to coming in contact with warm air. So, it might be a good idea to place thick towels beneath the Samsung refrigerator. For thawing, you should also keep the freezer door open for the ice to melt quickly. 

Once this is done, clean the interiors until everything is dry and turn the refrigerator switch back on. 

Thawing A Samsung Ice Maker Using Forced Defrost 

Another way you can thaw the extra ice is by placing the freezer into forced defrost mode. Check your fridge for energy saver and fridge buttons and press both of them at the same time until the display flashes FF.

This symbol indicates forced freeze, but this is not the command you are looking for.

Let go of the buttons once and continue to tap the fridge button until FD comes up on display. When this display is up, it is a signal that the process of thawing has begun and should take around five to ten minutes to finish. The heating system will turn on, and the ice will soon melt quicker than ever.

After the process is complete, the system will alert you of the same so that you can restore it to its original setting.

Note that the exact method will depend on the type of Samsung fridge in question. So, double-check with the user manual to get a clearer picture of the instructions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Freezer Not Producing Ice?

There are a few reasons why this may be so- the first of which could be that the machine is switched off. If the ice maker is not dumping ice into the bucket, check the icon that indicates the ice maker function. It’s possible that it was turned off, so the display will also appear dark, so you will have to click and hold on to the icon to turn it on.

Another issue could be diminished water pressure in the ice maker. Check the water pressure by pouring water in a cup for at least 10 seconds. If the glass is still half full, you can know that the water filter is not supplying enough pressure. 

Can The Ice Maker Fail To Produce Ice Due To Other Reasons?

Sometimes the issue is not in the switches or water pressure, but something else entirely. Often it is observed that the water supply line freezes since the temperature is set at much lower than average for a freezer. In this situation, the ice maker will not produce ice correctly, and the shape and size of the ice will be restricted. 

Alternatively, low water pressure in the ice maker causes the filter to clog, which, in turn, hinders the creation of ice. To avoid this issue, it is recommended to change the filters after six months or so. Also, make it a point to clean the ice maker every time the filter is replaced.


Ultimately, Samsung ice makers are not that complicated once you figure out the general layout.

So, whenever you find the ice cube tray or ice bucket stuck inside the freezer, don’t worry because it can be easily reversed. Remember the thawing tricks and steps listed in this article, and you should be just fine. 

However, if the ice maker and freezer issues have become a recurrent problem, do not hesitate to reach out to Samsung customer support. Samsung refrigerators have an excellent service system, and you can get all your queries addressed by calling their helpline.

That being said, you can undoubtedly deal with the minor issues on your own with our guide. Until next time, bye!

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