What’s the best refrigerator?

If you are here, then you must be looking for refrigerator reviews.

Your main question probably is “What’s the best refrigerator?” or “What should I choose?”

… and I know how confusing it can get, considering that there are a lot of different types and each has it’s set of features, and then there’s the technical part and the energy efficiency….. and then the design…. it tends to get confusing.

But, that’s why I’m here – I’ll make things clear by explaining everything in this complete buying guide. By following the reviews I made here you’ll get closer to a smart choice, no doubt about it.

Simply put, this is the only guide you’ll need to read to find the best refrigerator for your specific needs.

If you are in a hurry, skip to the section below where you’ll find the top 6 refrigerators – by type. I chose one winner for each category – so, you’ll have my recommendations for the best Side by Side, French Door, Apartment Size fridge, Beverage cooler, Double door….and the one that I consider the best value for money.

PictureModelOur Pick ForRead more
Frigidaire FFHS2622MS designFrigidaire FFHS2622MSBest Side By Side Refrigerator
Whirlpool WRX735SDBM French Door RefrigeratorWhirlpool WRX735SDBMBest French Door Refrigerator
Avanti RA7316PST Refrigerator ReviewAvanti RA7316PSTBest Apartment Size Refrigerator
Haier-HBCN05FVS-Beverage-CenterHaier HBCN05FVSBest Beverage/Wine Cooler
SPT RF-314SS Double Door RefrigeratorSPT RF-314SSBest Double Door refrigerator

A little about me and my rating system

I am an angel investor and I have a technical background. A couple of years ago I patented a solution that would have been implemented in most kitchen appliances, but it proved at that time that it’s not mature enough and would be too expensive to implement…I’m still working on improving it.

But, to get back to refrigerators….. Since then, I have researched in detail the technical part of refrigerators, freezers, cooling appliances – you name it. I gained a lot of insight into what are the best brands and what are their production flaws. I know now what generally makes a good quality product. I inspected everything – from the length of the cord to the core features, their advance cooling technologies and other aspects like the energy efficiency.

You see, a refrigerator is not only a cooling machine, the best ones ensure keeping food in a state that conserves nutrients…. it all about our health at the end of the day.

My review system

I needed to put to use all of the gathered knowledge so I decided to start this review website, where I would present the best refrigerators and put them through a complex rating system that I called the BFR (BreezerFreezer Rating). You can learn more about it on the About Me page of this website…

The most important thing to remember here is that my rating ensures unbiased reviews. I am not affiliated in any way to any of these manufacturers so I can afford shedding light on their flaws!

Here are the best rated refrigerators on the market today

– I categorized them by type and made a mini review of their special features. At the end of each you have my BFR, rating their overall quality –  

Frigidaire FFHS2622MS

  • Editor’s choice for the best Side By Side Refrigerator

    Frigidaire FFHS2622MS - the best side by side refrigerator
    Frigidaire FFHS2622MS – the best side by side refrigerator

Technically, the Frigidaire comes with all the bells and whistles that we would think important. Reasonable size with 736 liter capacity, large, one-gallon door bins, SpillSafe Glass Shelving, and of course it is a side-by-side providing significant convenience and space saving.

This Frigidaire 36” side-by-side comes in with an outside ice and water dispenser that is a convenient addition. It is big enough to accommodate food for a large family. This fridge has shelves that are made to withhold spills and are easy cleanup – pull out of the fridge and wash in the sink.

The drawers are made for foods needing different levels of humidity. It features climate control for crispy veggies and fruit. The stylish LED controls are easy to read very user-friendly.

The freezer has 16,5 capacity. It’s quite enough space regular needs. It comes with 10yr warranty and it’s really efficient, having implemented an energy saving plus technology.

BreezerFreezer.com Rating – Frigidaire FFHS2622MW Side-By-Side Refrigerator
BreezerFreezer.com Rating – Frigidaire FFHS2622MW Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Frigidaire is a trusted, reliable side-by-side refrigerator with little to no competition on the market at this moment.

Whirlpool WRX735SDBM

  • Editor’s choice for the best French Door Refrigerator
Whirlpool WRX735SDBM - best french door refrigerator
Whirlpool WRX735SDBM – best french door refrigerator

The Whirlpool 25 cubic foot french door refrigerator is stylish, elegant and jam-packed with useful features.

It provides a spacious 17,78 cubic foot interior.

Are you an organizer? If so, this is the fridge for you! The items in your fridge can be organized in such a way that you can easily find them. This Whirlpool refrigerator offers many different bins and sections so same type food can be stored together. It also has spill proof adjustable shelves.

This particular model comes with Tap Touch electronic controls located on the front of the unit for ease of access, 4 SpillGuard glass shelves, a Measured Fill feature, temperature management enabled by 6th Sense Technology and above the freezer compartment, a Tilt-n-Go bin. In addition, it gives you Energy Star savings, a stainless steel skin with good solid handles, and comes with a cheese tray, attached ice maker and water line, and LED lighting.

It provides 2 slide-out baskets 1 upper wire and 1 lower plastic. This is the best bottom freezer refrigerator. This model is 70 1/8 “ tall, 35 5/8 wide, and 48” depth.

BreezerFreezer.com Rating - Whirlpool WRX735SDBM French Door Refrigerator
BreezerFreezer.com Rating – Whirlpool WRX735SDBM French Door Refrigerator

I recommend this model for the French Door model lovers. This is a definitely best buy and it scored 95 in my rating system.

Avanti RA7316PST

  • Editor’s choice for the best Apartment Size Refrigerator
Avanti Refrigerator
Avanti RA7316PST Refrigerator – best apartment size refrigerator

This Avanti model comes with an very solid 4 Star Rating and some very good features, albeit due to its size, not all the bells and whistles can be included.

It is Energy Star Rated and is packed with CFC Free R600A Refrigerant. It has adjustable and removable glass shelves for adjustment to serve your particular space needs, as well as, removable door bins, an added advantage for cleaning.

In addition one door rack holds 2-liter bottles, it has a see through crisper with glass cover and there is a full range temperature control. There is a lot packed into its 23 x 21.5 x 56 inch dimensions, providing 7.3 cubic feet of storage space with a freezer compartment above the fridge.

One negative comment was that some folks found it dented easily, but I have used refrigerators for years and still have not dented one, so have to wonder what they are doing with them. Overall, a solid little refrigerator, with some excellent user-friendly options where space is a critical factor.

This Avanti provides rounded corners and reversible doors. Being the best compact refrigerator it also freezes well and can store quite a few frozen items. This Avanti apartment size refrigerator is very stylish with its black and platinum finish.


Avanti did a very good job with this product. It scored 96 points in my rating system.


  • Editor’s choice for the best Beverage/Wine Cooler
Haier HBCN05FVS Beverage Center
Haier HBCN05FVS Beverage Center – best beverage/wine cooler

To keep your beverages and white wine at the perfect temperature, the Haier HBCN05FVS 150-Can Beverage Center is just what the doctor ordered.

The Haier Beverage Center is a dedicated, stand-alone model measuring only 21.2 x 20.5 x 31.4 inches, allowing it to fit into a pretty tight space. It comes with a 3 Star Rating and weighing in at only 70 pounds (31.8 kgs), it can easily be moved to a better location to serve that weekend party crowd. Its features are quite impressive, with the unit able to store up to 150 x 12 ounce (354.8 ml.) beverage cans, or with the 4 fully adjustable shelves, the unit can be configured to hold a combination of cans and your favourite white wine or other beverage.

As well, so you can peek inside without opening the door, it comes with a reversible glass door and for temperature control, an adjustable thermostat. Included also is automatic defrost and a key for optimal security.

This unit does the job, but remember, it is a cooler, not a fridge. The minimum temperature set for this unit is about 20 degrees below the ambient temperature. Certainly not the same as a fridge, but there is an easy fix. Carefully pry off the temperature control knob and inside on the left side, you will find a set screw. Turn this clockwise a couple of turns and wait a couple of hours to see if this gives you your desired temperature. Adjust as required.

BreezerFreezer.com Rating – Haier HBCN05FVS Beverage Center
BreezerFreezer.com Rating – Haier HBCN05FVS Beverage Center

Overall, for the price and to get all your drinks out of your wife’s fridge this is a very good buy. It scored a fabulous 95 out of 100 in my rating system.


  • Editors choice for the best Double Door refrigerator
SPT RF-314SS Double Door Refrigerator
SPT RF-314SS – best Double Door refrigerator

The SPT RF-314SS Double Door Refrigerator measures 19.9 x 18.5 x 33.5 inches providing 3.1 cubic feet of storage space. It is quite attractive with a stainless steel skin and comes packed with a number of good features.

It is Energy Star Rated and the double doors separating the fridge and freezer compartments are certainly a good feature. As well, it has a can dispenser and tall bottle rack, slide-out wire shelf storage for versatility, and an adjustable thermostat. One drawback though is, it does not have automatic defrost.

If you are looking for something to keep your beverages cool, the SPT RF-314SS Double Door Refrigerator may be a good alternative to the Haier Beverage Centre.

This double door refrigerator has manual defrost and an adjustable thermostat. The reversible doors offer choices for placement and are a space saver. This compact fridge is a perfect choice for a dorm or an office. It’s just the right size to store a few temperature sensitive items, freeze ice, and store a couple of frozen meals.

BreezerFreezer.com Rating - SPT RF-314SS Double Door Refrigerator
BreezerFreezer.com Rating – SPT RF-314SS Double Door Refrigerator

All in all it’s a great refrigerator and the winner in our “best Double Door” category. It scored 94 out of 100 points.


  • Editor’s choice for the Best Buy refrigerator
SAMSUNG RF28HMEDBSR French Door Refrigerator
SAMSUNG RF28HMEDBSR – Best Buy refrigerator

It is a 3 compartment model including, fridge, flex zone drawer and below, the freezer compartment and has 28 cubic feet of storage space. It comes standard as a very attractive stainless steel skinned model.

The Samsung RF28HMEDBSR French Door Refrigerator, as the name implies, comes with French Doors for the fridge compartment, and in between the fridge and the freezer which, is located at the bottom of the unit, is a FlexZone Drawer providing access to the things you use most often without having to continually open the fridge compartment. Included also are tempered glass spill-proof shelves and an ice and water dispenser. Controls are digital and conveniently located above the icemaker.

This beautiful Samsung french door refrigerator will be the star in your kitchen. It is a stainless steel refrigerator with ultra large 19.80 cubic foot interior size that is also rated Energy Star efficient. The dimensions are 36 x 35.8 x 70 inches.

This Samsung refrigerator features easy clean, glass, spill, proof shelves. A counter hight drawer and a freezer drawer gives you a convenient flex zone space providing 4 temperature choices. These drawers can hold party trays, fresh or frozen meat and much more.

The included ice maker can make up to 10 lbs. of ice a day and has room to keep 4.2 lbs. stored.

This Samsung model comes with 1 year warranty for parts and labor, 5 years warranty for sealed systems parts and labor and 10 years warranty for compressor parts.

BreezerFreezer.com Rating – Samsung RF28HMEDBSR Refrigerator
BreezerFreezer.com Rating – Samsung RF28HMEDBSR Refrigerator

I highly recommend this model and I consider it a best buy. It scored an amazing 97 out of 100 point in my ratings system. This one is, simply put, a top quality refrigerator.

What are the best refrigerator brands?

Choosing the best brand depends on the use. Some brands have stronger features in one area, while another may be stronger in another. Overall though, we have looked at the best brands from the perspective of general quality, consumer ratings and use and configuration; top-freezers, bottom-freezers, side-by-sides, and built ins.

Samsung RF28HMEDBSR Refrigerator view inside and drawers

I consider Samsung, Frigidaire, SPT, Haier, Avanti and Whirlpool to be the best brands of refrigerators. There are other though that are starting to close in and offer very good solution as well.

Samsung based in South Korea, is very strong in the 4 door category. This brand provides a very nice product on the high end price wise. It was the first brand offering the full length door in door model.

Whirlpool has one of the best french door bottom freezers with the most reliable temperature control. It also has good ratings for both top and bottom freezers with ice makers.

Amana, Jenn-Air, and Maytag brands are beginning to come close to Samsung in quality and features.

Maytag’s ratings are good for all freezer types and as part of the Whirlpool family is gaining in consistency and dependability.

Kenmore appliances have been exclusively sold by Sears since 1927. Kenmore is a brand that is manufactured by several companies and this has given the brand a consistent product all the way around. It has great ratings for top and bottom freezers and ice makers.

Refrigerator types – which is the best for me?

What is the Best for Me? Now, that is a purely subjective question. It all depends on what you want to use if for and the space you have to place the refrigerator in. Some have large freezing compartments if you are looking for freezing as a priority, and the converse is true if you want more fridge capacity.

Door style is probably a good place to start. Decide what is appealing and practical to you, as well as, is a stainless steel model the top of your list, or do you want a moulded plastic skin? Will it be built in or stand-alone? Then it comes down to what sort of bells and whistles you may want to be included. Some of the things to think of are, is a water and ice dispenser absolutely necessary and do you want the 21 century electronic controls?

Whirlpool WRX735SDBM French Door Refrigerator drawerFollowing, it comes down to the best internal configuration for you. There are many alternatives for shelving and storage, with some models now coming with a separate flexible compartment to allow you to cut down on the number of times you have to open the fridge compartment to get at those often used items. One caution though, these separate units do take away from storage space so you have to consider what is most important.

In conclusion, the model that is best for you depends on the use, the storage space you have and what you want for bells and whistles. There are literally 100’s of models to choose from, but if you stick to the best manufacturers outlined above, you should be able to find a good refrigerator that will satisfy your needs in a price range that is acceptable.

The french door model refrigerators are stylish and elegant. They provide a spacious interior that maximizes the storage abilities. Are you an organizer? If so, this is the fridge for you. French door refrigerators can be cabinet friendly. They come made to fit without sticking out beyond your counter space.

Side by side models have many helpful features for the customer. Shelves that are easy to clean and made to withhold spills are a time saver.

Beverage or wine refrigerators will meet your needs if you like to have a lot of cold beverages on hand.

Compact models are the way to go for a college dorm or office refrigerator. They are small but will provide space for some cold and frozen storage.

Refrigerators most important features

As with most things, what is most important to me may not be important to you; features in a refrigerator are a personal choice. I can recommend though what is the best refrigerator for specific needs, or the best refrigerator brand, and whether you should choose a French door style, a side-by-side, a single door model, one with a top or bottom freezer, or one with no freezer.

Whirlpool WRX735SDBM French Door Refrigerator DisplayMaybe all you want is a fridge to keep your drinks cold. There are freezers with ice and water dispensers, or without, some still come with the tried and true manual controls, or possibly you want the digital look. Inside, there are just about as many combinations of shelving, storage and storage types that one could imagine.

There are glass shelves, wire shelving, fixed and removable bins, can dispensers and fancy lighting. This is all so confusing, but start with what are your most important needs; fridge or feezing compartment. Then look at what door combination best suits your space and your aesthetic style.

Follow this up with the bells and whistles that are absolutely essential and last look at price. Refrigerator pricing goes all the way from the sublime to the ridiculous. In the end, what you choose as best for you, is totally your choice. Spend your time thinking about what you want and then go out there and shop.

Oh yes, do not forget to check on that warranty.

Final thoughts

Ok, I hope this makes things simpler.

Looking forward to your feedback and questions. Please use the comments section below or shoot me a quick email.

Stay well,