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On April 17, 2015
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At the end of the day what matters most is performance, price, and style. This refrigerator has it all. It scored 94 out of 100 points in my rating system. I highly recommend this model. Check below for discounts...

fridgeIf you’re looking for a sturdy, energy efficient unit – that also looks good, then you should give serious consideration to this SPT RF-314SS Double Door Refrigerator by Sunpentown International.

This company manufactures eco-friendly fridges – going green to decrease energy usage and save you some money on your utility bills in the process.

In this review you’ll get:

  1. SPT RF-314SS features described in detail
  2. What makes it special
  3. My conclusion and rating
  4. Customer opinion on this double door refrigerator
  5. Pros
  6. Cons

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Refrigerator type and capacitySeparate fridge and freezer compartments.
3.1 cu. ft. capacity.
The flush back design makes it great for college dorms.
Reversible doors.
Drawers and shelvesThe wire shelves (which are great for quick cleaning) slide out so you can better customize the space according to your specific needs.
You'll love the tall bottles rack and the slide-in can dispenser that's just perfect for sodas and juices.
Freshness featuresTransparent vegetable storage drawer.
Temperature ControlAdjustable thermostat for the fridge and freezer.
Voltage and certificationFor those who are technically inclined, the input voltage for this unit is 115V / 60Hz. That means a power input of 80W / 1.0 Amp.
The noise output is only 40-44 db.
This compact refrigerator is Energy Star rated and UL rated.
Design finish and materials usedBrushed stainless finish.
Fingerprints and smudges free.
Sturdy, high quality, easy-to-clean plastic interior.
Full dimension and weight18.5W x 19.875D x 33.5H.
Easy to move around - 59.5 lbs.

Special features

SPT RF-314SS Double Door Refrigerator
SPT RF-314SS Double Door Refrigerator

Among the things that puts it above its competitors (considering double door models in the same price range) it’s efficiency, versatility, temperature controls and it’s brushed stainless finish are a huge plus. Its sleek finish compliments any kitchen décor. Installation is a breeze, thanks to the free-standing design and the interior lighting is smartly positioned.


SPT offers 1 year limited manufacturer warranty. They also have a toll free number for any consumer service and assistance.



How does it compare to others?

SPT RF-314SS Double Door Refrigerator - inside look
SPT RF-314SS Double Door Refrigerator Interior

This SPT RF-314SS fairs pretty well when compared to similar models.

The included owner’s manual makes it very easy to install as per the manufacturer’s specifications. The front legs are adjustable, so they allow independent leveling. The manual defrost lets you decide when it’s time to take care of the freezer and clean the whole thing up. Combining all of these with the affordable price makes this model a smart choice for any budget.

It’s size makes it a best-buy for a dorm room or studio, an RV or a small office.

With this fridge, small space doesn’t mean you have to give up on quality refrigeration.

SPT RF-314SS Double Door Refrigerator - Infographic
SPT RF-314SS Double Door Refrigerator – Infographic

What do buyers say about it?

Here are a couple of things that owners say about their SPT RF-314SS:

  • “Call me crazy but I used a thermometer to check the temperature inside the fridge – it’s very steady even when I use it  and open the door a lot. I set it to medium and the and the temperature is constant throughout – my food stays fresh for longer periods of time compared to my last refrigerator which was a Midea.”
  • “I was surprised at how quiet this refrigerator is. I don’t even notice it and my bed is only a few feet away in my dorm room.”
  • “I’m a Chemistry teacher and I use this fridge in my classroom. It’s so quiet, it never disturbs my classes. I highly recommend it.”
  • “One thing I love about this refrigerator is the smooth, sturdy plastic interior. I’ve already hit it several times when I was throwing my soda can on the rack but it didn’t scratch nor chip. Even after intensive use (thanks to my kids) the doors seal tight each time. It’s a very sturdy unit that passed my family’s intensive usage test with flying colors.”

What’s the bottom line?


      • The wire shelves are easy to clean and slide out.
      • The glass vegetable crisper is fantastic.
      • The separate adjustable thermostat – easy to customize settings.
      • The unit maintains a steady temperature.
      • The brushed stainless steel looks great and is easy to maintain.
      • The sturdy plastic interior.
      • Check out more customer ratings at Amazon >>>


The door bottom rack can’t accommodate some of the larger size bottles.


BreezerFreezer.com Rating - SPT RF-314SS Double Door Refrigerator
BreezerFreezer.com Rating – SPT RF-314SS Double Door Refrigerator

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  1. The far exceeded my eatpcextions. I was simply looking for a low-profile cord to use in the house, but I got an extra bonus.I wanted to plug into an outlet behind my bookcases. The cord did that, but what I couldn’t tell from the poorly written product explanation was that the plug is also slightly tilted to the left. If you look closely at the prongs in the second manufacturer’s photo you will see that they don’t line up with the cord itself. What does this mean?The cord on low profile extension cords usually blocks the bottom socket, or you have to plug the extension cord into the bottom one in order to leave the top one free, but with this one, it doesn’t matter whether you use this plug in the top or bottom, because the cord will not get in the way. This made a huge difference for me, because one of the sockets in my apartment is tied to the light switch in the wall, and the other one is a regular socket, so I needed that flexibility. Thanks Coleman, for putting that little bit of extra ingenuity into the product!

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