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Help! How Do I Buy A New Fridge? – Short Refrigerator Buying Guide

I know that buying a new refrigerator requires research, and it’s not the best way to spend a weekend. Don’t worry; I’m here to help and shed some light so that you can do this thing fast and get back to spending quality time with your family.

This is an easy-to-read refrigerator buying guide, custom made for busy people who don’t have the necessary time to read a dozen websites to make an informed decision.

Here are the step by step instructions – I’ve made an effort to make this experience as enjoyable as it can be.

What are the first things to consider?

  1. Measure twice – install once. That’s exactly what my dad used to say when I was just a little boy. Make sure your measurements are correct! You will need to measure your available space – know the height, width, and depth of your cabinet space, as well as that of the fridge you are considering to buy. Please consider that the doors need enough space for them to open properly and consider the additional space that you need to leave behind and on top to ensure good air circulation.
Refrigerator dimensions
Refrigerator dimensions
  • Doors – which way do they open? You need to have good access to your fridge, so consider that different refrigerator types have differently positioned doors that open in different ways. Most brands have reversible doors, so most of the time, you can adjust this thing after you have bought the refrigerator, but just for your peace of mind, do accurate measurements before buying. Look at this French Doors Model – would you have enough space for it to open properly?Refrigerator swing doors space needed
  • Type and Style of your new fridge  – you have a lot of options here:
    • Freezers on the top are a convenient type of unit for people who need lots of frozen foods and ice. These are medium priced and very popular.
    • Freezers on the bottom are best suited for people that rarely access the freezer but need frequent access to the fridge. I recommend the units that have a drawer rather than a door. Go for one that has containers – they help keep items better organized.
    • A French door type is a good option for bottom freezers. The doors don’t take as much space to open, and they are more efficient because you only open one door at a time letting in less air.
    • Side-by-side door refrigerators work well when you don’t have much space to the sides, as the doors are not that wide. This is one of the best choices for people that like to cook at home. Some of the most renowned chefs use a refrigerator like this as they have easy access to both fresh and frozen ingredients. A disadvantage is that huge platters do not fit in because of the narrow shelves.Side-by-side door refrigerator
    • Freezer-Less refrigerators are great for families that also own a stand-alone freezer. If your family mostly eats fresh food, this is a perfect fit. It’s usually a low-priced unit, so you can consider that a plus.
    Freezerless refrigerator

    Lighting is one feature that is easily overlooked. Are the lights powerful enough, and are they positioned well?

    Take a look at the specifications to see if the manufacturer uses bulbs or led lights – it’s important.

    Lightning system

    There are some other things to consider, as well.

    Technology has been booming in the refrigerator industry. Most improvements are made in:

    • functionality – freshness features, energy consumption, ice makers, LCD panels that let you adjust all the setting in one place
    • design – like the fingerprint-resistant finish, etc

    As promised, I kept things to the basics in this refrigerator buying guide, hoping it helps you make an informed purchase.

    Keep tuned for more!

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