Best Refrigerators in The Price Range $300 – $499

Are you looking for the best refrigerator in the price range of $300 to $499? Search no more – you are at the right place!

With hundreds of refrigerators in the market today, getting the ideal one can be quite daunting. I’ve run my BFR tests and the following refrigerators meet the high-quality standards I set. Another thing to note here is that this list is updated each and every month so that I have all of the newest models included.

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1. RA7316PST 2-Door Apartment Size Refrigerator

Avanti RA7316PST 2-Door Apartment Size Refrigerator Reviewby Avanti


  • This refrigerator has removable glass shelves that can be adjusted according to your needs. The door bins are also adjustable and can easily be removed to create more space. With a full range temperature control, you can set interior temperature as you wish, depending on what you are preserving.


  • This is a stand alone fridge so you can install it in any area you like.
  • The door rack can hold 2-liter bottles.
  • The refrigerator runs on 120 watts, which is quite economical – this will help reduce your monthly electricity bill. This also implies that it can be run on solar power thanks to the low wattage it needs.
  • People that bought it claim it’s very silent.
  • You can buy it online at Amazon


  • Some people complained that the refrigerator dents easily as a consequence of lower quality material used in it’s construction.

2. Galanz GLR31TRDER Retro Fridge, 3.1 Cu. Ft

Galanz GLR31TRDER Retro Fridge, 3.1 Cu.Ft, Redby Galanz


  • The Galanz 3.1 Cu. Ft Retro Fridge, as the name suggests, comes with 3.1 Cu.Ft of storage. So, it’s not the best choice for bigger families. The width measures about 19.17, and the depth is 23.31 inches. Plus, the Galanz 3.1 weighs only about 58 pounds. So, it’s one of the most light-weight refrigerators around, given its dimensions.


  • Partial Automatic Defrost function.
  • Retro fridge classic design.
  • It uses an R600 compressor so is very energy efficient.
  • It has a surprisingly fair priced.
  • Buyers report that it performs well and they are overall very satisfied.


  • Some customers complain about easily denting the firdge.

Nostalgia Electrics RRF300DNCRED 3.0 Retro Series 3.0-Cubic Foot Compact Refrigerator Review3. RRF300DNCRED 3.0 Retro Series Compact Refrigerator

by Nostalgia Electrics


  • First of all the design is absolutely amazing. I simply love it and it looks amazing in any kitchen – all of the people that came to visit praise its looks. It has an adjustable dial thermostat. The interior lighting is pretty cool. It also has an ice maker if you need some ice cubes for your drinks. The chrome dispenser and a one-liter tank make it a perfect fit for cocktail lovers.


  • Thanks to its fabulous design you can install it in any room you want at it will look great.
  • It’s an energy-efficient appliance.
  • It’s no-frills models – sturdy, built to last, and basic.
  • People love it and report it keeps all food fresh.


  • Some reviews note that it can be a little loud at times.

4. DAR044A5BSLDD Compact All Refrigerator, Spotless Steel Door, 4.4 Cubic Feet

DAR044A5BSLDD Compact All Refrigerator by Danbyby Danby


A close friend of mine was on the lookout for a compact fridge that was affordable, feature-packed, and could fit perfectly into the décor of his minibar… it didn’t take long to zero in on the Darby DAR044A5BSLDD.

This provided me with the perfect opportunity to check it out and share my review of it here.

Firstly, it offers a great refrigeration solution at the most affordable price. I can bet my last dollar that there is no fridge on the market in this price range that provides such a wide array of features. Of course, it is the best fridge I have ever seen in this segment.

Key Features:

  • Energy Star Compliant
  • Door in brilliant shiny stainless steel finish
  • Featured with automatic defrost
  • The capacity of 126 liters
  • Adjustable glass shelves
  • Smart storage with integrated door shelving to accommodate a 2L bottle
  • State of the art mechanical thermostat
  • Temperature control range from 32 degrees to 50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Vegetable tray cover that maintains freshness
  • CanStor Gen 3
  • Leveling legs
  • Incandescent white interior light
  • The lengthy cord at 63 inches
  • Worktop with a scratch-resistant finish
  • Attractively designed flushed back look.
  • Externally fitted drip tray at the back
  • Buy from Amazon – they usually offer a great deal


  • The adjustable glass shelves provide customized space solutions for your specific needs.
  • The futuristic shiny stainless steel finish remains just like new for years with virtually no maintenance.
  • The CanStor feature help store your tall beverage bottles with ease.
  • This is the perfect fridge solution for small spaces such as apartments, dormitories, and condos.
  • Amazingly affordable fridge


  • The internal light bulb could have been LED instead of incandescent.


So far, I have had no major issues with this refrigerator, and I would readily recommend it as the best fridge solution for owners of small flats or if you want one in your dorm.


All of the models above are top choices and you can see that in their reviews. For the price you can’t expect to get the latest innovations in the field but rest assured these are all sturdy-built units. If you are wondering what’s my absolute favorite from the above mentioned I would have to go with the Danby Designer DAR044A1BDD Compact All Refrigerator as I consider it the best price-to-quality ratio among them all.