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On April 3, 2015
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If you have a limited space and you are concerned about electricity usage Danby DPF074B1BSLDD mid-size refrigerator is a solid choice. It’s well built, simple and efficient. It scored 95 out of a total of 100 points in my rating system.

When buying a new fridge, an important question you need to answer is how much space do you have available. There are several sizes that are pretty standard among refrigerators.

Extra large units are about 36”, standard size models are 30”, apartment size models are between 20”-26” wide, mid sized units are generally 20”, and mini fridges are 20” and under.

With that in mind, now thing of the size of your family and how much storage space do you guys usually need. If you have standard needs and you are of family of 3-4 persons then a mid-size refrigerator like the Danby DPF074B1BSLDD may be a perfect match.

Danby DPF074B1BSLDD Mid-Size Design
Danby DPF074B1BSLDD Mid-Size Design

There are just a handful of refrigerators in this size range that really perform well. Avanti and Danby manufacture the vast majority of mid-size and apartment size refrigerators.

One thing that you may not like is that the freezer compartment is usually incorporated in the refrigerator compartment. This is far from ideal and you’ll notice that your food will not stay as fresh for as long. This is not the best case scenario for energy efficiency, either.

Luckily, with this Danby refrigerator you get separated freezer and refrigerator compartment and the energy efficiency is a thing that makes it stand out of the crowd.

I found a great offer here on Amazon.com. They even offer free shipping.

Features table:

Refrigerator Type and CapacityThis is an apartment or mid size refrigerator with a capacity of 7.4 cubic feet.
The freezer capacity is 1.36.
Drawers and ShelvesThis unit has 3 adjustable glass shelves, 1 full width adjustable freezer wire shelf and a covered vegetable crisper drawer.
The door features a tall soda bottle storage.
Temperature ControlManual thermostat.
Manual defrost.
Voltage and CertificationThe unit plugs into a standard 110 outlet, needs 120volts.
Energy star certified.
Design, Finish and Materials UsedThe fridge door features a spotless steel finish that is very easy to clean.
The sides, top and back are black enamel.
The shelves are made of wire and glass.
Danby Refrigerator - Steel Door
Danby Refrigerator - Steel Door
Full Dimension and WeightThe total weight of the product is 104 pounds.
The dimensions are 21.8 x 22.6 x 57 inches.

Special Features:

Like I mentioned before, there are just a handful of units in this size range that go for a reasonable price. Having a separated freezer door is important in many ways. Also, you’ll love to hear that the doors are reversible so you have the option of installing either way.

Danby DPF074B1BSLDD Refrigerator
Danby DPF074B1BSLDD Refrigerator


You get 18 months for parts and labor and in-home service – this is a rare thing. To me, this speaks to the quality of the product.

The Danby Mid-Size Refrigerator (DPF074B1BSLDD) is an excellent choice for small households, and for those with limited space for a refrigerator. This is a good choice for RV’s, dorm rooms, etc.

The beauty of this unit lies in it’s simplicity. It’s got a manual thermostat, and manual defrost. How is that good, you ask? Simple. There are fewer parts that break in simpler machines.

What makes it such a great choice for use in a recreational vehicle or off grid cabin is the low energy required to operate! It could easy be run off solar power or battery power for days.

Danby DPF074B1BSLDD mid-size refrigerator - Infographic
Danby DPF074B1BSLDD mid-size refrigerator – Infographic

Customer Reviews:

Danby Mid-Size Refrigerator
Danby Mid-Size Refrigerator
  • “Lots of storage in a small package.”
  • “I love how it fits in my small apartment, and that it’s energy efficient!”
  • “I bought this new fridge because I had a small one that broke and I needed replacement of the same size. Anyway, manual defrost in 2015? What?! It does the job, but I’d like more frills!”

Following the reviews you’ll see that most people like this refrigerator, but it’s not for everybody.

The negative reviews regard the fact that it has only basic features and that it requires manual defrosting

Some say that it doesn’t cool evenly. The cooling issue is most likely an improper installation thing. You see, refrigerating units need breathing room and proper air ventilation.


Simplicity can be a virtue, and this fridge is rather simple (basic). Less moving parts equals fewer things to break.

BreezerFreezer.com Rating – Danby Mid-Size Refrigerator DPF074B1BSLDD
BreezerFreezer.com Rating – Danby Mid-Size Refrigerator DPF074B1BSLDD


  • For small spaces and smaller households it is a great choice.
  • The energy efficiency of the Danby Mid Size refrigerator is the next gold star.
  • See more customer reviews and pictures >>> – amazon dedicated page


  • If you have a large family or if space is not an issue you may like better a bigger size unit.
  • Manual defrosting.

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