Best Undercounter Fridge

Are you looking for an excellent under-the-counter fridge? Well, you are in luck because we will be discussing just that in this article! We will be answering some frequently asked questions by customers when choosing a suitable under-counter fridge. 

This article will answer the following questions.

  • Which is the better- built-in or freestanding fridge?
  • Are under-counter fridges good?
  • Can any refrigerators be paneled?
  • How to choose the best under-counter fridge?
  • What are the advantages of having under-counter fridges?

And we will answer many more in the article. Read on to find out.

Best Undercounter Fridge Are:

  • hOmelabs beverage refrigerator and cooler
  • Cafe 5.7 cu. ft. built-in undercounter dual-drawer refrigerator (stainless steel)
  • Thor Kitchen 24 inches 5.4 cu. ft. 
  • Kalamera capacity beverage cooler
  • hOmeLabs mini fridge 
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hOmelabs beverage refrigerator and cooler hOmelabs beverage refrigerator and cooler Check Price
Cafe 5.7 cu. ft. built-in undercounter dual-drawer refrigerator Cafe 5.7 cu. ft. built-in undercounter dual-drawer refrigerator (stainless steel) Check Price
Thor Kitchen 24 inches 5.4 cu. ft. Thor Kitchen 24 inches 5.4 cu. ft.  Check Price
Kalamera capacity beverage cooler Kalamera capacity beverage cooler Check Price
hOmeLabs mini fridge  hOmeLabs mini fridge  Check Price

Best pick – hOmelabs beverage refrigerator and cooler

This under-counter fridge is the best pick, and it has a 120 can capacity with a glass door. It is an excellent fridge to store wine or soda beers. You can use it as a drink dispenser in an office or bar. 

The hOmeLabs Beverage Fridge also has adjustable, removable shelves. It is a modern cooler with white LED interior lights. The fridge also has advanced temperature controls and a large digital display. The display helps in adjusting, monitoring, and setting the temperature of the cooler. 

The fridge also has an auto defrosting function with its temperature sensor. You should not use this product for chilling fresh foods like meat, fruits, etc.; you should use it only for chilling beverages. 

The fridge is number 3 in the top 100 in Kitchen and Dining and has a customer rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. 


  • The hOmeLabs fridge has a larger capacity and can store 120 cans of beverages.
  • The fridge can be placed anywhere from an office to a bar. 


  • This under-counter fridge is slightly pricier than other fridges.

Buyers guide: What you need to know when purchasing an under-counter fridge.

Here are some factors to keep in mind before purchasing an under-counter fridge. There are an array of choices when it comes to fridges. Consider some of these questions and answers to help you choose the best one.

Built-in or Freestanding Fridge: which is the best?



  • They are taller than freestanding ones and have cabinet depth. If you want a clean design, you can install the fridge flush with cabinets. 
  • Built-in fridges come with a bottom freezer and a side-by-side design. 


  • They are more expensive than free-standing ones.
  • They are challenging to move, and so the position must be perfect from the start.



  • Freestanding fridges can be moved quickly and have a lot of freedom, so reorganizing the kitchen is more accessible.
  • They are also less expensive and have a total depth option.


  • These fridges have a lower life expectancy.
  • They cannot be installed completely flush, so they need more space on either side. 

Depending on the space you have and the budget you have, you can choose for yourself the best among the two. 

Are Undercounter Fridges Good?

The answer to this question is- Yes! They are an excellent option when it comes to saving space in your home. The fridge is smaller in size than regular fridges so that you can fit them into small spaces. If you have a small kitchen then under the counter fridges is the best option. 

 The drawers in the fridge are easily accessible and do not require an extended reach for top-shelf items. 

Can any refrigerator be paneled?

Refrigerator panels allow your fridge to look and function like cabinets. There are various kits available for most fridges to add panels. If you have a refrigerator whose model doesn’t offer this, you can ask a cabinet maker to make one for you. 

It will only take a few minutes to transform your refrigerator into an integrated part of your kitchen. 

How to choose the best under-counter fridge?

Firstly, you must keep your budget and space in mind. The height makes it the best option for sitting just under the counter. Be sure to be looking at a built-in model rather than a stand-alone model when shopping for an under-counter fridge. 

Stand-alone models will have them back for the condenser rather than on the front. Make sure to have a look at the door opening as well. These fridges are for keeping beverages cool, and so you should choose one that offers the temperature range you need. 

What are the advantages of having under-counter fridges?

The advantages of owning an under-counter fridge are:

  • They save space as they are smaller than regular fridges.
  • Undercounter fridges have a clean look because they don’t tower over your kitchen and give you enough space.
  • They come in various modern designs and are classy.
  • Most of the fridges are energy efficient so will have lower electricity bills and a cleaner environment. 

Precautions while using an under-counter fridge

Undercounter fridges have the risk of having frozen and holding temperature problems. They should be handled with care while moving. Compressors are also prone to problems if not handled properly and so must be carefully used. 


Cafe 5.7 cu. ft. built-in undercounter dual-drawer refrigerator (stainless steel)

This refrigerator is an innovative and attractive stainless steel fridge with interiors that are easy to clean. They have soft-close drawers and have storage options to keep your beverages organized. 


  • A clear glass door with interior Led lights provides an easy way to serve.
  • The fridge has a perfect temperature setting for freshness.


  • It does not have much storage space to store more beverages.

Thor Kitchen 24 inches 5.4 cu. ft. 

This under-counter fridge is a spacious fridge that you can use both indoors and outdoors. It provides additional space also when your fridge is full. 


  • Temperature is perfect for chilling beverages and anti-fingerprint surfaces. 
  • It has a hidden control panel inside the top drawer of the fridge.


  • The handles to the drawers may sometimes come off if not used gently.

Kalamera capacity beverage cooler

The Kalamera beverage cooler is a perfect space built-in counter fridge and can store 154 cans of soda, water, beer, or wine. You can use it in the kitchen or for a bar or even an office. 


  • The fridge has a large capacity for wine and cans with a blue LED to help you select the right drink. 
  • It has a temperature memory function that restores the temperature set during installation. 


  • The temperature sometimes does not cool the beverages as it is already at a specific temperature. 

hOmeLabs mini fridge 

This mini fridge with a small freezer is just what you need under the counter. This fridge can store both food and beverages and is an excellent fit for offices, dorms, or apartments. It has removable glass shelves, which further add to its beauty.


  • You can adjust the fridge to 3 temperature modes- Max, Med, and Min.
  • It has a roomy interior to store more food and beverages in an organized manner.


  • It makes too much noise.

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