Best French Door Fridge In Australia

Online and at retail, you can purchase a French door freezer in Australia at a good price. This is because they are a kitchen must have. All the top brands such as Sony, Samsung, Fisher & Paykel and LG, all produce French Door Refrigerators. 

Compared to side-by-side refrigerators, they have more storage space, giving you more room to store large meals, and have more convenient access to them. Below are the best French-door refrigerators, from a few popular sites, but mainly from The Good Guys (as they tend to be better priced).

But we also answer popular questions like:

  • French door vs Side-by-Side refrigerator
  • What’s a French door fridge lifespan?
  • Are French door fridges energy efficient?

What is a French Door fridge?

French door refrigerators offer two door openings, which can expose food and beverages in addition to the fridge-above-freezer configuration. They are convenient in the kitchen as you don’t have to swing open a single big door. There are either three compartments or two drawers with pullout baskets in the freezer. With capacities ranging from 500 to 480 litres, French door freezers should fit in any kitchen, space permitting.

French Door Fridges Reviews

  1. Haier 492L French Door Refrigerator
  2. Samsung SRF7100B 649L
  3. LG 847L InstaView Refrigerator
  4. Samsung 810L Family Hub Refrigerator
  5. Fisher & Paykel 569L French Door Refrigerator
  6. LG 530L French Door Refrigerator
  7. LG 637L French Door Refrigerator
  8. Haier 519L Quad Door Refrigerator
  9. ILVE 482L French Door Frost Free Fridge
  10. Mitsubishi Electric 580L French Door Fridge
  Products Energy Efficiency Latest Deal
haier 492l french door refrigerator Haier 492L French Door Refrigerator 4 star energy rating Check Price
SRF7100B 649L Samsung SRF7100B 649L 3.5 star energy rating Check Price
lg 847l instaview refrigerator LG 847L InstaView Refrigerator 3.5 star energy rating Check Price
samsung 810l family hub refrigerator srf9700bfh Samsung 810L Family Hub Refrigerator 3 star energy rating Check Price
fisher and paykel 569l french door refrigerator rf610adx5 Fisher & Paykel 569L French Door Refrigerator 3.5 star energy rating Check Price

Haier 492L French Door Refrigerator

This is a very affordable model with great views to go with it. The Haier model offers a 492-litre capacity and a spacious layout to keep fresh produce, drinks, and everyday items organised and accessible. The MyZone compartment lets you customise the temperature of foods and beverages, allowing you to store different foods and beverages to meet their specific storage needs.

It has all the bells and whistles like; an external temperature control with LED display,  non-plumbed water dispenser that gives you chilled water, Multi-Zone Air evenly circulates cool air to every corner of your fridge. Plus, you can lock in nutrients, flavour and appearance for the long term with SuperFreeze function.


  • It has a 4 star energy rating
  • Non-plumbed water dispenser 
  • LED display
  • Affordable


  • Not as reliable as other brands (however you get a 2 year warranty)

Samsung SRF7100B 649L

Smooth minimal black Samsung fridge, that also won the Good Design Award. It contains a 649L capacity, so there is plenty of room for fresh food and drinks for everyone in the family. It features a flat door design with a black finish to blend elegantly into your kitchen and a 10-year compressor warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that it will perform for a long time.

Some things to note:

  • Anti-Fingerprint finish
  • Big bottle door bins
  • Ice cube holder
  • It has an internal LED display
  • ​​3.5 star energy rating

LG 847L InstaView Refrigerator

Want to pull out all the stops? Then this party piece instaview feature might be the pick for you. But the features don’t stop there, it also has a huge 847 litre capacity, hidden dual door hinges, up to 30ll in the craft ice bucket, door-in-door, and a hand cold water dispenser. To use the instaview just do two quick knocks on the sleek glass panel to see inside and check for your everyday items  without opening the door, which prevents cold air from escaping and keeps food fresher for longer.

Some things to note:

  • It has a 3.5 star energy rating
  • Matte black finish
  • Large capacity

Samsung 810L Family Hub Refrigerator

If you’re looking for a smart fridge for a family this could be the pick for you. Elegant, smart functionality and visual brilliance are combined to create the perfect kitchen centrepiece. Handprints cannot deteriorate the exterior because of the Anti-Fingerprint finish. With its 21.5-inch Full HD display, the Hub offers a wide range of smart applications and features. You can keep track of important news, special moments, scheduled events, and more. It can even browse social media, watch TV and access smart apps from your smartphone on your smart Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator!

Some things to note:

  • It has a 3 star energy rating
  • Temperature control of each compartment
  • Large 810L capacity
  • Anti-Fingerprint finish

Fisher & Paykel 569L French Door Refrigerator

With its spacious shelving within easy reach, the Fisher & Paykel 569L French Door Refrigerator allows you to easily grab what you need. This fridge and freezer are equipped with ActiveSmart Foodcare interior sensors that continuously adjust the temperature according to your daily use by distributing cool air evenly, so you can be confident that your family’s food will be kept at the right temperature at all times.

Some things to note:

  • It has a 3.5 star energy rating
  • Quickly freeze foods to retain moisture when defrosted
  • Humidity Control Settings
  • Removable glass shelves

LG 530L French Door Refrigerator

This minimalist and narrow stainless steel LG Slim fridge fits perfectly into 85cm wide alcoves. This 530-litre capacity fridge affords all the benefits of French Doors, but in a more compact design. Easily load groceries, food platters, fresh produce, and drinks, while frozen goods are neatly organised in freezer baskets, on wide shelves and baskets. 

Some things to note:

  • It has a 4 star energy rating
  • Narrow design
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Downloadable Smart ThinQ app

LG 637L French Door Refrigerator

This LG refrigerator’s French doors prevent the cold from escaping. With a 637-liter capacity, it can store beverages, everyday essentials, perishable goods, and more. LG’s GF-L706MBL has a width of 915mm, a height of 1793mm, and a depth of 744mm. This refrigerator has a black finish, an ice maker, and a 3 star energy rating. 

Some things to note:

  • It has a 3 star energy rating
  • Cold ice and water dispensers
  • Good layout with plenty of shelves

Haier 519L Quad Door Refrigerator

The best quad door fridge is the Haier HRF565YHC’s 519 litres of total capacity allows you to store fresh produce, perishable goods, beverages, and more. It measures 833mm wide, 1804mm high, and 716mm deep. Furthermore, this fridge has a dual hinged door, a black finish, adjustable glass shelves, and a 3 star energy rating. The auto-defrost feature makes it very low maintenance.

Some things to note:

  • It has a 3 star energy rating
  • Cold water dispenser
  • Humidity control

ILVE 482L French Door Frost Free Fridge

With its four-door design and spacious interior capacity, the ILVE 472L french door refrigerator boasts a convenient design. The large opening makes it ideal for accommodating large platters. With PT Fresh multi-airflow, the interior air is consistently cold and circulates effectively. As a result, foods remain fresher longer.

You can modify the fridge’s adjustable shelves to suit your storage needs, such as allowing for tall or odd-shaped items. Crisper drawers provide the ideal environment for fresh fruit and vegetables. The frost-free interior eliminates the need to manually defrost the fridge, saving you time and energy.

Some things to note:

  • It has a 2.5 star energy rating
  • Handless door with concealed ‘finger’ grab opening slot
  • Freezer Temperature Range: -16°C to -24°C

Mitsubishi Electric 580L French Door Fridge

580L French Door fridge L4 Glass Series Mini has a reduced height, making it ideal for installation under overhead cabinets. Features an Automatic Ice Maker without a plumbing connection and is designed for larger living spaces. The front panel is made of toughened glass for a luxurious look. Large shelves reveal themselves when the French doors are opened. It’s available in Argent Silver, Brilliant Black and Glacier White.

Some things to note:

  • It has a 4 star energy rating
  • Tempered glass shelves
  • Auto Ice Maker: Non-plumbed, includes purification filter

Which is better – French door or Side-by-Side refrigerator?

Which is the best refrigerator? Side by side refrigerators have a fridge on one side and a freezer on the other side, which is why there are two doors. French door refrigerators have freezers above or below the fridge.

Generally, you’ll find side by side fridges have a larger freezer capacity, and french door fridges to have a fridge large storage capacity.

Top brands offer similar features for both French doors and side by side refrigerators, such as high-volume features like Samsung Family Hub or cool features like LG’s “knock twice” Instaview fridge.

Buyers guide – What to look for

In addition to their incredible strength, you’ll find French door models with ample storage space with large shelves and wide and deep shelves that can store a variety of fresh meals and plates. You can access it easily, organise it (both the refrigerator and freezer), and it’s forgiving when you have fewer storage needs.

The ability to store food and smallwares at precisely the right temperature using flexible shelves such as slideback/fold-out shelves. Below are some things to look out for:

The cool zones

Depending on the refrigerator type, there may be several compartment options available. Nowadays, it is increasingly common for people to specify temperature zones supported by triple-cool systems.

These features offer entertainment and an increasing amount of flexibility. Humidity zones extend the life of your food, which is especially important when preparing fresh vegetables to avoid this embarrassing soggy scenario. Petrina said the fridge is essential for maintaining a healthy food supply.

Smart living

In the past few years, smart-phone applications have allowed you to access your refrigerator remotely. Whirlpool and Yummly have partnered to take pictures of the contents of the fridge and create recipes based upon the results, while LG Smart Thin Q can adjust the temperature remotely from a smartphone.

There is also the LG instaview that lets you knock on the fridge and it will instantly see inside. You’ll find a lot of modern fridges with smart functions. 


Before you start shopping for a refrigerator you should think about where it will go as it is one of the most expensive appliances in your kitchen. Our recommendation is to place the refrigerator and the wine fridge near the gathering area in the kitchen. In other words, near the breakfast bar, unless you use this for storing food and drink equipment or near the end of the room, where the table or chairs will be located.

But you should also measure the size and double check it’s going to fit in the location. This is very important if there are cabinets or other kitchen items that could block the area.

How long should a French door fridge last?

French doors are expected to last 10 to 20 decades, as they do with many refrigerators. You should contact the company if you experience any issues during the warranty period. Despite the fact that it may take longer to fix the problem, some repair costs may have been higher than the original cost of buying a new fridge instead.

Are French door fridges energy efficient?

Due to the volume of French doors, the appliance typically consumes more energy, making it more expensive around the clock. Their ability to create ice can also contribute to higher operating costs. In general, refrigerators score between 3-3.5 stars, but some have 4 Star Energy Ratings, such as Haier and Mitsubishi French door refrigerators or higher capacity models from LG and Westinghouse. By visiting the Australian Energy Agency’s website, you can compare models of the same useful capacity and energy efficiency.

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