GE Vs Samsung Refrigerator Compared! (Which Is Better?)

GE and Samsung are two of the most reputable and popular refrigerator brands in the market.

Both American-based GE and South Korean-based Samsung have their unique strengths and weaknesses, making the choice between the two a challenging one.

This article provides a comprehensive comparison of these two brands, focusing on customer satisfaction, reliability, energy efficiency, cooling technology, lifespan, cost, and more.

GE Vs Samsung Refrigerator Comparison – 10 Differences

AspectGE RefrigeratorSamsung Refrigerator
Country of OriginUnited StatesSouth Korea
Customer SatisfactionLower than SamsungNumber 1 overall
ReliabilityLess reliable than SamsungNumber 1 overall
Energy EfficiencyMore energy-star rated units than SamsungSlightly fewer energy-star rated units than GE’s
Smart Fridge FeatureSmartHQFamily Hub
ConfigurationSlightly less configurableMore configurable
Capacity/SizeNot spacious or as space-saving as SamsungMore spacious and more space-saving designs
Highlight Cooling TechnologyTurbo CoolingPower Cool, Twin Cooling, Triple Cooling, Twin Cooling Plus, and Metal Cooling
Age/Lifespan10 years +5 – 11 years
CostFrench Door and Bottom Freezer units are costlier than Samsung’sSide-By-Side and Top Freezer units are pricier than GE’s

Similarities Between GE and Samsung Fridges:

  1. Energy Star Rating: Most Samsung and GE fridges come with an Energy Star rating, indicating their energy efficiency. Energy-efficient fridges emit less heat and consume less power, resulting in lower energy costs.
  2. ADA Compliance: Both Samsung and GE manufacture fridges that are accessible to wheelchair users, making them more user-friendly. These fridges comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards.
  3. Fridge Types: Both brands offer a range of fridge types including French Door, Bottom Freezer, Top Freezer, Side-by-Side, and Compact Refrigerators. However, Samsung also provides Bespoke, 4-Door Flex, and Specialty options.
  4. Finishes: Both brands provide fingerprint-resistant finishes on many of their fridges, offering a modern and sleek appearance.
  5. Installation Depth: Both GE and Samsung offer counter depth, full depth, and compact fridges to accommodate various spaces. However, Samsung units are generally more configurable than GE units.
  6. Smart Fridges: Samsung produces numerous smart fridges that utilize the Family Hub application, while GE smart fridges utilize Smart HQ. The technologies behind these smart features differ and will be explained later.

Differences Between GE and Samsung Refrigerators

Country of Origin

GE is an American brand, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, while Samsung is a South Korean brand, based in Suwon.

Customer Satisfaction

According to the 2021 American Customer Satisfaction Index, Samsung ranks higher in customer satisfaction than GE. However, GE’s French Door refrigerators have higher customer satisfaction due to fewer issues with ice makers.

Here’s a breakdown of the report:

Customer SatisfactionGE (584 customers)Samsung (649 Customers)
Very Satisfied37%40.8%
Slightly Satisfied34.8%35.6%
Not Sure9.4%3.1%
Slightly Dissatisfied13.4%10.9%
Very Dissatisfied5.5%9.6%
French Door Fridge (Very Satisfied)50.5%38.5%


Samsung refrigerators are generally considered more reliable than GE models, according to JD Power.

Energy Efficiency

GE has more Energy Star-rated models than Samsung, indicating higher energy efficiency.

Smart Fridge Features

Samsung’s Family Hub feature offers more functionalities than GE’s SmartHQ. The Family Hub allows users to connect with family and friends, stream music, control other Samsung devices, and more.


Samsung refrigerators offer more configuration options than GE models, making them more adaptable to different spaces.


Samsung refrigerators generally have larger capacities than GE models and are designed to save space. Below is a table comparing the capacities of these two fridge brands.

Fridge TypeGE RefrigeratorSamsung Refrigerator
Top Freezer Refrigerator16 – 24 cubic feet24 – 26 cubic feet
Bottom Freezer Refrigerator20 – 25 cubic feet24 – 26 cubic feet
French Door Refrigerator20 – 25+ cubic feet21 – 24 cubic feet
Side-by-Side Refrigerator20 – 25+ cubic feet27+ cubic feet

Cooling Technology

Samsung offers a variety of cooling technologies, including Power Cool, Twin Cooling, Triple Cooling, Twin Cooling Plus, and Metal Cooling. In contrast, GE primarily uses Turbo Cooling technology.


GE refrigerators typically last longer than Samsung models, with an average lifespan of 10 years or more.


The cost of GE and Samsung refrigerators varies depending on the model. GE’s French Door and Bottom Freezer units are generally more expensive than Samsung’s, while Samsung’s Side-By-Side and Top Freezer units are pricier than GE’s.

Comparison of GE and Samsung French Door Refrigerators

When comparing GE and Samsung French door refrigerators, there are notable differences in terms of customer satisfaction, reliability, capacity, and cost.

Customer satisfaction is an important factor to consider. In this regard, more customers express dissatisfaction with Samsung French door fridges, primarily due to recurring issues with their ice makers. The frequent failure of ice makers in Samsung units diminishes their overall reliability.

Here’s a table that shows what I exactly mean

Customer SatisfactionGE (289 Customers)Samsung (615 Customers)
Very Satisfied50.5%38.5%
Slightly Satisfied35.3%36.3%
Not Sure4.2%3.9%
Slightly Dissatisfied8.3%11.2%
Very Dissatisfied1.7%10.1%


Both GE and Samsung offer high-quality, functional, and stylish refrigerators. If you prioritize reliability, configurability, spaciousness, and advanced features, Samsung might be the better choice.

However, if energy efficiency, durability, and lifespan are more important to you, GE could be the better option. Always consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing between these two brands.

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