Best Wine Refrigerators For Home And Bar

Whether it’s a small wine refrigerator for your home or a bar refrigerator, it is always best to have a separate refrigerator for your wine. Don’t you agree? The groceries take up too much space to leave any for the precious wine!

Lucky for you, this article will help you in choosing the best refrigerator for your needs. Here is what this article will cover:

  • What is the right temperature for a wine refrigerator?
  • Can wine refrigerators be transported on their side?
  • How long can wine last in a refrigerator?
  • How cold is a wine refrigerator?
  • Which is better- a wine refrigerator or a regular refrigerator?

So for you to get the best refrigerator for your wine, read the suggestions given below!

Best Pick

1The Arctic King Premium 34-bottle Wine Cooler 

The Arctic King Cooler is our top pick for refrigerating or cooling your wine. It is available online at and has a 34-bottle capacity with touch control. 

The shelves in the cooler can be slid out and comes with an interior LED light and display. It also has adjustable legs for leveling and, of course, a see-through glass door. The cooler weighs about 64 pounds and has a recessed handle.

The temperature ranges from 5 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit to 64 degrees Fahrenheit). The dimensions of the cooler are- Length 17.3 x W18.9 x H33.2.

The Arctic Cooler is a premium cooler for wine with faster cooling technology and stable control. It is easy to use and control and allows efficient cooling. As mentioned above, the cooler has a transparent glass door, which will enable you to choose the right bottle for the occasion. 

Buyer’s Guide: What to consider when buying a wine refrigerator

If you are beginning to collect wine or drink wine, you won’t know which refrigerator to buy. That’s why it’s always better to ask the right questions before buying one. Here are some questions to consider before purchasing a wine refrigerator.

What is the right temperature for a wine refrigerator?

The ideal temperature for the storage of wine is from 8 degrees Celsius to 19 degrees Celsius, depending on the wine you choose to store. For red wine, the preferable temperature is 12 to 19 degrees Celsius. White wine must be kept in temperatures 8 to 12 degrees Celsius. The weather for storing Champagne is 5 to 8 degrees Celsius.

Can wine refrigerators be transported on their side?

While transporting your refrigerator, make sure it’s always in an upright position all the way. Please do not take the risk of transporting it on its side. It can cause damage the refrigerator and prevent it from doing what it’s made to do.

How long can wine last in a refrigerator?

Wines will last for approximately 5-7 days in a refrigerator. But the longer you store a bottle of wine, the less vibrant the fruity flavors become. The wine oxidizes, and so the taste changes after the first day. 

How cold is a wine refrigerator?

Wine refrigerators can get as cold as 7 degrees Celsius (46 degrees Fahrenheit). But this does not mean that you must store the wine at such a temperature. Change the temperature according to the wine you want to keep. 

Which is better- a wine refrigerator or a regular refrigerator?

As far as regular refrigerators go, they are built to drop temperatures rapidly to drive out humidity. On the other hand, wine coolers or refrigerators lower the temperature gradually and maintain the moisture for excellent wine storage and cooling. 

So obviously, wine coolers are preferable to regular refrigerators for wines, exceptionally costly ones.

How do you choose the best wine refrigerator?

First, know your budget and needs. Secondly, you need to study your surrounding area for your wine cooler. Thirdly, take into consideration the number of bottles you want to store. Consider other factors depending on your needs as well. 

Benefits of a good wine refrigerator:

  • It has the perfect temperature for storing wine.
  • A good wine refrigerator meets the storage needs of your wine.
  • Natural wine is an enemy to wine; wine refrigerators have no natural light and are best for storing wine.
  • A good wine refrigerator provides the ideal and dedicated wine environment. 

Alternative best wine fridges

We’ve included four more wine refrigerators on our list.

2Invasion 12-Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator

The Invasion refrigerator is a preferred cooler for home or small-scale use. With a 12 bottle storage capacity, it allows the best environment for your wine at home. 


  • It offers a steady temperature for storing your wine at home. 


  • This cooler is not suitable for bars as it stores lesser bottles of wine.

3NewAir Freestanding 16 Bottle Compressor Wine Fridge

The NewAir Freestanding Wine Fridge is a quiet and powerful compressor that will ensure your wine is kept drinkable.


  • This 16 bottle refrigerator is made of stainless steel and can accommodate any size bottle.


  • Sometimes the compressor fan may not work and so must be checked at the time of purchase. 

4NewAir Freestanding 27 Bottle Compressor Wine Fridge

This NewAir fridge is one of the best compressors for keeping your wine chilled. It has removable racks and is efficiently operational.


  • This 27 bottle wine Compressor is best for a minibar. It has a double pane glass to protect and preserve the wine.


  • At times the environment in the cooler becomes too dry, which will dry out the cork as well. It may allow air to enter and oxidize the wine, ruining it.

Joy Pebble Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator 85 Can Mini Fridge 

Joy Pebble Refrigerator is an elegant see-through fridge that is great for chilling beverages. It can be used at home, in a minibar, or even in offices. It is manufactured with an advanced cooling system to keep your drinks at the right temperature.


  • With the space to hold 85 cans of soft drinks or beer, this is a favorable item to include in a bar or an office.


  • These cannot be used for long-term storage. Cellars are always best for long-term storage.


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