Best Glass Door Refrigerators in 2021

Are you confused about which glass door refrigerator to get? Or do you want to know the best ones?

No worries! Because I’ve compiled this guide with the best glass door refrigerators that you can pick from!

And along the way, you’ll also learn some points like :

  • Are glass door refrigerators less efficient and more power-consuming?
  • A glass door fridge or solid door?

For almost anyone who loves style and design, glass door fridges are among the best refrigerators with convenient and ‘classy’ features.


Well, stick around to this guide, and you’ll learn about some of the best fridges of this kind.

Best Pick

11.LG Signature 30.8 Cu. Ft. 4-Door French Door Refrigerator with InstaView Door-in-Door.

First of all, the fridge sports a beautiful stainless steel body that comes with scratch-resistant properties. It also has a mildly textured finish that adds to the whole minimalistic look (something I’d love to have in my kitchen!).

LG has incorporated many useful AI (Artificial Intelligence) features into the fridge, making it even more worthy of a buy.

Something you won’t find in many fridges is the Auto Open Door™; what it does is that the refrigerator has a carefully placed sensor at the bottom where a ‘Door Open’ projection lights onto the floor.  Just step on the projection and voilà; the door will open hands-free!

There are many other beautiful features such as the Auto Open Drawer™, Voice Control, ThinQ™, InstaView™, and so on.

If you’d love to have a premium quality fridge that can make things much more accessible, this model is my best-recommended fridge.


• Very simple to use

• Has efficient AI systems

• Spacious

• Energy-efficient


• Not affordable in low budgets

Buying Guide

If you’re confused about glass door fridges, you can follow this short guide that answers some of your common questions.

•Are glass door refrigerators less efficient and more power-consuming?

The answer could be a yes or no. This is because reputed companies like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, etc., ensure that their products are as efficient as possible, making their glass door fridges energy efficient. 

Moreover, the glass doors don’t necessarily increase power consumption by a lot.

But if you buy from a company that ‘rips off’ these ideas, you could potentially end up with a fridge that has lower quality and consumes more power. 

In such cases, quality plays a significant role in whether your fridge (be it a glass or solid door) consumes extra power.

•Glass door fridge or solid door?

This choice will mostly depend on personal preference. As for me, I’d go for a glass door fridge for the sheer versatility of it.

The best feature of these fridges is the freedom to see what’s inside without opening the door(which could cause some insulation to fade).

They’re also better in handling and aging since glass can stay clearer and shinier with lesser maintenance. 

But if you like the sturdy and opaque look of solid door fridges, that’s a great choice too!

I believe that these fridges could be excellent choices for those who prefer privacy over ‘transparency.’ 

No matter how stylish a glass door fridge looks, not everyone likes to show what their refrigerator contains, so classic solid doors are the best choices in such cases.

• Can glass, and solid door combinations exist in a single fridge?

Yes, they can!

If you’re stuck in a dilemma, wanting a glass door fridge but also a solid door, you can settle for the smart fridges from LG that have InstaView™ features.

Similar to the fridge I mentioned in my best pick, every other refrigerator with this feature could be the answer to your dilemma. 

There, you check the contents by knocking twice on the viewscreen, and you can knock twice again to close it. Thus, the fridge can function as both a glass door fridge and a solid door fridge on the other.

Check out the video below for a beautiful demonstration from LG Australia if you want to see how these fridges work.

Best glass door fridges in 2021

Here are four other fantastic glass door refrigerators for the list.

2LG InstaView Door-in-Door 27.8 Cu. Ft. 4-Door French Door Refrigerator

This fridge also has various AI features coupled with a seamless design to make any kitchen look and feel superb.

The fridge offers InstaView so that you can see the contents inside without having to open the door every time.

The body also has the PrintProof™ finish to prevent the fridge from traces of fingerprints or smudges. This makes it much easier to keep it clean.


• Highly spacious with Door-in-Door® features where you can easily store a good amount of items.

• InstaView gives vision without opening the door and helps to reduce insulation loss.


• Might not be suitable for small kitchen spaces.

3Monogram 30 in. Fully Integrated Glass-Door Refrigerator for Single or Dual Installation

This fridge has one of the unique looks on the list, and it even has a custom panel feature.

If you’d like to have a personal style on your fridge, then this could be your best option.

And its most terrific selling point is being an HFC(Hydrofluorocarbons) free refrigerator. A great eco-friendly alternative to traditional fridges.


• Eco-Friendly

• Customizable panels to make it blend well with any kitchen theme


•Installing panels could require extra effort

4NewAir AB-1200 126 Can Beverage Fridge

An affordable one on the list, this is a great beverage fridge with a glass door.

This fridge can cool drinks down to 37 degrees and can carry a total of 126 cans!

It also features seven customizable settings and a quiet compressor.

If you have a lower budget but still want a bang for the buck, this could be your best option.


• Quiet in cooling and has removable storage racks.

• Can hold a lot of cans.


• Might not have an efficient energy consumption system.

5Joy Pebble Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator 85 Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door

This is by far the most affordable glass door fridge on the list.

But despite its budget, the fridge offers some excellent features like a blue LED lighting interior, a silent compressor, and a Double Pane Glass Door that helps block ultraviolet rays.

If you want an affordable yet valuable beverage fridge that won’t put a hole in your pocket, this might be the best option.


• Compact and silent

• Can cool all the beverages evenly throughout the whole interior.


• Not suitable for any other items except beverages.


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