Best Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

Are you in search of the best ice maker for chewable ice cubes? 

You are on the right track.

Keep on reading to find out:

  • If nugget ice good for summer drinks
  • How much time does a countertop ice maker take to make ice
  • Are countertop ice makers beneficial
  • Tips for finding the best countertop ice maker

All ice is not the same; some ice is the regular cube, while others are crushed, or spheres. But many people prefer the nugget ice because it is small and chewable.  

So if you want these perfectly chewable ice cubes, read on to find out the top nugget ice makers.

Best Countertop Nugget Ice Maker Are:

  • Silonn Ice Makers Countertop
  • Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop
  • Dreamiracle Ice Maker Machine Countertop
  • Wizisa Ice Maker Machine
  • Deco Rapid Automatic Electric Countertop Ice Maker
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Our Top Pick: Silonn Ice Maker Countertop

The Silonn ice maker is our top pick because it is one of the fastest ice-making machines. It only takes 7 minutes to prepare 9 ice cubes.

Fill your tank with 2 liters, and you will have a maximum capacity of 26 pounds of ice within 24 hours. 

Some of its best features include:

  • The Silonn Ice maker makes two shapes of ice cubes. You can choose a small cube for your beer or seafood or a large cube for beverages. 
  • They are not difficult to control and run. Just fill the water tank, turn it on and select the preferred ice size. Simple right?
  • It is very quite similar to a refrigerator. It stops making ice when it detects that the tub is full and prevents overflow. This is possible due to sensors present in the ice maker. 
  • You can also press the on/off button for 5 seconds, and it will start cleaning itself. 

Is nugget ice and crushed ice the same?

Nugget ice and crushed ice are different types of ice. They might look quite similar, but when you look closer, you will find that the nugget is in the shape of a nugget (obviously), but crushed ice is not. 

Crushed ice is large cubes of ice that are crushed into smaller pieces. However, nugget ice is made from flaked ice made in the shape of nuggets. 

Since nugget ice is made of flaked ice, it has more air pockets inside, which allows your drinks to seep into the cubes making it favorable for people who like eating ice. This is also the reason that makes nugget ice chewable.

Is nugget ice sonic ice?

Yes, sonic ice is the other name of nugget ice. It is also known by other names like cubelet ice, pellet ice, and Chick-fil-A ice. 

Whichever name you choose, nugget ice is a soft, chewable ice cube that doctors also use for patients who have difficulty swallowing. But soon it became popular and is now used in other industries like restaurants and bars. They have also become a much-favored type of ice in drinks. 

Is nugget ice good for summer drinks?

Nugget ice is a yes-yes for summer drinks. Since it has air pockets, the drink will enter these pockets, and every time you chew on it, you will have a burst of flavor in your mouth. 

Nugget ice can also be used in other beverages or drinks and smoothies or shakes. 

Put some extra crunch by adding nugget ice in your refreshing summer drink. It will be a crunchy delight for a hot summer day.  

Should I keep my countertop ice maker on regularly? 

If you wish to have ice all the time, you should probably keep your ice maker on. The ice will eventually melt if you keep the power off.  

So if you are having a gathering and need a lot of ice, you keep the ice maker on the whole time while using the ice and refilling the water at the same time.

If you don’t consume a lot of ice, you can keep it on until it provides the amount of ice you want and then turn it off. It won’t be so nice to leave the ice or keep using the same water for too long if you don’t use it often. 

However, if you regularly use the ice, there is no harm in keeping it on constantly. Don’t forget to turn it off when you go out on a vacation or a trip. 

Can I store nugget ice in the freezer?

You might have bought your nugget ice from a store and not have an ice maker to store them. What do you do then? You think of keeping them in the freezer, where all ice should be. 

But wait a minute, is that the right option? Think twice; your nugget ice will probably harden together into a big block of ice. 

You will have a tough time chiseling them out. So if you don’t want to go through that trouble, luckily, there is a solution.

You can store nugget ice in the freezer, but you should put them in a paper bag before storing them. The paper bag will absorb the extra moisture and prevent the ice cubes from freezing together. 

How much time does a countertop ice maker take to produce ice?

The time taken to make ice by an ice maker depends on your own type of machine. However, general countertop ice makers take 7-15 minutes to make ice. 

You should also remember that the time an ice maker takes to make ice will depend on the type of water used, how long you have been using the ice maker, how often you clean your ice maker, and how frequently you use them.

Are portable countertop ice makers beneficial?

A countertop ice maker is not necessary if you rarely use ice, but if you frequently use or need ice, it will be an excellent investment to own a countertop ice maker. 

You do not even need to buy a whole new fridge if your freezer is not spacious enough. Just get a portable countertop ice maker. You don’t have to spend extra money; instead, you will have ice whenever you want them. 

The good thing about getting an ice maker is you can get one based on your needs, like the size and the amount of ice produced. You can also quickly get ice whenever you need it in the comfort of your home. 

What features should I keep in mind while purchasing an ice maker?

Though you might have decided to get a countertop ice maker, you might not know how to find the best one. Here are some tips for you. 

Speed of Production: If you need a lot of ice within minutes, buying a fast ice-producing machine would be great. But if you want the ice maker to meet your needs alone, speed won’t matter much. 

Some machines produce one ice per minute, while the faster ones produce 9 ice cubes in 6 minutes. You can find an ice maker based on your needs. 

Shape and size of ice: Portable countertop ice makers can make several shapes ranging from cube to half cube, nugget, bullet, or crescent.

You can also choose the size of the ice, small, medium to large pieces. You can find an ice maker that meets your preferences based on these choices.

Power consumption: Portable ice makers may seem small and seem like they will not consume much power; however, they’re quite the opposite. Portable ice makers might use as much power as your microwave.

Thus, read the product’s specifications carefully before purchasing it if you are worried about power use. There will probably be specifications of the product in the box. 

Level of Noise: No matter what appliance, a noisy one is not very environmentally friendly. Some portable ice makers may be pretty loud, but some are also relatively silent.

Of course, the sound of ice falling into the bin when it is empty cannot be stopped, so that you can ignore that sound. Apart from that, find a product that is not too noisy so that it is not disturbing.

Capacity of Storage: Some ice makers might have a vast storage capacity, while some might have moderate capacity. Choose a product depending on your need for ice. 

If you are not using much ice, it will be wise to use a smaller storage capacity to avoid too much-unused ice in your ice maker. 

Style and design: You should also not ignore the style and design of the ice maker. Ensure that the design is light and convenient and can be stored even in small places. 

Also, find a lightweight ice maker so that it is easy to carry around and is movable easily when necessary. 

Do you need a water line for a countertop nugget ice maker?

When it comes to using a countertop nugget ice maker, many people wonder if they need a water line. The answer is yes, a water line is required for a countertop nugget ice maker to function properly. Without a water line, the machine will not be able to produce ice.

But don’t worry, connecting a water line to a countertop nugget ice maker is a relatively simple process. Most models come with a kit that includes everything you need to get started, including a water line and instructions on how to connect it.

It’s important to make sure the water line is properly installed and connected to a cold water source to ensure optimal performance. With a water line in place, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious nugget ice in no time.

Top 5 Best Countertop Nugget Ice Makers

Silonn Ice Makers Countertop

The Silonn ice maker is one of the fastest ice-making machines. It makes 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes within 7 minutes. 

It has various attractive features like a choice of ice size, either small or large. It’s straightforward to use and adaptable, and it also has a self-cleaning feature. 

What we like?

Fast production: It can produce 9 ice cubes within 7 minutes. 

Quiet and easy: It does not make much sound while turned on and is very easy to operate.

Ice cube size: You can opt for a smaller size of ice cubes or a bigger one.


  • Fast Ice production
  • Quiet while running
  • Easy operation


  • It makes blocks of ice which you have to break manually

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop

Euhomy ice maker offers you a new type of chewable bullet ice cube with 9 pieces in 8 minutes. 

This machine is also easy to operate, and it self-cleans if you press the power button for 5 seconds. 

What we like?

Control panel: It has a control panel that will automatically stop making ice when the bin is full, preventing overflowing. It will also indicate if the water level is too low to refill it. 

One year warranty: It provides one year warranty, so you need not worry about its quality. 


  • Provides large and small ice cubes
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Provides warranty


  • Not much difference between large and small cubes.

Dreamiracle Ice Maker Machine Countertop

The Dreamiracle ice maker also takes just 8 minutes to provide you with 9 delicious bullet-shaped ice cubes. It comes with an ice scoop and a removable ice basket. 

It is not noisy and consumes less power while also providing a fast cooling effect. It can also automatically clean itself. 

What we like?

Easy to operate: fill the water, turn it on and get a handful of ice within 8-10 minutes. 

Efficient:  It comes with a powerful compressor and high-quality condenser. 


  • Automatic cleaning on activation
  • It comes with a removable basket and scoop
  • Powerful compressor and high-quality condenser


  • The instruction book is hard to understand for average users. 

Wizisa Ice Maker Machine

It is a quick ice-making machine that takes only 6 minutes to make 9 ice cubes. It has sensors that stop ice-making when the ice basket is full. 

It is made of stainless steel, making it stylish, easy to clean, and long-lasting. It is quite a portable fit for use in the kitchen, office, or bar.

What we like?

Stylist and strong: The body of the ice maker is made of steel with a stylish design. It is stable and reliable, and also easy to manage. 

Auto-cleaning: It has a convenient way of cleaning itself if you press the power button for 5 seconds. 


  • Quick ice making feature
  • Advanced sensor technology
  • Stylist Design


Deco Rapid Automatic Electric Countertop Ice Maker

Deco rapid automatic electric countertop ice maker is a small portable ice maker that can be used even in a small kitchen.

This ice maker needs no installation, plug in and fill it with water, and you will have ice cubes in about 6 minutes to enjoy.

What we like?

Well insulated storage bin: It can store about 1.5 lbs of ice at a time. 

Alerts: When the water level becomes too low or when the ice tray is full, it will alert you of it, so you don’t constantly have to keep checking.


  • Portable for small places
  • Huge storage bin
  • In-built indicator


  • It can sometimes be loud

The availability and cost of replacement parts

A countertop nugget ice maker is a useful appliance, but like all machines, it may require replacement parts at some point. The availability of replacement parts for a countertop nugget ice maker can vary depending on the brand and model.

It’s a good idea to check with the manufacturer or the seller of the product for the availability of replacement parts. Some manufacturers may have a wide range of parts readily available for purchase, while others may have a more limited selection.

The cost of replacement parts can also vary depending on the brand, model and the part that needs to be replaced. In some cases, the cost of the replacement part may be expensive, so it’s important to check the price before buying.

How to install and set up a countertop nugget ice maker

Installing a countertop nugget ice maker is a straightforward process, but it’s important to follow the instructions carefully to ensure proper setup. First, make sure that the area where you plan to place the ice maker is level and stable. Then, take the ice maker out of the box and remove all packaging materials.

Next, plug the ice maker into an electrical outlet and fill the water reservoir with fresh water. Turn on the ice maker and wait for it to start making ice. It is important to note that it might take some time for the first batch of ice to be produced. Once the ice is ready, you can begin using it. It’s also important to clean the ice maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure optimal performance.


If you are looking for easy, quick means to ice cubes, what are you waiting for? Get yourself one of our best countertop portable nugget ice-maker. 

You will never have to worry about running out of ice or going to the store to get some ice. These machines will keep the ice coming as long as you want or need it. 

If you are unsure which ice maker to buy, check out our top pick, the Silonn ice maker. It is quick in making ice and also easy to operate. 

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