What is the freezing point of the alcohol?

All liquids freeze at some point. The freezing point of water is 0°C. Have you wondered why alcohol doesn’t freeze fast, unlike soda or other beverages?

The reason would be the presence of ethanol in the drink. Unlike the freezing point of water, ethanol’s freezing point is lower than water. It freezes at -114°C. 

So, what is ethanol? It is an active ingredient in alcoholic drinks that originated from an organic chemical compound.

Ethanol is a flammable, colorless liquid volatile with a distinct odor. It is made through yeast by fermenting sugar. Apart from being the primary source of alcohol, it is also used for various medicinal purposes. 

Alcoholic drinks are a constituent of pure ethanol and water. Therefore, an alcoholic drink will freeze or boil depending upon the presence of ethanol. There are various types of alcoholic beverages available in the market. You will also notice the different quantities of ethanol present in multiple alcoholic drinks or beverages.

How to determine the amount of ethanol in alcohol?

You can check the presence of alcohol through ABV, also known as Alcohol-By-Volume. It indicates how many milliliters of pure ethanol are present per 100 ml in a liquid. Beer has an ABV of about 2%-12%, whereas vodka can range from 30-35%. 

Beer has a lower content of ABV than vodka. So, the lower the ABV presence, the lower the percentage of ethanol in the drink. And if there is a higher percentage of ABV, there is a vast quantity of ethanol in a drink. 

So, here is the intriguing part. When there is a higher ABV content, the freezing point will be colder, and it can stay in the freezer for long. The lower content of ABV will have a warmer freezing point that allows it to freeze quickly.

Here are the temperatures at which various type of alcohol freezes:

  • Beer has an ABV of 2%- 12%.  So, it is likely that beer will freeze at -2°C. However, it is advisable not to put the beer in the freezer. Just a quick chill will suffice.
  • Wine contains an ABV of 8%-14%. Its freezing point falls at -5°C. Your wine is at risk if you put it in the freezer for more than an hour or more.
  • An 80-proof liquor comprises standard base liquors. It consists of whiskey, gin, and vodka. This type of alcohol has an AVB of 40 %. The freezing point falls at -27°C. So, even if you put the alcohol in the freezer, it will not freeze.
  • A 64-proof liquor has an ABV of 32%. Its freezing point is at -23°C. So, if you put a liqueur, say amaretto, it will not freeze in the freezer.

Also, note that beer and wine freeze fast as compared to other alcohol. Therefore, it would be best to avoid putting your wine or beer in the freezer.

Furthermore, they are bottled tightly to maintain carbonation or freshness. So, when you keep in a freezer for long, water expands, eventually leading the bottle or can to explode.

How does alcohol not freeze if there is a freezing point?

Humans are curious beings, and inevitably questions like this will arise. Yes, undeniably, one may wonder why alcohol doesn’t freeze despite having a freezing point. 

And to answer the query, alcohol doesn’t freeze because the standard base of temperature at freezers is kept at -18°C. A beer will likely freeze because of a lower concentration of alcohol.

It freezes at 2°C. However, it is unlikely to see a higher concentration of alcohol freeze as most of its freezing point stays at -23°C or -27° C. If you want to understand more, you can check out this video.

Does brandy freeze

Brandy is an alcoholic drink distilled from wine and fermented fruit juice. It has an ABV of 35%-60%. A brandy can last for months or an indefinite period.

It will stay good depending on how you store. Also, note that various factors like temperature, place, sunlight, etc., can also affect the shelf life of the brandy.

 If you intend to put the brandy in a freezer, we’d say it is not the best option. A brandy will not freeze when kept in a freezer because of its high concentration of alcohol.

Its freezing point falls at -23°C, which is way lower than the standard freezers. Hence, it will not freeze if you keep it in a freezer.

 However, to enjoy the flavor and fragrance of brandy, it’s better to drink at room temperature. When you put the brandy in the freezer for a long time, it might cause dilution. The air around the bottle allows the moisture to condense that will cause dilution in the drink.

Does Bacardi freeze

Bacardi is known for producing some of the most popular brands in the world. It was also once the best-selling rum in the world.

A Bacardi rum has an ABV of 40% or more, and it’s freezing point falls at -23°C.Therefore, it will not freeze if kept in the freezer because most of the regular freezer’s freezing point drops at 18°C. It may get icy, but it won’t freeze.

However, if you put it in a freezer for a long time, it may lose some flavor. You can store the rum at room temperature, as most liquors have a good shelf life. If you want to drink cold rum, then you can keep it in the fridge. But it would be best to drink rum at room temperature to feel the flavor.


We hope that through this article we have cleared your doubts and queries. Science is fascinating that offers solutions and answers that we cannot fathom.

So, if you want to have a good drink, it would be best to avoid keeping your alcohol in a freezer. You don’t have to worry about its shelf life, as it can stay good for a long time. Lastly, the well-being of your health is vital, so drink responsibly. 

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