Where Are Samsung Refrigerators Made Around the World?

When it comes to technologically advanced, energy-efficient, user-friendly, spacious, durable, and reliable refrigerators, Samsung is a brand that stands out. But have you ever wondered where Samsung refrigerators are made, considering the brand’s long-standing presence in the industry?

The majority of Samsung refrigerators are manufactured in South Korea, where the company’s headquarters are located. However, Samsung also produces fridges on a smaller scale in other countries, including the United States, China, South Africa, Sweden, Hungary, India, Germany, Luxembourg, and Poland.

This global manufacturing presence solidifies Samsung as one of the most influential electronics brands worldwide. Reports indicate that Samsung achieved an impressive revenue of 279.6 trillion South Korean won, which is over $220 billion.

Just as the numbers are remarkable, so are Samsung fridges. In this review, we will explore the specific manufacturing locations of Samsung fridges, the types of Samsung fridges available, and the advantages they offer. Additionally, we will discuss how to identify a genuine Samsung fridge. But first, let’s delve into the manufacturer itself.

Manufacturer and Advantages of Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung Electronics, a renowned South Korean electronics company headquartered in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, is responsible for manufacturing Samsung fridges and other Samsung electronics.

Established in 1969 as Samsung Electric Industries, the company has become the world’s second-largest tech company by revenue as of 2019.

Samsung fridges are known for their innovative features, including smart technologies like Twin-Cooling Plus and Multi-Flow Cooling. Twin-Cooling Plus technology maintains food freshness by balancing humidity between the freezer and fridge compartments, while Multi-Flow Cooling prevents cold air from escaping.

The majority of Samsung refrigerators are made in South Korea, where the manufacturing operations are based at the Suwon headquarters. The company operates several factories across the country.

Samsung Electronics also has factories in other countries, including:

  • United States: Newberry County, South Carolina
  • China: Suzhou
  • India: Sriperumbudur, Chennai
  • South Africa: Durban
  • Sweden: Stockholm
  • Hungary: Jaszfenyszaru Schwalbach am Taunus
  • Poland: Wielkopolskie province
  • Luxembourg

Now that we know where Samsung refrigerators are made and who manufactures them, let’s explore the advantages that make them popular:


Samsung refrigerators are built to last, with a lifespan ranging from 14 to over 20 years, depending on maintenance. They feature sturdy construction, including stainless steel exteriors, durable plastic components, and a robust framework.

Easy Maintenance

Despite their initial higher cost, Samsung fridges prove cost-effective in the long run due to their low maintenance requirements. They are designed with easy-to-clean stainless steel surfaces and some models even have a fingerprint-resistant finish. The interiors are also easy to keep clean.

Energy Efficiency

Samsung refrigerators are energy-efficient, helping to reduce monthly energy costs. They are designed to consume less energy, making them cost-effective for larger families with higher budgets.


Samsung fridges are known for their ease of operation. Even the latest models equipped with technologies like Alexa and touchscreens can be operated efficiently. Their user-friendly features make them suitable for all users, including children.

Advanced Cooling

Samsung refrigerators excel in maintaining a low-temperature environment to preserve the freshness and taste of food and beverages.

Ample Storage

Samsung fridges offer sufficient storage space for stacking food and drinks, even in slimmer models. The manufacturer prioritizes ample storage capacity, making them family-friendly. They are available in various capacities, such as 176l, 185l, 203l, 210l, 617l, or 302l.


Samsung offers refrigerators without freezer compartments, eliminating the need for a separate freezer. Some models even serve as entertainment hubs, allowing music streaming and TV mirroring through Family Hub technology.

Anti-Bacterial Design

Samsung fridges feature compartments treated with anti-bacterial agents to discourage bacteria build-up and prolong the shelf life of food.

Advanced Air Circulation

Samsung fridges employ advanced air circulation technologies to ensure groceries and other foods remain fresh for longer periods. Proper power and door management help maintain food freshness.

Smart Integration

Samsung fridges are at the forefront of innovation. Some models come with built-in Alexa for voice commands and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing control through smartphones. The latest innovation, Samsung Family Hub, goes beyond a refrigerator’s capabilities, offering features to prepare meals, entertainment options, and calendar management. Users can even see who’s at their door and stream music directly from the refrigerator.

Refrigerator Types Manufactured by Samsung

Samsung is well-known for producing various types of fridges:

  1. Single Door Fridges: Samsung’s single door fridges are designed to save space as they do not have separate freezer compartments. They are ideal for students, single adults, and those living a minimalist lifestyle. These fridges typically range in capacity from 176 liters to 302 liters, offering cost-effective options. While lacking a freezer compartment, they often feature a Chiller space for ice storage, LED lights, and user-friendly temperature controls.
  2. French Door Refrigerators: Samsung’s French door refrigerators are notable for their Twin-cooling system, which ensures optimal humidity and temperature while eliminating odors. These fridges typically come with an indoor ice and water dispenser and feature a sleek stainless steel finish. Available in 4-door or 3-door styles, they integrate the Family Hub smart technology.
  3. Side by Side Refrigerators: Side by side refrigerators by Samsung have full-size doors that open from the center, eliminating the inconvenience of maneuvering around a narrow fridge door. These fridges provide ample storage space for multiple layers of containers that may not fit in other models. They often include water/ice dispensers on the doors and feature stylish stainless steel finishes.
  4. Top-Freezer Refrigerators: As the name suggests, top-freezer refrigerators have the freezer unit located at the top, with the fridge unit below. These fridges offer large capacity options and are known for their energy-saving capabilities.
  5. Bottom Freezer Refrigerators: Unlike top freezer fridges, Samsung’s bottom freezer refrigerators have the freezer unit positioned at the bottom, allowing easy access to frozen foods. These fridges provide eye-level freezing and convenient organization of foods, often featuring adjustable shelves.
  6. Bespoke Samsung Refrigerators: Bespoke fridges from Samsung are high-performance models that offer built-in features for creating a custom kitchen. They include internal dispensers, built-in pitchers, and metal coolers, catering to individual preferences and needs.

Identifying a Genuine Samsung Refrigerator To determine if a Samsung refrigerator is genuine, look for the model and serial number in either of these two places:

  1. On the lower left side of the fridge’s exterior, near the front.
  2. Inside the refrigerator on the sidewall, just above the top shelf.

If you have doubts about the serial number, you can contact Samsung customer support for verification. For a guaranteed purchase, it is recommended to buy directly from Samsung, as they offer home delivery services.

Additional Questions

Where are Samsung Refrigerators Manufactured? 

Samsung refrigerators are primarily manufactured in South Korea, where the company is headquartered. However, Samsung has established production facilities in the USA, Germany, China, India, Hungary, Poland, and South Africa.

Are Samsung Refrigerators Made in the USA? 

While Samsung’s main refrigerator plant is located in South Korea, the company also operates a factory in Newberry County, South Carolina, USA.

Are Samsung Refrigerators Made in China? 

While a small volume of Samsung refrigerators is produced in China to meet local market demands, the majority of manufacturing occurs in South Korea.

In Summary 

Manufacturing Locations of Samsung Refrigerators Samsung refrigerators are primarily manufactured in South Korea, but the company also has production plants in the USA, Germany, Hungary, India, Poland, China, Luxembourg, Sweden, and South Africa.

This global presence highlights Samsung’s dominance in the refrigerator industry.

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