LG Refrigerator Is Beeping How To Fix

With the aim to change the electronic scene in homes, LG stays true to its slogan, i.e., Life’s Good! 

As such, it is no secret that LG is a renowned brand when it comes to electronic appliances and smart home devices.

Especially, an LG fridge is a staple in most homes, despite its slightly higher price range. However, the brand justifies its pricing with unique features like WiFi accessibility and stylish options.

Now considering how common it is to own an LG refrigerator, you must have run across some problem or the other with the appliance. And calling an electrician or repairman is not always convenient.

Hence, we’ve curated this guide on “LG refrigerator is beeping: How to fix?” wherein we’ll be discussing some common issues that most LG users face. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into the deets…

Why Does The LG Fridge Beep And Not Cool?

The beeping sound from your LG refrigerator could indicate an open door or a high internal temperature. 

In the case of the former, you will hear the door alarm beep after it is left open for 15 minutes. Consequently, it will stop beeping once the door is closed. If not, we recommend checking the door seals, the defrost system and other parts of the LG fridge. 

Speaking of the internal temperature, there could be various factors contributing to its increase, so it’s difficult to pinpoint the root cause. However, here are a few ways to fix your LG refrigerator beeping with high temperature.

1. Evaporator Coils

There is a high chance of the evaporator coils of the LG refrigerator being covered with dirt and frost. Alternatively, if the frost coating looks thicker than usual, the fridge likely has a malfunctioning defrost system. Here are some ways you can deal with faulty evaporator coils that may trigger beeping noises.

A. Manually Defrost The Unit

  • Unplug the fridge from the wall socket and leave the doors open for a few hours. 
  • If the frost on the evaporator coils has melted, the beeping noise should subside.

B. Troubleshoot The Defrost System 

There is a possibility that the defrost system has failed due to more than one faulty part in the LG refrigerator. That’s when you must contact a professional electrician or the LG support team to fix the issue once and for all.

2. Temperature Control Thermostat 

If the refrigerator is not receiving the required voltage, a faulty thermostat could be the culprit. So, here’s what you can do if your refrigerator beeps because of the temperature control thermostat.

Step 1

Locate the thermostat inside the refrigerator and twist it from lowest to highest. Check for any clicks.

Step 2

If it doesn’t show any sign of the fridge turning into action, use a multimeter to check for continuity. Consequently, replace the component if it shows no continuity.

3. Thermistor

The thermistor controls the temperature of the fridge and sends signals to the control board. As such, any issue with it can result in the malfunctioning of other components.

Step 1

Unplug the refrigerator and find the thermistor, usually located in the back wall, side wall, or ceiling. Check the user manual of your fridge for better guidance.

Step 2

Use a multimeter to check any relationship between the refrigerator’s temperature and the resistance of the thermistor. Ideally, the resistance should change as and when the temperature changes. So, if you do not notice any fluctuations, it’s time to replace the thermistor. 

4. Compressor 

Step 1

Pull the power plug from the wall socket and check the lower back of the fridge to find the compressor.

Step 2

If you find a start relay, take it off and check for continuity with the help of a multimeter. If there’s a mismatch in the resistance among the three pins, the compressor may be malfunctioning due to an open circuit. 

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do in this situation instead of calling a professional to fix or replace the compressor.

5. Condenser Coils

It is essential to maintain the condenser coils of the LG fridge as they dissipate heat, allowing for better cooling in the unit. As a result, dirty coils are unable to carry heat, making the fridge too hot. So, if the condenser coils are to blame for the beeping sound, try the following steps…

Step 1 

Shift the refrigerator to look at the condenser coils properly. If they are covered with dust, use a vacuum cleaner and a brush to get rid of all the dirt and debris.

Step 2

Ensure that you wipe clean the surrounding area too so that the coils do not collect dust again. 

6. Evaporator Fan Motor 

The evaporator fan cools the air inside the LG refrigerator, so if it does not work optimally, your fridge will not cool. As such, the internal temperature will increase, triggering the beeping alarm. So, here’s what you can do to stop the alarm sound.

Step 1

The evaporator fan in most refrigerators is located at the rear end. But if you’re unable to find it, simply refer to the user manual. 

Step 2

To fix the motor, unplug the LG fridge and unscrew the nuts on the back wall. Now, try moving the fan manually. If the blades feel stuck, you will have to replace the fan.    

However, if the blades move smoothly, yet the fan refuses to function as a whole, you will have to scrutinize the motor with a multimeter. 

7. Condenser Fan Motor 

It is the job of the condenser fan to regulate the temperature of the condenser coils. So, in case the fan motor malfunctions, the coils and the refrigerator become too hot, causing the unit to beep.

Step 1

Switch off the refrigerator and unplug the power cord. Move it and check the back wall of the unit.

Step 2

You’ll find the condenser fan next to the compressor. Once located, check for any obstruction in the blades.

Step 3

Clean the blades, if required, and try turning them manually. If you’re unable to do so with ease, you may have to replace the fan motor.

Step 4

As a final confirmation, employ a multimeter to check for continuity in the motor.

8. Door Seal 

Step 1 

Open the fridge door and place a sheet or a dollar bill on the edge before closing it. 

Step 2

Once the door is closed, pull the piece of paper. A well-functioning door seal has enough suction to hold the sheet tightly. But if you’re able to pull it out easily, the fridge has a loose door seal, and it’s high time for you to replace it.

Also, note that the door seal can become loose due to accumulated dirt and grime. So, try cleaning it with warm soapy water before replacing it. 

9. Start Relay 

The relay must function well for the compressor to run smoothly. So, if the relay goes bust, the compressor will fail to cool the fridge, causing it to beep.

Step 1

Unplug the refrigerator and look for the relay near the compressor. Once located, take it off with a multimeter.

Step 2

If the relay doesn’t show continuity, replace it. If it does, proceed to check the start capacitor and replace it too in case of lack of continuity. Note that some LG refrigerators may have the same device acting as the relay and the capacitor.  

Quick Fix For Beeping Sound In LG Fridge

Step 1

Locate the control board, which is usually on the fridge door. Then press the Alarm/Lock pad on the far-right side of the panel.

Step 2

Pressing the pad once should stop the beeping noise. However, if the beeping persists, you can unplug the refrigerator for some time and turn it on again. This triggers a manual power reset which should help fix most issues with your LG fridge. 

LG Fridge Door Alarm Beeping After Power Outage

1. Reset The Alarm

Close the door and set the correct temperature of the fridge. Select “Alarm Reset” on the control board to make the unit stop beeping.

This process helps in correcting the internal temperature of the fridge, which usually increases after an outage. But note that even though the beeping sound stops, the control panel will continue to flash until the temperature decreases to the optimal level.

2. Hard Reset

If resetting the alarm does not fix the issue, you will have to perform a hard reset. To do so, you simply have to unplug the refrigerator for some time and plug it back in. This should resolve any issues with the circuit board.

LG Fridge Door Closed But Still Beeping

Step 1

Keep the fridge door closed and check if anything is preventing it from closing completely. Keep in mind that overstuffing the fridge and dirty door seals can keep the door from shutting close. 

Step 2

Scrutinize the door seal carefully as a faulty seal can increase the temperature inside the LG refrigerator. In case the seal is broken or loose, replace it immediately.

Step 3

Make sure there is enough space around the unit. Since the refrigerator produces a lot of heat, poor spacing and alignment can cause the temperature to increase.

Step 4

Check the hinge covers if you have recently bought the LG refrigerator. If the covers are not fixed properly, the sensors will assume that the fridge door is open and start beeping.

LG Refrigerator Beeping After Every 30 Seconds

Step 1

Open the fridge and check from the top where the door meets when closed. Once you find the switches for the fridge door, press them and check if the beeping stops. 

Step 2

Consequently, the light of the fridge should turn off if the door switches are working properly. But if the beeping continues, check the evaporator coils and fan motor. 

Step 3

If both the aforementioned components are in good condition, examine the damper. It may be blocked by ice and, as a result, could be obstructing the flow of cold air from the freezer section to the fridge.

Step 4

In case of an ice obstruction, use a hairdryer on the vents, or replace the damper.

Step 5

In case the beeping continues, replace the temperature sensor in the light wiring harness. 

LG Refrigerator Makes Chirping Noise

Step 1

Check the fan motor of the refrigerator, especially the evaporator fan, as it is the most probable reason behind the chirping sound.

Step 2

If the sound is not coming from the fan, it could be a malfunctioning damper, albeit highly unlikely. In any case, you will have to replace the damper. 

Step 3

If you hear the noise coming from the freezer section, remove the back panel inside the freezer and check the fan motor with a multimeter. In case of no continuity, replace the motor immediately.

Reasons Behind LG Refrigerator Beeping

1. Overstuffing

Adding too many objects inside the fridge keeps the door from being properly closed. As a result, the fridge door alarm will start beeping. 

Moreover, overstuffing can further degrade the cooling function of the fridge as there will be a lack of space for the cool air to reach every object. As such, some items may remain cool while others will not.

2. Poor Ventilation 

If the external walls of the refrigerator are hot, it could indicate poor ventilation around the unit. So, you’ll have to move the refrigerator accordingly, ensuring enough space in every direction.

3. Ice Buildup 

If your LG fridge does not have an auto-defrost function, the freezer could end up with way too much ice. Then the refrigerator beeps as the cooling process fails. That’s when you can try defrosting the unit manually by unplugging and leaving the fridge door open for a few hours.

On the other hand, if the situation arises even with a defrost system, your refrigerator could be defective. Here, we recommend getting the defrosting component replaced or consulting the LG customer care team.

4. Weak Door Seal 

A loose or broken door seal will allow hot air to enter the refrigerator, causing the internal temperature to rise. Plus, the door will not be closed properly, making the door alarm beep. 

In other cases, accumulated dirt and grime can also contribute to loosening the seal. So, it’s best to clean your unit regularly with a mixture of warm water and soap.

Additionally, you can use a small screwdriver to tighten a loose door seal.

5. Poor Balance 

The surface beneath the refrigerator should be level as poor balance can stop the door from closing properly or cause gaps between the hinges. These factors, in turn, make the unit beep continuously. 

We recommend checking the user manual to know how to level the fridge properly.

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FAQs About LG Refrigerator 

How to reset the LG fridge?

Resetting your LG refrigerator is a no-brainer as all you have to do is unplug it from the wall socket or trip the circuit breaker. Doing this for a minute or so will kick start the compressor and stabilize the cooling function within 24 hours.

What is the ideal temperature for the LG refrigerator?

The brand recommends setting the fridge temperature at 37 degrees and the freezer at 0 degrees. If you feel like either of the sections is not cool enough, you can lower the temperature by a few degrees gradually. 

And as mentioned earlier, try reorganizing the items inside to allow better flow of cold air.

Do LG fridges have a reset button?

Most refrigerators from LG are not equipped with a reset button. However, you can use the freezer switch inside, and long-press it to reset the unit.

Additionally, you can press the water filter icon until it stops blinking to reset the filter. Similarly, you can reset the refrigerator section, too, by pressing the refrigerator icon.

What is the first thing to do if my fridge stops working?

Start by checking the circuit breaker and turn it on or replace it if it has tripped. If there’s no issue with the breaker, you can proceed to check the wall socket where the fridge has been plugged in. You can also check the power cord for any issues.

However, before performing any of the aforementioned steps, ensure that the refrigerator is turned off.

How long does A new LG fridge take to get cold?

While the cooling time may differ for every model, usually, an LG refrigerator will take 2-3 hours to get cold. However, you can check the user manual or Google the brand and model number for a closer estimate.

Final Words


That said, a beeping refrigerator should be reset or fixed immediately to avoid any major issues with the unit. With the methods given above, we hope you will be able to tackle the situation with ease.

However, if you’re unable to diagnose the cause of the beeping sound, it is best to consult an experienced technician or contact the LG support team. After all, meddling with electric wires is always risky, so it’s better to take all precautions beforehand.

Lastly, we recommend hiring a professional for regular inspection and servicing of your electronic appliances. This will prevent the need for frequent repairs and allow you to make the most of your product!

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