Frigidaire Refrigerator Error Codes – Fault Codes

Every new homeowner is hit with panic when they notice an error code on their refrigerator. 

But, there’s nothing to worry about, as most reputable brands equip their fridges with a built-in diagnostics system. This leads to the fridge displaying error codes so that you have enough time to troubleshoot the problem.

Frigidaire is one of the most trusted refrigerators on the market, and it currently has an extensive product line. That’s why we thought of creating this comprehensive guide to inform you about the alarm or error codes commonly found in the fridges. Knowing the problems will help you fix them quickly without needing external help. 

So, without further ado, let’s check out the error codes!

Common Error Codes Displayed In Frigidaire Refrigerators 

If you happen to own a French-door or side-by-side refrigerator from Frigidaire, then you’re likely to come across error codes at some point in time. There’s no need to be alarmed as most of them go away by either resetting the fridge or following troubleshooting tips provided by the brand. 

That’s why we recommend reading the owner’s manual before starting to use a fridge to know more about the appliance you’re using. Here are some of the standard error codes we have come across: 

1. PF Or Power Failure 

Did the power of your home go out for a while? If yes, then your Frigidaire fridge may start to display the error code of PF. Once the power comes back, press the “Alarm Reset” button on the display control, and the error code should go away. 

In some cases, when the temperature is gone for a long time, the fridge may also display the High Temp error code or give away an alarm. You just need to wait for the power to come back to reset the alarm so that the fridge can restore its usual temperature. 

2. H, HI, Or High Temp 

As you might know, your fridge needs to operate at an optimal temperature to keep the food items safe. That’s why, when the temperature of the fridge or freezer section gets too warm, it may display the error code of High Temp. This is usually caused when you forget to open the fridge door all the way or keep it open for a long time. 

In warmer areas, frequently opening the door may lead to such an error as the fridge may fail to maintain an optimal temperature. The error code is displayed until the temperature cools to the specified range. 

In most Frigidaire fridges, the freezer high-temperature error code comes up when it gets warmer than 26°F or more. Note that the limit is 55°F or more for the refrigerator section. Make sure to keep the door closed, and if the fridge fails to cool down, you may need to check other parts like the evaporator fan or the gasket. 

3. Door Ajar 

This Frigidaire refrigerator error code is self-explanatory as it comes up whenever you keep the fridge door open for too long, which is usually more than five minutes.

Along with displaying the Door Ajar icon, your fridge will likely make an alarm sound to notify you about the situation. To fix the issue, you’ll need to close the door and press the “Set” key to perform a reset

4. Sb Or SB

You may see this error code displayed when your refrigerator is in Sabbath mode. It’s a feature that lets you disable some parts of the fridge based on the Sabbath, a festival day observed in the Jewish community. 

Fixing the error code will depend on the model of the Frigidaire fridge you own. Typically, you’ll need to simultaneously press the “V” and “+” buttons for five seconds to turn off or on the Sabbath mode. You may check the owner’s manual provided with your fridge to get more information about troubleshooting this error code. 

5. DI SP

This is one of the Frigidaire refrigerator error codes that you need to be wary of as it comes up when there are ice cubes jamming the ice chutes. It might be one of the reasons behind the ice and water dispenser being unable to work properly.

When this error code comes up, you’ll need to open the fridge door and remove any ice cubes that might be blocking the ice chute. 

Other Error Codes Displayed In Frigidaire Refrigerators 

Apart from the above-mentioned error codes, there might be others that are a bit more technical. These will require more attention, and parts might need to be changed.

So, if you have never fixed an application or a refrigerator before, it’s advised to seek help from Frigidaire or an experienced local technician. Let’s check out these refrigerator error codes. 

1. OP Or oP

Similar to Door Ajar, the OP error code is displayed when the freezer or fridge door is left open for a prolonged period of time. But, at times, the OP error code is also an identifier of a faulty refrigerator temperature sensor or thermistor.

So, if your fridge happens to display the error code OP even when the freezer door is closed, you’ll need to check the sensor. 

To do this, unplug the fridge and locate the temperature sensor. Now, check the freezer temperature sensor wires to find the one present between the electronic control board and the sensor. In case the wire is damaged, you’ll need to replace it to fix the issue. 

2. SH

The SH error code usually comes up on your refrigerator temperature display due to a damaged temperature sensor or fresh food sensor. To fix the issue, you’ll need to unplug the fridge, locate the sensor, and check the refrigerator temperature sensor wires for continuity using a multimeter. 

If there’s proper current flow, then you may reconnect the old sensor. However, if the meter measures infinite resistance, change the sensor with a new one. 

3. EF Or SY 

The evaporator fan circuit plays an essential role in pulling out warm air from your fridge to blow it on the evaporator coils.

Then, the liquid refrigerant present in the evaporator coils absorbs the warmth to blow back cool air to the fridge compartment. If the evaporator fan fails to work due to circuit failure or any other issue, the Frigidaire refrigerator error code of EF or SY is displayed.

To fix the problem, you’ll need to check the evaporator fan wire connections for any faults. In case there’s a problem with the wiring, you’ll need to change them so the fridge can cool properly.

We also suggest noting if the evaporator fan spins without any interruption and the connection with the control board. 

4. dF

Yet another technical fault code that may come up on your Frigidaire fridge is dF. It usually indicates a problem with the defrost circuit.

Typically, the error occurs when the defrost control board of your fridge fails to operate a proper defrost cycle. Apart from the error code, you might have to deal with a leaking fridge or the presence of ice over components like the coils. 

To fix the issue, you’ll need to check the main control board and the defrost control board. You must also check wiring connections between the defrost control board and the timer, as well as the main control board to the defrost control board.

Use a multimeter to conduct the continuity tests and replace the damaged parts if necessary.

5. SY, CE, Or CF 

These are some of the error codes that are displayed when the electronic control board of your refrigerator has a communication error with the user interface. It might be caused by faulty or loose wires, a damaged display panel, or control boards. 

To solve the issue, turn off the fridge, and locate the wire harness connecting the electronic control board with the refrigerator or freezer display (user interface.)

Then, test the wire harness connection with a multimeter to measure continuity. At times, you may need to replace the control board to solve the issue. Make sure to use original Frigidaire replacement parts and contact the brand for further help. 

Final Words

That’s everything we had to tell you about the different fault codes that are displayed on Frigidaire refrigerators. We hope our error code explanations will help you resolve issues with your refrigerator without much trouble. 

Furthermore, we want you to note that neglecting an error code for too long is never safe. And if you aren’t able to figure out the meaning of an error code, make sure to contact Frigidaire customer care as soon as possible. 

In case your fridge is still under warranty, don’t try to fix anything when a technical error code is displayed. Instead, seek help from the brand, and it will send a certified technician to resolve the issue without you needing to pay anything. 

Until next time, goodbye, and take care!

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