LG Refrigerator Mode Problems (Do This If You’re Stuck) 

Did you know that your LG refrigerator can be set to different modes? If not, then you aren’t alone. 

The refrigerator is an indispensable part of most households around the world. But, most consumers fail to acquire much information about the appliance they have used for years. 

This turns out to be a challenge whenever the fridge begins to malfunction. One such common problem is a fridge being stuck in a certain mode. If you haven’t gone through the owner’s manual thoroughly, it can take hours to reset the fridge to its original settings. 

As LG provides several modes in its refrigerators, we thought of creating this guide to list them as well as provide solutions on how to access the modes. We are sure that learning about the modes will help you to use your fridge more efficiently. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

Accessing The LG Refrigerator Diagnostic Mode

Need to run some tests on the fridge? Don’t worry, as LG includes three test modes in its refrigerators. These let you run tests on different fridge parts to ensure everything is running smoothly. That’s why it’s one of the most commonly used modes by the owners of LG refrigerators. 

In most models, you will be able to access this mode from the freezer control section. Just press the Express Freezing and Colder buttons simultaneously for three seconds, and you should be able to get into the mode. Once the damper and compressor stop working, you can run your tests. 

Note that the compressor only shuts off in the third test mode. You’ll be able to find further details of the test modes in the owner’s manual provided by LG. It will tell you whether your fridge contains a test button. If it does, press it for the recommended time to get into the mode, followed by pressing the Express Freezing and Colder buttons. 

To exit the mode, you’ll need to press the same two buttons for about three seconds. Or, you may press the test button of your fridge if it has one, and the previous settings should be restored. 

In case you have a fridge with the smart diagnosis feature, follow the owner’s manual to use the mode. As a new user, you may need to contact LG support to understand the process of running the LG refrigerator test successfully. 

How To Put Your LG Refrigerator In The Defrost Mode? 

Like most other brands, LG has been able to innovate refrigerators with intelligent defrosting cycles. However, you’ll need to access the defrost mode when your fridge fails to follow the specified defrost cycle. To do this, just press the Express Freezing and Colder buttons at the same time for three seconds.

When in the mode, your fridge will shut off the damper and compressor as well as start the defrost heater. You’ll be able to see the effect of defrosting within a few minutes. Once the process is over, you can press the same buttons as before to exit the defrost mode. 

In some LG refrigerators, there’s a dedicated defrost button that lets you run a manual cycle. In such models, you’ll need to press the defrost button once again to deactivate the mode.

How To Fix A LG Fridge That’s Stuck In Defrost Mode? 

Another common problem many LG fridge owners face is their appliance being stuck in defrost mode. To fix this issue, you’ll first need to locate the defrost thermostat of your fridge.

One of the reasons your fridge might be stuck in the mode is due to the contacts of the thermostat failing to close. This typically happens when you regularly put hot food into the fridge. 

Use a multimeter to check if there’s continuity in the thermostat. If not, then you’ll need to replace the thermostat as the part is most likely damaged. And remember to let your food items cool down to room temperature before transferring them to the fridge. 

If the thermostat seems to work fine, then move on to check the defrost timer. In some cases, the timer may get jammed, leading to the heater being unable to turn off.

Restore the previous setting of the timer by turning it counterclockwise to the last setting when the fan should stop working. This should restart the programmed defrost cycle that the fridge has to follow. 

If it fails to work, you will need to replace the timer to reinstate the normal defrost function of your LG refrigerator. 

How To Use The Energy Saver Mode On Your LG Refrigerator? 

Many models of LG refrigerators come with the eco mode or energy saving mode that helps to save the power used by the appliance. On selecting the mode, your fridge will optimize itself to save energy by regulating the temperature, which is useful for periods when you aren’t at home. Fridges with this feature usually have the Eco Mode switch to turn it on or off. 

We have also found that some models come with a different kind of power-saving mode. In this setting, the display panel remains off until the next time you open the fridge door or if you press any button. You can press the Freezer and Energy Saving/Ice Plus buttons simultaneously for five seconds until the beep turns on the power saving mode. Repeat the step once again to get out of the mode. 

In the latest SmartThinQ refrigerators from LG, saving energy has become easier than ever before. You can use the LG smartphone application to turn on the vacation mode while leaving the house so that the fridge doesn’t end up using too much power.

We also found some models with a dedicated LG refrigerator vacation mode button to make the task easier. 

Do LG Fridges Have Sabbath Mode? 

If you have a French door or bottom mount refrigerator from LG, then it’s most likely to have the Sabbath mode. It has been specifically designed to make the fridge fit the needs of the Orthodox Jews during the Sabbath days. When the mode is turned on, they can interact with the appliance without being bothered by the lights and sounds. 

To turn on the Sabbath mode, you’ll need to press the Freezer and Wi-Fi buttons simultaneously for three seconds until the Sb error code is displayed. Don’t be alarmed, as it denotes that the fridge is in the Sabbath mode. 

Remember that during this time, all the alarm functions of the refrigerator are shut off, so it won’t even display the usual error codes. So, close the door properly to avoid faulty cooling

When your need is over, repeat the process mentioned above to turn off the mode. Or else the fridge will automatically turn it off after 96 hours. 

What Happens To Your Fridge In Ice Plus Mode? 

In some LG refrigerator models, you can find the Ice Plus mode, an innovative feature to increase the efficiency of the freezer section. In this mode, your fridge pushes further to lower the freezer temperature for the next 24 hours to increase ice production by up to 20%. 

Most LG fridges that have the feature come with a dedicated Ice Plus, Ice Plus/Water Filter, or Ice Plus/Energy Saving button.

You have to press it once to activate the Ice Plus mode and press on it once again to deactivate the function. Alternatively, in models with SmartThinQ, you can turn on the mode using the LG smartphone app. 

Note that if you don’t deactivate it manually, your fridge will automatically turn off the mode after 24 hours. If you find the freezer temperature too low, restarting the fridge may solve the issue.

For performing the restart, you’ll need to unplug the fridge, wait for three minutes, and replug it to restore the previous cooling temperature settings. 

How To Tell If Your LG Fridge Is Still In The Demo Mode? 

Have you just got a new LG refrigerator only to find that it isn’t cooling down? If yes, then it might still be in the demo mode, also known as the display mode. In this mode, there’s no cooling throughout the fridge, but the display screen and LEDs remain turned on. Check the display for the “OF F” error code, indicating that the fridge is still in demo mode. 

You may also try to put your fridge in demo mode when it isn’t in use. You’ll need to open the refrigerator door and simultaneously press the Ice Plus and Refrigerator/Fridge buttons for five seconds to initiate the demo mode.

The control panel of the fridge makes a beep, followed by the temperature display shutting off when you successfully turn on the demo mode. 

The process might be a bit different if you have one of the latest LG refrigerator models. Open up the right fridge door, then press the Ice Plus and Refrigerator/Fridge buttons at the same time.

After that, take off your finger from the Ice Plus button while keeping the other one on the Refrigerator/Fridge button and press the Ice Plus button three times. 

Note that the exact buttons may vary depending on the model, so check the LG owner’s manual for the exact steps. 

How To Turn Off Demo Mode On Your LG Refrigerator? 

Deactivating the demo mode might seem challenging if it’s your first time using the fridge. But, don’t worry, as it’s quite simple. Just open one of the fridge doors, and proceed to press the Ice Plus and Refrigerator/Fridge buttons at the same time for five seconds.

This should turn on the temperature display, and the control panel should make a beep sound to notify you about the change. 

Have a more high-end LG fridge that you bought recently? Then, begin by opening the right door and press the Ice Plus and Refrigerator/Fridge buttons at the same time.

Next, take off your finger from the Ice Plus button and press it three times while pressing the Refrigerator/Fridge button with the other finger. This should do the trick, and turn off the demo mode on your fridge. 

How To Perform A Reset On A LG Fridge? 

If you fail to figure out what might be the problem with your LG refrigerator, an easy trick is to perform a reset. You can do this by unplugging the fridge from the power source for 30 seconds and replugging it. This should disable any unwanted modes or alarms that might have been activated. 

In case it’s still there, you can move forward to perform a hard reset. The process is similar, as you’ll need to unplug the fridge at the beginning, but this time wait 30-40 minutes before replugging it to the power supply.

This should restore normal operation with the initial factory settings. Hence, you’ll need to reset the temperature settings for both freezer and fridge compartments. 

Note that after a hard reset, the fridge can take a whole day to reach optimal cooling. Also, refrain from performing hard resets frequently as it may damage the compressor.

If the fridge persistently gets stuck on a mode or gets an error message, contact LG electronics to resolve the issue with the help of experts. 

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Final Words 

That’s everything we had to tell you about solving common mode-related issues that might be present in your LG refrigerator. We hope the information will help you troubleshoot the problems without delay. 

Other than that, make sure to learn about the various LG refrigerator error codes, as they may be shown on the display when your fridge has some problem. You can find more about them in the owner’s manual provided with your fridge. 

At times, it might be challenging to understand why the refrigerator is stuck in a specific mode. In such situations, do get help from LG customer care, and the representatives will help you solve the issue or send a technician to inspect the fridge. 

Until next time, goodbye, and take care!

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