How To Reset A Norcold Refrigerator

A malfunctioned Norcold refrigerator can be disappointing.

After all, it isn’t possible to survive a hot day without a chilled Kool-Aid or some iced coffee. But what can you do if your refrigerator starts showing an error or completely breaks down?

Well, all hope isn’t lost because minor Norcold errors can be rectified at home quite conveniently. Meaning, you need not rush to a professional repair service and burn a hole in your pocket.

However, if you aren’t sure how to reset a Norcold refrigerator, we’ve got you covered with our brief yet informative guide. 

Need more details? Dive in then!

When To Reset A Norcold Refrigerator?

Before telling you how to reset this device, we’ll discuss when exactly it is needed so that you don’t ignore the obvious signs. So, when the refrigerator shows the “Not cooling” (no co) error, it means it hasn’t released refrigerants (a working fluid like CFC, HCFC, HFC, etc.) for a few hours. 

That typically happens when the boiler overheats, which can seriously damage your unit, requiring immediate attention. However, if you’re seeing this error code for the first time, simply reset the refrigerator and move on. 

How To Reset A Norcold Refrigerator?

Resetting a Norcold refrigerator is no rocket science and can be easily done at home without professional help. You just need to know the malfunctioned component and reset or replace it if things get out of hand. 

For that, we’ll acquaint you with some parts of this appliance and how to reset them individually. Here are the steps you need to follow for a whole factory reset:

Step 1: Open the refrigerator door and locate the control panel; it is present between the freezer cabinet and the food section on model 1200. 

Step 2: The control panel has a reset switch, so press and hold it for a few seconds to turn off the fridge.

Step 3: Wait for another five minutes and press the button to restore power to the refrigerator. This will most probably set the appliance straight and get it working again.

Components Of A Norcold Refrigerator

The important components of a Norcold refrigerator are:

  • LCD Control panel
  • Powerboard
  • Thermostat
  • Defrost system
  • Condenser coils
  • Evaporator fan
  • Gas valve
  • Steel frame and door seal

How To Reset A Norcold Refrigerator Power Board?

The Circuit board or the power board of the Norcold refrigerator is its brain and controls everything. If anything goes down with it, the whole unit takes a hit, and here’s how you can reset it:

Step 1: Turn off the refrigerator and remove the electric cord from the socket.

Step 2: Now, pull the unit slightly forward to access its backside conveniently. Be cautious while doing so, as a heated refrigerator can hurt you.

Step 3: Inspect the power board wires thoroughly and disconnect them one by one. Start with the 12vdc positive and negative cords, followed by the AC connection. Lastly, remove the gas solenoid and spark assembly. You won’t have trouble finding these wires as they are usually labeled in the Norcold models.

Step 4: Next, you’ll have to loosen the screws from the corners using a head screwdriver. Carefully pull them out one at a time and remove the power board cover.

Step 5: Connect all the wires back in the reverse order. 

Step 6: Now, look for the short pin 15, which is usually present towards the right-hand side of the violet or white wire. 

Step 7: Take a jump wire (a wire has a short exposed core) and connect it to the short pin from one edge. The other edge should be attached to a power board bolt; hold the setup for a few seconds or until it clicks. 

Step 8: Pull the jumper wire out and unplug the above-mentioned wires again, strictly in the said order.

Step 9: Screw back the power board cover and reconnect the wires. 

Step 10: Lastly, re-plug the device to turn it on again and check if it is still displaying the error code. Most probably, this procedure will rectify the issue, but feel free to do it again if the error is still there.

How To Reset The Control Board Of A Norcold Refrigerator?

Resetting the control panel is pretty easy and not as elaborate as the power board reboot. Here’s how you can go about it:

Step 1: Press and hold the “Temp Set” switch on the control board.

Step 2: Let go of the button once you see the “Er” prompt on the LCD screen.

Step 3: If the screen displays “Cl,” wait for four to five seconds and press the button again until you see “Er”

Step 4: Turn the refrigerator off and on to see if the error got resolved.

How To Reset A Norcold RV Refrigerator Using A Magnet? 

Most models can be set right using a magnet in a few simple steps; here, take a look:

Step 1: Locate the freezer refrigerator compartment without turning off the unit

Step 2: See if there’s a recall kit and look if its LED light is on or at least blinking; else, this method won’t work.

Step 3: Remove the three holding clips using a flat-head screwdriver to remove the kit cover.

Step 4: Take the magnet and touch it at the top of the reed switch till it clicks.

Step 5: Check whether the unit is still beeping; if yes, wait for 10-15 minutes to be sure. 

Norcold Refrigerator FAQs

Where Can You Find The Reset Button On An RV Norcold Fridge?

While the reset button’s location mostly depends on your refrigerator model, usually, you can find it on the control panel present inside the fridge in most cases.

What Should You Do To Maintain Your Norcold Refrigerator In Top Condition?

Maintaining this fridge is simple, and you can keep it in good shape by following the given steps every three to six months:

a. Defrost the unit routinely
b. Keep the freezer and fresh food compartments clean
c. Don’t leave the door open for too long (more than 5 seconds)
d. Keep a note of the cooling fluctuations, especially if they aren’t due to weather or loading changes
e. Don’t overpack the freezer
f. Ensure that the lower intake vent stays unobstructed and the airflow through the condenser coils and the top exhaust vent is undisturbed
g. Keep the area at the back of the unit clear and decluttered

How Leveled Should You Keep Your Norcold RV Refrigerator?

The fridge can operate even if it is 3° tilted from side to side and 6° from front and back. However, if your model has the gas absorption feature, you should keep it normally leveled. 


So that’s about it for our guide on “how to reset a Norcold refrigerator.

We hope that we have answered all your curious queries about this device and given you a clear idea of things. And if the problem persists even after trying all of our RV refrigerator troubleshooting tips, don’t hesitate to call up the authorized Norcold service center. 

That said, we’ll call the curtains for the day. Until next time!

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