Can You Eat Freezer-Burned Ice Cream

On a hot summer day, when you take your forgotten half-eaten ice cream tub out of the freezer, and now you see crystals formed on top of it, unluckily, this means your ice cream is now a victim of freezer burn. We’ve all, at some point in time, experienced a freezer-burned ice cream.

1What Exactly Is Freezer Burn?

Freezer burn can occur whenever any food has been frozen for very long or stored the wrong way. It happens when the ice in the frozen food sublimates, which means solid ice directly turns into gas instead of going from liquid to evaporating.

2Is Freezer Burn On Ice Cream Safe To Eat?

Yes, freezer burn on ice cream is entirely safe to eat as long as you keep the ice cream in good condition. As ice creams are kept frozen every time, the chances for the growth of most bacteria are low, so no worrying about getting sick.

However, it might be better to avoid eating the freezer-burned part, not because of safety but quality reasons as the burned portion lack taste. 

3Does The Quality Of Ice Cream Get Affected?

Yes, the quality of ice cream gets affected. When your ice cream gets freezer burned, the texture changes, and it gets crunchy to eat, which most people would not like. Freezer-burned ice cream is not like the usual creamy texture, and most people throw it because of it. 

When you eat freezer-burned ice cream, you can scrape off the affected portion and enjoy the remaining ice cream.

4Preventing Freezer Burn Ice Cream

Many ice creams are prone to freezer burn, but some flavors have higher chances of becoming crunchy and unpleasant to eat. Here we will be giving you some tricks and tips on how to prevent freezer burn.

  1. Keep it cold

Experts say that it’s best when the ice cream freezer temperature is below zero degrees Fahrenheit.  The main element in the proper storage of ice cream is temperature. You can keep the freezer temperature at the coldest setting or use the freezer thermometer and make adjustments, but keep it between zero and 5 degrees below zero.

  1. Avoid refreezing it multiple times.

When ice creams are warmed and freeze several times, the more the burned ice cream crystals’ chunks increase in size, taking away the creamy layer each time.

  1. Keep it sealed

Before you close the ice cream, use wax paper, parchment, or plastic wrap on top of the ice cream and seal it, this will help slow down the process of freezer burn.

  1. Keeping it in the back

When keeping your ice creams, store them at the back of your freezer to save it colder. In this way, your ice creams won’t be hit by the warm air whenever you open the freezer door.

  1. Upside down

To do this, you need to make sure the ice cream lid is closed well. Now you can keep the ice cream upside down in the freezer; this way, the melted part will have fewer chances of ruining the frozen portion.


Even though it is safe to eat freezer-burned ice cream, it is better to prevent it by storing it correctly and keeping it at the coldest temperature. Now you can enjoy a better quality and a freezer burn-free ice cream!


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