Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator – Technology at it’s best!

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Family Hub 2.0

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On August 21, 2019
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As you can see this Samsung Hub Smart Refrigerator has a lot to offer. The Family Hub has quite a few unique features that can save you a lot of time without using a smartphone. These amazing features don't come cheap. They have a lot to offer but the question remains. Is it worth it? I definitely think so - that's why I got one 🙂


Technology seems to be taking over in just about every industry and making a huge impact on how we live today. One industry that is on the rise with its technological advancements and seems to be getting “smarter” are kitchen appliances.

Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator has just about every feature you could ask for in a smart refrigerator. Bringing the technology into the kitchen has never been this seamless.

With that being said, the more technology the more money you will have to spend. This Smart Fridge costs a whopping $4,318.65! Lets take a look inside and see some of the Family Hub’s unique features and why Samsung thinks it will be worth every penny.

This refrigerator consists of 4-Door French style compartments with a “Family Hub”, which we will take an in depth look at. The Top half (2 doors), is the refrigerator portion.

The middle compartment is called the “flex zone” and allows you to change the settings on what you want the temperature to be. The options include: Meat, beverage, deli, and wine. Last but not least is the bottom compartment of the fridge which is your freezer, which consists of top and bottom shelves.

The Family Hub is Samsung’s touch screen on the refrigerator that allows you to shop for groceries, organize the family’s schedule, entertain, and answer your door right from the fridge. Lets take a dive into the Family Hub and its amazing features that brings your fridge to a whole new level!


The Family Hub is compatible with Instacart which allows you to order groceries right from your fridge and have them delivered to your home. You can order food from stores like Whole Foods, Costco, Wegmans, Stop & Shop, and many more depending on your location. Also, you have access to an abundant amount of recipes that include photos, videos, and reviews.

You can search for particular recipes and they will bring up every ingredient you need to make it. If you don’t have all or some of the ingredients you can select them and instantly add them to your shopping list.

If you download the Hub app in your phone you’ll have instant access to your shopping list you created from the Hub and be able to seamlessly access your list while at the grocery store.

In addition, in the fridge are three cameras that allow you to see what’s inside your fridge anywhere. You can see what you have or don’t have without even opening your fridge via the outside screen or your phone.

All these features has made grocery shopping extremely easy and stress free.


The Hub has a calendar that can by synced with google from your phone or laptop. Also with Memos, you can leave notes for family members by typing, recording, drawing, and leaving images. That means no more wasting paper with sticky notes!

With Whiteboard you can share and leave notes on the fridge right from your mobile device leaving helpful reminders where everyone can see them, remotely. Additionally, another cool feature is you can even call an Uber from the Hub.

This is just another example of how “smart” this fridge really is. It’s not everyday you can say you ordered a taxi from your refrigerator.


The Hub has many entertainment features where you can access some of your favorite apps. It has internet where you can surf the web and access stuff such as the weather and news. SmartView allows you to mirror your Samsung TV so you can binge watch your favorite shows while you cook.

Also, apps like Spotify and Pandora allow you to listen to your favorite music playlists all at a touch of a button. Moreover, the Hub is compatible with the doorbell service, Ring. This enables you to see whos at your door, communicate with them, and let them inside.

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