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On May 4, 2015
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Overall, with its low power consumption, efficient adjustable temperature and a reasonable price, I would have to agree with the general customer opinion - this Igloo Refrigerator is spectacular. It scored 95 points in my rating system. I highly recommend it!


To an engineer and designer (OK, that’s me), gadgets and electronics are more than a passion.

Refrigerators fall within that category so I thought of taking the Igloo refrigerator apart, tear it into small pieces in my garage and see what it’s made of, but unfortunately that would affect the warranty 🙂 … so, I decided instead to put it to lighter tests and run it through my BFR algorithm.

The instructions manual of this little beauty states more than once “the refrigerator is not to be installed on a porch.” … what? 🙂 Anyhow, we will leave it at that and get on with the review of the Igloo Refrigerator Model RFR322.

This Igloo Refrigerator was designed by Igloo Products of Katy, Texas, the number 1 cooler manufacturer worldwide and licensed for manufacturing by Curtis International.

They are a Canadian company manufacturing in China that have been distributing products for more than 25 years now. This Igloo Refrigerator is marketed under the RCA Brand, one of the Curtis’ Private Labels.

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Features of the Igloo Refrigerator

This fridge, being only 33 inches in height, will fit under any standard kitchen counter. It’s only 18 inches wide and it requires only 24 inches of depth clearance. You can already see that it’s a perfect solution for small rooms where a real compressor driven refrigerator is preferred to a beverage/wine cooler.

Refrigerator Type and Capacity3.2 cubic feet storage capability.
The Igloo Platinum Refrigerator - inside
The Igloo Platinum Refrigerator – inside
Drawers and ShelvesStandard 2 adjustable glass shelves.
7 possible height adjustment positions.
The freezer compartment is rather small but quite enough for standard needs.
On the door it offers 3 storage racks for dairy and bottles.
Freshness FeaturesFull compressor.
Adjustable thermostat.
It does a great job at keeping your fruits, vegetables and drinks fresh and the meats frozen.
Temperature ControlsThis Igloo Refrigerator comes with a manually operated thermostat, located inside the unit in the top right area.
Temperature can be adjusted from -4 to 0 deg Celsius in the freezer.
Voltage and CertificationStandard 115/60HZ power.
Energy Star Rated.
This Igloo Refrigerator is certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL).
The Igloo Platinum Refrigerator - Energy guide
Design Finish and Materials UsedHard packed Styrofoam insulation. Stainless steel exterior.
High quality ridged plastic interior.
Full Dimensions and Weight18 inches wide, by 19 inches deep by 32 inches height.
If you place it in a tight space, the manufacturer recommends that a 5 inch distance is left between the refrigerator and the wall to allow for better heat dissipation.

This refrigerator weighs 47 pounds (21.36 Kg) making it light enough for one person to move around quite easily.
The Igloo Platinum Refrigerator

Special Features

The Igloo Refrigerator comes with a couple of pretty cool features making it an appealing unit.

For one, it has levered feet, allowing installation on uneven surfaces, something that is required for a correct operation. It comes in 5 different colors to suit just about any taste and décor. The door is reversible, allowing installation where a right hand or left hand opening may be required. The unit is also CFC free.

The Warranty


The Manufacturer offers 90 days on labor and 1 year on parts warranty from the purchase date. Curtis International must first approve any warranty work by contacting them directly. You can see their warranty page for details here.

The Igloo Platinum Refrigerator - Infographic

Which is Better for me?

Igloo Platinum Refrigerator Review
Igloo Platinum Refrigerator Review

That’s a thing of preference and what features you would like your unit to have. Some people prefer a beverage cooler instead of this refrigerator – but if you need to store some food as well I would recommend this Igloo as the better choice. One beverage cooler that is worth mentioning here is the Haier HBCN05FVS 150-Can Beverage Center, but again that’s mainly built for beverage cooling.

Another option would be a compact refrigerator that doesn’t incorporate a freezer. These are mostly appreciated by students for use in dorms but also by people for office use. However, with a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet like this Igloo has, you get more storage space and better performance overall.

As I see it, the Igloo refrigerator offers more flexibility. It has a standard compressor and also incorporates a freezer. This allows you to keep your fruits and vegetables cold together with your favorite beverages.

This make for a great alternative refrigerator for small places such as a dormitory, office, or just about any small area where you want to keep your things cold or frozen.

Customer Reviews

Most reviews are quite positive, ranging from “it works fine” to “this item is spectacular”. Folks use it in school dormitories, in small studios, in classrooms, in offices and have been drawn in by it’s reasonable price.



Simply put – this is a sturdy, efficient and versatile little refrigerator. People love it and they recommend it across multiple online stores.

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BreezerFreezer.com Rating - Igloo Platinum Refrigerator
BreezerFreezer.com Rating – Igloo Platinum Refrigerator

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