Review Of Danby DAR440W 4.4-Cubic Foot Designer Compact All Refrigerator

The arrival of Danby DAR440W in the market has offered consumers the ability to enjoy the functions and features of normal refrigerators or coolers in a smaller size and fashion. This compact refrigerator is created by a Canadian company called Danby Products Ltd which began its operations in 1947 in Montreal, Quebec.

DAR440W is one of their flagship products that have attracted many positive reviews from customers across North America. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this popular machine tick.

What Are Its Key Features

Refrigerator type and capacity

Approximate dimensions 21.4 x 20.6 x 33 inches (HxWxD) with 4.4 cubic feet capacity. Keep in mind that this is a counter-high refrigerator with just enough shelf space and storage for a typical home bar or office setting.

Drawers and shelves

There are 2 full width and 1 half width wire shelves. In addition, a second generation Canstor beverage storage and dispensing system is provided alongside door storage that can accommodate several tall bottles of soda.

Freshness features

A manually controlled thermostat is provided to enable the user to set where the lowest temperatures are reached. This is in addition to an automatic defrost feature which prevents ice build-up in the inner back wall during compression operations – hence improving the refrigerator’s efficiency.

Temperature Control

A mechanical thermostat is provided. This is controlled using a knob that corresponds to a graduated blue dial.

Voltage and certification

The minimalist refrigerator is designed for the North American market and as you would expect it uses 120 volts power plugs. Besides that, it is Energy Star certified with an annual energy consumption of 329 kWh.

Design, Finish and Material Used

The exterior is made of scratch-resistant stainless steel which completes a sleek and stylish look. This is in addition to a compact interior that is made of high standard shelves, smooth back design, adjustable door bins and molded worktops.

Full dimension and weight

Weight: 72.2 pounds. 124.6 liters capacity (or 4.4 cu. Ft). Dimension 21.4 x 20.6 x 33 inches (HxWxD).

Special features

This Danby compact refrigerator offers unmatched quality and innovation. Whether for bar, office or dorm room, its compactness makes it a perfect bet for those with unique needs. Its exceptional features such as the Canstor beverage dispenser, In-Home service, reversible door hinge, integrated handle and exclusive 2L/Gallon storage are just but a few of the reasons why many go for it.


Parts and labor coverage warranty provides 18 months of cover with In-Home service. However, yearly maintenance and installation are not covered under this warranty.

What Makes DAR440W Different?

Compared to other normal refrigerator types, this compact refrigerator has many advantages. First it can be used in many places where a regular-size fridge would never be practical.

For travelers who wish to keep their stuff cool on the go e.g. in an RV, the min-refrigerator is the way to do. Besides that, this machine allows you the option of having shelves in the fridge and behind the door as well.

Another valuable feature is the beverage dispenser which is guaranteed to take your refrigerator experience to a whole new level.

What Do Its Users Have To Say About It?

“Our unit arrived quickly and i can say i love it because it has a built-in compartment which is useful for storage of large items such as 2 liter bottles.”


“At first it didn’t look too special; but i was wrong. it worked pretty well, keeping my stuff cold without the need to freeze them. moreover, its adjustable shelves came in handy after i made a couple of trips to the supermarket. however, the shelves aren’t quite as deep as i expected, but then again i love the fact that they are adjustable.”

Matthew G.


Boasting a generous capacity of 4.4 cu. Ft, this Energy Star rated Danby Designer compact refrigerator, DAR440W is an efficient way to supplement your other refrigerator. It provides just enough space for your daily needs and uses minimal space. It is easy to install and generously effective but isn’t a culprit at increasing power bills.


  • Interior light (with replaceable bulb)
  • Reversible door hinge
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Efficient energy usage
  • Meets guidelines set by the U.S Department of Energy and U.S Environment Protection Agency


  • Shelves aren’t as deep as one would expect, but this is not a major qualm considering these are adjustable units.

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