What Is The Best Commercial Fridge?

Looking for the best commercial fridges but can’t seem to find what you want? Well, you’re in the right place! Here’s a complete overview of which commercial fridges work best and how to find the right one for your business. 

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Commercial Refrigeration Reveiws

Premium Levella 9 Cu. Ft.  Vertical Refrigerator 

The freestanding Levella 9 Cu. Ft. is a space-saving and economic fridge that’s great for most business establishments. The base diagonally measures 22.6 inches. So, it barely occupies about 16 square inches of space. 

The glass door comes in two layers. So, you needn’t worry about condensation and temperature loss. Also, you get four wired shelves that you can adjust and place at different heights. 

The Premium Levella 9 Cu. Ft.  is ideal for budget-friendly needs or smaller business establishments. 


  • Adjustable leveling ensures stability
  • Double-glass prevents condensation. 
  • Temperature controls inside the door give easy access.  


  • No automatic defrost. 

Koolmore 11 Cu. Ft. Back Bar Cooler Refrigerator

This 11 Cu. Ft. back bar cooler by Koolmore can easily hide under the counter or showcase your fanciest drinks at the back.  With three glass doors smoothly covering six sturdy shelves, you can store beverages of almost any size. 

You can adjust the temperature of the LED in the back depending on your indoor lighting and visibility. 

The unit has automatic defrosting and a self-evaporating water pan, which both add to its convenience. 


  • ETL listed ensuring safety and hygiene. 
  • NSF compliant for use in any commercial setting. 
  • Digital temp display and controls. 


  • No freezer bins/baskets. 

Koolmore 57.5 Cu. Ft. Commercial Refrigerator 

The Koolmore 57.5 Cu. Ft. is a true merchandiser thanks to its large volume and crystal-clear glass triple-doors. It’s especially ideal for restaurants, cafes, and stores with many cold beverages on the menu. 

The anti-fogging glass and internal LEDs ensure clear visibility regardless of temperature. Koolmore builds these large units, especially for heavy storage and durability. 

With 12 shelves and adjustable racks, you can use this unit in any commercial setting. 


  • Double-paned glass 
  • Large storage space.
  • Self-closing door for convenience and wheels for mobility. 


  • No CEE or Energy efficiency rating. 
  • It comes under the Prop 65 warning under California.

Premium Levella 9.5 Cu. Ft. Curved Glass Chest Freezer

This one’s among the best commercial fridges for durable storage. The Premium Levella 9.5 Cu. Ft. offers enough space to store seasonal and long-term storage items. 

If your business deals with frozen foods like ice cream, dairy (cheese, butter, etc.), frozen fruits, veggies, meat, etc., the Premium Levella 9.5 can be your go-to freezer. 

The easy-slide doors are curved and made of see-through glass. So, it’s easy to see and inspect the contents without opening the lid. 


  • Ideal for long-term storage and frozen items. 
  • Wheels for easy mobility. 


  • Noisy motor. 

Saba Three Glass-door Commercial Merchandiser Refrigerator

Some businesses need a lot of excellent storage owing to the volume and magnitude of their sales. For those cases, the Saba Three Glass-door Commercial Merchandiser is an excellent choice. 

With 63 Cu. Ft. of space, this one can work in a big restaurant, supermarket, mart, or diner. It stands about 6 feet in height with a depth of about 30 inches, so the contents are easily reachable. 

It’s easily among the best commercial refrigerators today with auto-defrost, internal lights, and 12 adjustable shelves. 


  • Exceptional storage space. 
  • Auto-closing doors and wheels for mobility. 
  • External digital temp control. 


  • Heavy unit (715lbs)
  • Expensive

SABA 32 Cu. Ft. Commercial Refrigerator Display Case

The SABA 32 Cu. Ft. Display case is especially suited for outlets that sell ready-to-eat food items. An egg cream or pastrami-on-rye looks more appetizing when placed inside the SABA 32 Cu. Ft.’s display. 

You get the standard adjustable shelves (9 pieces), interior LED, and digital temperature control outside for easy access. 

The front glass is curved and comes in double panes for durability and temperature retention. 


  • Easy-to-slide backdoors. 
  • Adjustable defrost frequency. 
  • Heavy-duty casters for easy maintenance


  • No energy or CEE rating. 

SABA 11.8 Cu. Ft. Commercial Back Bar Cooler

The SABA 11.8 Cu. Ft. Cooler is one of the most practical back bar fridges available today. The volume is big enough, but it only stands about 2.9 feet from the floor. Also, the 24-inch depth and 49-inch width make a perfect fit under most bar counters. 

You can set defrosting cycles or run it on auto. The locking doors (self-closing) and internal LED make it a cool sight even for the bartender. 

The structure and shelves also hold various beer kegs, cans, and bottles. 


  • ETL approved for both safety and sanitation
  • 5-year warranty on compressor, one year each on parts and labor. 
  • Heavy-duty casters for mobility


  • No CEE or Energy savings rating. 

Premium Levella 18 Cu. Ft. Vertical Refrigerator

While upright fridges save space on the ground, they can often compromise on capacity. This model by Premium Levella fixes that by offering 18 Cu. Ft. of storage while still minimizing floor occupancy. 

The ventilation keeps airflow fresh and consistent. You get four wired shelves that can be adjusted and placed in different positions. 

The adjustable leveling on the fridge’s feet gives it a stable and secure position regardless of floor type. As far as space-saving goes, it’s undoubtedly among the best commercial refrigerators today. 


  • Space-saving unit
  • Double-layered glass doors. 
  • Energy-star certified


  • Not the best choice for supermarkets/big establishments. 

Koolmore Refrigerated Condiment Prep Station 

This prep station will streamline your operations if your business involves storing and preparing fresh and frozen foods. 

The Koolmore Prep Station comes in a 4.9’ x 1.1’ x 1.4’ structure that is see-through on all sides. It holds eight pans that each measure 10’’ x 6.4’’. So, whether it’s a pizza prep table, salad bar, or a sub/sandwich station, this unit can handle it all. 

The glass is double-paned on all sides, and the structure comes built with smooth, stainless steel. So, you get a fridge that’s both sanitary and durable. 


  • Removable and easy to clean pans
  • Four-sided visibility for customer and server alike. 
  • Direct cooling system.


  • Not built for mobility

Summit SCR215LBI Compact Commercial Refrigerator

The Summit SCR215LBI is easily one of the best commercial refrigerators in the compact category. Establishments that need small but sturdy fridges for storing medical supplies, vaccines, unique beverages, or food will gain a lot from this model. 

It has 1.7 Cu. Ft. of storage with a factory-built locking system for maximum security. Sealed metal at the back and stainless steel body ensure both sanitation and style. 

It also meets top industry standards for industry compliance and energy efficiency. 


  • Meets NSF-7 and UL-471 criteria for commercial use. 
  • Meets ETL standards for safety
  • Digital thermostat and auto-defrost for maximum convenience. 


  • Smaller storage space compared to other compact models. 

A guide to commercial refrigerators that can save you money

As a bonus resource, we’ve put together some vital information on buying, upkeep, and operation of commercial refrigerators. Each point here has been narrowed down after consultation with industry experts, manufacturers, homeowners, and our meticulous testing. 

For clarity and easier reading, we’ve arranged it in a Q&A format. 

How to choose the best commercial refrigerator?

A. Pick your commercial refrigerator based on the nature and type of operations you run. Most commercial fridges today come with dedicated designs for specific businesses. Identify your situation and find the model that serves your needs. 

For instance, a glass door fridge for shops/cafes can be vertical or triple-door design. If you want a glass door fridge for bar/serving, you’re better off with a counter-depth model (Eg. No. 2 and 7 on this list). 

What to look for in a commercial fridge

A. The best commercial fridges come with adequate storage, glass doors for visibility, adjustable shelves, easy temperature control, and safety standards. Additional features like self-closing doors, casters, extended warranty, etc., are all excellent attributes too. However, do not compromise on reliable cooling for the sake of fancy features. Your commercial fridge has a primary purpose: keeping food, beverages, medication, etc., at the right temperature. Make sure it fulfills this most crucial role before splurging on additional features. 

How long does a commercial refrigerator last?

A. Commercial refrigerators can last up to a decade or more, depending on maintenance. So, cleaning, sanitizing, appropriate power source, etc., all affect its durability. The good news is that cleaning and maintenance are cheap and easy. 

How do you clean and sanitize a refrigerator?

First, remove all food and content from the fridge. 

For interiors, use a combination of warm water and baking soda to wipe. You can use an old toothbrush to clean the nooks and crevices. For removable shelves and gaskets, you can use regular dishwashing soap. Avoid using strong chemicals because the residue can contaminate your food. 

For the exterior, any cleaning fluid should do. Wipe it with a sponge, piece of cloth, or cleaning material. Stainless steel surfaces and glossy finishes are easier to clean, so keep an eye out for surface material when purchasing. 

Finally, make sure you wipe dry both the inside and outside with a clean cloth before putting food back in. 

Here’s an example video on how to do basic cleaning. The fridge here is a domestic model, but the process is all the same. 

Q. How often should you clean a commercial freezer?

A. As regularly as possible. 

The standard recommendation is usually every 2-3 months. However, if your business uses the freezer a lot, you can consider shorter intervals. 

Check the manual for any special cleaning instructions, dos, and don’ts, etc. 

Q. How much electricity does a commercial refrigerator use?

A. Commercial fridges may use anything between 100 – 250 watts daily. Your manufacturer’s document/manual should mention the unit’s power requirements and voltage. 

For example, the most oversized capacity item on this list (SABA 63 Cu. Ft.) consumes about 115w. Try to get a model that has an ETL and CEE rating for safety and energy efficiency. 

Q. Can I use an ordinary/domestic fridge for commercial use?

A. Technically, you can. But it will come at the cost of higher expenses, more hassles, and probably more repairs/replacements. Domestic fridges aren’t built for the heavy-duty cooling that commercial places need. 

Choosing the suitable commercial fridge seems like a more considerable investment, but it will cut costs, streamline your operations, and have better customer impressions in the long run.

Q. What are the advantages/benefits of commercial fridges?

A. Commercial fridges are built for heavier loads, constant cooling, and impressive display/presentation. So, you can expect strong frames, high-quality construction, and smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces. 

Compared to their domestic counterparts, commercial fridges have a much more customer-friendly design. Also, with the proper maintenance, they can last you for over a decade. Plus, commercial fridges have much stronger shelves and racks compared to ordinary models. 

Q. What precautions should I know before using a commercial fridge?

A. Good ventilation must be a top priority when using commercial fridges. They can emit vapors and refrigerants that can pollute the air. So, you need both the inbuilt vent in the fridge and a well-ventilated commercial space for the best results. Also, use the appropriate power supply. Check for any flame hazards that may come with your unit. 

For best results, follow the fridge manual’s instructions and cautions. And store the appropriate content in your fridge. Don’t put your beverages in a deep freezer or your frozen meat in a cooler. 

Q. How to check a commercial refrigerator’s safety rating?

A. many requirements go into a refrigerator’s safety. And it’s almost impossible to detect every aspect as a buyer. So, it’s best left to the professionals and experts. 

The best way to decide is to look for a trusted certification like ETL. The ETL rating ensures that the product in question meets all the industry standards and requirements. 

Q. How to check a commercial refrigerator’s energy efficiency?

A. You can find out a commercial refrigerator’s energy efficiency if it has specific ratings from recognized institutions. The most widely accepted certifications are either CEE (Consortium for Energy Efficiency) or Energy Star. 

Both these ratings come in multiple tiers that show how efficiently the appliance uses energy. You can find it as a tag, sticker, or spec, on any electrical appliance in today’s market. 

Q. How to properly install and maintain a commercial fridge

Choose the right fridge. Choose the right commercial fridge for your business needs, considering factors such as size, power consumption, and durability.

Properly install the fridge. Properly install the commercial fridge in a stable and protected location, making sure it’s level and securely mounted. Connect the fridge to a stable and protected power supply, such as a standard electrical outlet. Properly install ventilation for the fridge, to ensure proper air circulation and to prevent overheating.

Insulate the fridge. Insulate the commercial fridge to keep it cool and running efficiently. Use insulation blankets or sheets to cover the fridge and help it maintain the desired temperature.

Regularly check and maintain the fridge. Regularly check and maintain the commercial fridge, including cleaning the coils and condenser, and making sure the door seal is tight to prevent cold air from escaping. Monitor the temperature inside the fridge and make sure it’s running at the right temperature.

By considering these factors, you can properly install and maintain a commercial fridge, ensuring it runs efficiently and effectively for your business needs. Proper installation and maintenance of a commercial fridge will also ensure the safety of your employees and customers, as well as prolonging the life of the fridge.

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