Is the Danby DCR044A2BDD refrigerator worth the money? Here is why I think it is…


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On March 27, 2015
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This is a bestselling compact fridge. It's very affordable and of great overall quality. I recommend it for home use and a medium size family that cooks at home. It scored 96 points in my rating system and it is a very appreciated appliance. It already has thousands of happy customers. Check if a discount is available...

fridgeDanby is an American based company that sells high end appliances throughout North America. The company was founded in 1947 and has since grown and became a giant.

Danby appliances are innovative and priced reasonably.

The Danby DCR044A2BDD refrigerator is a #1 – bestselling compact refrigerator.

Here is what you’ll find in this review:

  1. More information on the company and this fridge
  2. A list of features of this refrigerator
  3. Other customers’ opinion
  4. My conclusion and rating
  5. A list of pros
  6. A list of cons

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Danby Designer DCR044A2BDD Compact Refrigerator
Danby Designer DCR044A2BDD

Features of the DCR044A2BDD refrigerator

Capacity and Refrigerator TypeThis unit of Danby’s compact refrigerators comes with a capacity of 4.40 cubic feet, or 126 liters for those who prefer the metric system.
This size makes it significantly smaller than your standard refrigerator of course; However, it is on the large end of compact units.
Because of its size it's ideal for work environments like a workshop, construction site, or a lunch-room.
Drawers and ShelvesThe shelves are made of glass and are adjustable to fit your needs.
This unit comes with 3 shelves, 2 full-width and 1 half-width.
Temperature controlThe temperature is controlled by a mechanical thermostat.
The unit also includes a simple semi-automatic defrosting system.
The defrost system can be activated by using the thermostat.
Voltage and CertificationThis compact refrigerator is Energy Star compliant.
120 volts.
Danby DCR044A2BDD Refrigerator energy guide
Danby DCR044A2BDD Refrigerator energy guide
Design and MaterialsStainless steel
It uses R600a refrigerant (it's environmentally friendly).
Available in black, white or stainless steel.
WeightThe unit weighs 57.8 pounds.
The shipping weight is 73.2 pounds.
Special FeaturesThe unit has a full width freezer.
It has an 8 can door storage as well as tall bottle shelf.
There is a Canstor beverage dispenser included for you to put your favorite drinks in.
In the freezer you have an ice cube tray.
Warranty18 months warranty which cover parts, labor, and in-home service.
The service does not cover installation or maintenance.


Danby DCR044A2BDD Refrigerator inside look
Danby DCR044A2BDD Refrigerator interior

Danby DCR044A2BDD refrigerator stands out for its cool features. It has a full width freezer. It has an efficient mechanical thermostat that’s easy to use. A fun feature that this unit has is the Canstor beverage dispenser. Usually this is a common feature for a full sized fridge not a compact one.

The user manual is well written and easy to understand. The food stays fresh and the temperature remains constant. The size of the shelves allows you to store a wide variety. The door opens in both directions because (double hinged).

The warranty also deserves a mention as Danby takes care of its customers with quality service and quality products. The warranty covers parts and labor for 18 months. If the unit breaks under warranty, Danby sends a handyman to your home to repair it free of charge.

Danby DCR044A2BDD refrigerator - Infographic
Danby DCR044A2BDD refrigerator – Infographic


Danby DCR044A2BDD Refrigerator

User reviews state that this is a great little fridge. Among other things people appreciate that the shelves are very durable.

The only thing that comes back as a negative review has to do with shipping and unpacking. There have been reports of banged units and customers having a difficult time unpacking the refrigerator.

Conclusion and my BFR score:

BreezerFreezer.com Rating – Danby DCR044A2BDD Refrigerator
BreezerFreezer.com Rating – Danby DCR044A2BDD Refrigerator


  • Danby DCR044A2BDD is an excellent compact refrigeration unit that’s a great fit for personal use.
  • Sufficient storage space.
  • 2 adjustable shelves.
  • the Canstor beverage dispenser works great and is a fun addition to the unit.
  • the door is double hinged
  • I found a good price here on Amazon.com.
  • user friendly user’s manual – it will walk you through the installation process as well as how to use the many features of the refrigerator.


  • The lighting is not as bright and clear.

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