Best Fridge for the Basement

Traditionally, basements are not the first choice to install a fridge. But if you have a work from home area downstairs, a fridge can be very convenient. Also, a backup or second fridge is an excellent option for several members living in the same house. 

The best fridge for a basement consists of so many mini and compact fridges available on the market, it can be difficult to choose one. However, you want more options we also handpicked the best refrigerators for an apartment, a garage, a home bar, and a shed.

In this post, you’ll also learn a lot about these topics:

  • How to choose a fridge?
  • What are the advantages and benefits?
  • What are the prerequisites and precautions to keep in mind?

Best Fridge for the Basement Are:

Top Pick – Vremi 3.6cu.ft Beverage Refrigerator 

This is a cooler and fridge in one and is our top pick of the best fridge for the apartment. At 3.6cu.ft, this mini fridge can hold up to 130 cans, which is our favorite feature. The cooling control in this Vremi fridge is also effortless to use. 

Moreover, it comes with excellent features, including an efficient cooling system, auto-defrosting, and a digital control panel. Furthermore, the compressor in this fridge is very quiet, making it an ideal choice for a small space, aka, the basement. 

Also, this mini fridge has sturdy steel construction and reversible doors for added convenience. You will also find the removable shelves convenient while customizing or cleaning them. 

How to choose?

Before you bring home a fridge for your den or man cave, here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

  • Space and size 

How much space you have in your basement will determine the right size of the fridge you can install. Most basements are not as spacious as the rest of the home. 

So, the best fridge for most basements is between 3 to 8cu.ft. However, you can go up to 10cu.ft if you want to push it. 

Another size consideration when it comes to a fridge is the ease of transportation. A staircase of some sort is typically the primary way to access a basement. So installing a giant fridge in the basement may not be easily doable. 

  • Determine the purpose

Another point of consideration before bringing home a fridge is to determine the purpose of the space and appliance. If you plan to rent out the basement with a fully equipped kitchen, you might want to get a large fridge. 

However, if the basement functions as a recreation room or something similar, a fridge with a smaller capacity will suffice. 

  • Your budget

When it comes to kitchen appliances, price and features almost go hand in hand. However, brands keep improving fridges with top features while keeping the cost reasonable. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to keep your budget in focus while shopping for a fridge for the basement. 

What are the advantages and benefits?

One of the best advantages of having a fridge in the basement is convenience. Most homeowners have it for a mini-gym, recreation room, or even as a working area.

Therefore, it makes no sense to keep running up to the kitchen to grab a drink every time you need one.

Along the same lines, a second fridge means you have more storage space. This can be a great benefit if you have a large family and need a lot of food. 

Prerequisites and precautions to keep in mind

Before you install a fridge in the basement, you might want to consider the following first.

  • Read the manual

Typically, refrigerators do not need systematic instruction before you use them. However, different models and brands have specific instructions, especially where power and temperatures are concerned. 

So, the owner’s manual of the fridge can be an invaluable source of information. 

  • Consider the temperature 

If the basement has no insulation, a fridge meant for outdoor use would be a better choice. Extreme temperature fluctuations can mess with the compressor, and the last thing you want is a broken fridge in the peak of summer or winter.

Should you get a second refrigerator garage or basement?

A second refrigerator in the garage or basement can be a convenient addition to a household, especially if you frequently entertain guests, or have a big family. It can provide extra storage space for food and drinks, and it can save you from having to constantly go back and forth to the main refrigerator.

A second refrigerator in the garage or basement can also be a good option if you want to keep certain items separate, such as beer or wine, or if you want to store items that emit strong odors, such as fish or onions.

However, it’s important to consider the energy efficiency of the second refrigerator, as it can add to your monthly energy bills.

Additionally, it’s important to have a proper insulation and ventilation in the garage or basement to ensure that the refrigerator will be able to maintain a consistent temperature, and to keep the energy usage low.

Alternate options of the best fridge for the basement

Frigidaire FFTR1814TB 30″ Top Freezer Refrigerator

If you have a bit of space in the basement, the FFTR1814TB with 18cu.ft might be a great fit. It has a sleek design with two doors and a freestanding design. 

Among its top features that stood out to us include humidity control, freezer shelf, and gallon door shelf. The reversible doors are also a great feature worth pointing out. 


  • Large capacity 
  • Great temperature control 
  • Reversible door 


  • The compressor is not very quiet 

Galanz GLR31TBEER 3.1 Cu.ft Dual Door Retro Refrigerator

This mini-fridge is a combination of practicality and good looks. It is 3.1cu.ft at total capacity, comes with dual doors and a freestanding design. 

However, its features make this compact fridge a standout. It has an adjustable thermostat, a top freezer compartment, and removable glass shelves. Furthermore, the interior lights are energy efficient. 


  • Compact freestanding design 
  • It comes with double doors 
  • Adjustable thermostat 


  • Some components have durability issues 

Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator

This standalone fridge can perform more than your average drinks cooler. At 3.1cu.ft and a double door design, you get more storage space with this one. 

A standout feature of this Midea fridge is the adjustable temperature ranges. In addition, the reversible doors add convenience while the 1-year warranty backs it up nicely. 


  • Generous storage space 
  • Interior LED 
  • Great temperature range 


  • The freezer section is a bit substandard 

RecPro RV Refrigerator Stainless Steel

This RecPro fridge looks incredibly large, but it will fit snugly into a basement as it has a freestanding design. With a capacity of 10.7cu.ft, this fridge has enough space to store a lot of food and drinks. 

In addition, the frost-free feature makes this one effortless to maintain. Also, despite its size, this RecPro fridge is lightweight, making it easy to transport. 


  • Excellent storage space
  • Frost-free maintenance 


  • It may not be suitable for a smaller basement

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