The Best and Coolest Colorful Refrigerators Available

The appearance of your fridge is as much a part of your décor as the furniture and drapes. However, a functional fridge along with the right color can be hard to find. To make it easier for you, here’s a complete guide on some of the best, colorful refrigerators out there today. 

As bonus resources, we’ll also add insights on issues like

  • How to choose the best colorful refrigerators
  • Should all your appliances match?
  • What color goes best with white cabinets? Etc.
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Our Top Pick 

Galanz GLR10TRDEFR True Retro Refrigerator

The Galanz GLR10TRDEFR takes the cake as the top pick, thanks to its brilliant red color, extra storage space, and versatility. 

The GLR10TRDEFR offers a whopping 10 Cu. Ft. of storage, with the top freezer holding 2.42 Cu. Ft. You get the standard glass shelves for organizing your food and a control knob that accurately sets the precise temperature you need. 

It comes with a trusted Energy Star rating which ensures power efficiency. Also, the leveling legs and auto-defrost features add a touch of convenience to the appliance. 


  • The retro red finish is old-school cool yet still chic and modern
  • Spacious and ideal for any home/office setting. 
  • The door has dedicated receptacles for cans/beverages.


  • Standing over 5 feet and weighing over 125 lbs, the unit is unwieldy and hard to move. 

Things to know before buying the Best, Colorful Refrigerators

When you’re looking through the best, colorful refrigerators, it’s not just the theme and appearance that matter. You want a fridge that works reliably and competently. 

With these combined priorities, many of our readers have questions and doubts on how to go about it. So, we’ve put together this editorial resource in Q&A format for quick reading and easy understanding. 

What color appliance goes best with white cabinets?

The great thing about white furnishing is that it goes well with any color. However, we recommend contrasting it with bright, warm, and vivid colors to add more life to the mix. 

Should all your appliances match? 

No. All your appliances need not be the same color. Instead, mix up some bold colors with warmer hues to bring out the best tones in each appliance. 

How to choose the best colorful refrigerators? 

The best, colorful refrigerator for you will depend on your situation and requirements. Usually, brighter colors make your fridge easy to spot, and they make a pleasant sight in most settings. Ensure that the model you pick has appropriate temp controls, handy compartments, defrosting, and adequate storage. 

What is the best size for colorful refrigerators? 

The ideal refrigerator size can depend on where you plan to use it, regardless of color. A standard kitchen can manage with 10 Cu. Ft., or you can use a smaller 3 Cu. Ft. as an office mini-fridge.

Where should I keep a colorful refrigerator? 

Place your refrigerator in a position where it is easily accessible. And consider the space the door will occupy when it opens/closes. As far as color goes, you can place a colorful fridge against a dull or straightforward background. But if you want a bolder look, you can position it against a strong, contrasting background. 

Are refrigerator colors that important? 

Refrigerators and mini-fridges are appliances that can be placed almost anywhere. Whether it’s the kitchen, bedroom, hall, office, or dorm, it’s nice if the fridge can complement the décor of the existing space. So, yes, picking the right color matters if you don’t want it to look tacky and out of place. 

What are some features that differentiate the best, colorful refrigerators from the rest? 

The best, colorful refrigerators usually come in trendy and retro styles. So, you can expect bright colors and bold hues. These refrigerators usually don’t have a lot of tech and digital features, which is a downside. But they’ll spruce up your home/office and will beat most other models on durability. 

2021’s top colored refrigerators

CoolLife 3.2 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge with Freezer

If the Galanz 10 Cu. Ft. is too large and imposing for your tastes, the CoolLife 3.2 Cu. Ft. is an excellent alternative. It comes with a similar hot-rod red color.

With double doors, an R600 for fast cooling, and a seven-gear temperature set, this one is as efficient as it is appealing. 

CoolLife also offers a 30-day free replacement guarantee if there are any quality issues. All in all, it’s like an ideal, smaller version of our top pick – the Galanz GLR10TRDEFR.


  • Low-noise appliance (40db)
  • Seven-gear temperature settings. 
  • Thick door hinges for durability


  • Fewer compartments to separate food. 

Tavata 3.2 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator

If you’re not a fan of strong and bold colors, the Tavata Compact Refrigerator comes in a soft green hue that’s easy on the eyes. 

It has a good balance of 0.96 Cu. Ft. for freezer space and the remaining 2.34 Cu. Ft. for refrigeration. The actual storage capacity comes to about 3.3 Cu. Ft., so you’re getting a tad bit more than other compact units. 

The unit comes ETL approved for safety and has a HIPS energy saving rating.


  • Adjustable legs 
  • 30-day return policy
  • Ice tray with ice shovel. 


  •  Comparatively loud for a compact fridge. 

Smeg FAB28UPKR1 50s Style Refrigerator

If you like pastel shades, but green isn’t your thing, the Smeg FAB28UPKR1 comes in a soft pink that blends well with any décor. 

This top-freezer design brings the retro groove of the 1950s and packs quite a storage with 9.2 Cu. Ft. of space. 

With dedicated compartments like egg-bins, a dairy box, and bottle storage, organizing is made super-easy on this fridge. 


  • Subtle pink hue goes well with any background. 
  • Multiple organization and storage options. 


  • Single-door for both freezer and fridge. 
  • No energy star rating. 

Wanai 3.2 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator

The Wanai 3.2 Compact fridge works well in any setting – home, dorm, apartment, office, etc. The glossy yellow gives it a fresh and clean look regardless of where it’s placed. 

The impressive R600a compressor ensures consistent cooling. With removable shelves, you can even fit in a 2L bottle of coke. The legs are adjustable and come with wheels, so it’s easy to move around. The freezer also sports a sliding basket for added convenience. 

The Wanai 3.2’s smooth yellow is a pleasant compromise between bright reds and dull pastel colors. 


  • Energy-saving unit (0.43 kWh)
  • Low-noise appliance (40db)
  • One-year warranty service from Wanai


  • Relatively expensive for a compact fridge. 

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