Whirlpool Refrigerator Making Loud Humming Noise (9 Fixes!)

If your Whirlpool refrigerator is producing a loud humming noise, it may be due to several reasons.

These include a disconnected water supply to the icemaker, vibrations from the floor, blocked air vents, dirty condenser coils, or issues with the compressor, condenser fan, evaporator fan, water inlet valve, or ice maker.

A loud humming noise in your refrigerator is generally not a positive sign, unlike a low humming sound. It indicates a potential failure or malfunction that you may be able to resolve without the help of a professional, except in cases where component replacement is required.

To address the issue of a loudly humming refrigerator, let’s delve into troubleshooting methods that can help you silence the noise.

Quick Troubleshooting Guide

ReasonWhat to CheckQuick Fix
1. Disconnected Icemaker’s Water SupplyIce maker not connected to water supply– Turn off the ice maker
– Switch on the water supply to the ice maker
2. Floor VibrationsUnlevelled refrigerator– Level up the refrigerator by adjusting the feet
– Place an anti-vibration mat underneath the refrigerator
3. Obstructed Air VentsFood overload– Rearrange and space out food items to unblock the air vents
4. Dirty Condenser CoilsDebris and dust on the coils– Clean the condenser coils if they are dirty
5. Failing CompressorDirty or worn-out compressor– Clean the compressor if it’s dirty
– Replace the compressor with the help of an expert if it’s defective
6. Failing Condenser FanDirty, damaged, or loose fan– Clean the condenser fan if it’s dirty
– Replace the condenser fan if it’s damaged or loose
7. Failing Evaporator FanIce-obstructed, damaged fan blade, or worn-out fan motor– Defrost the evaporator fan
– Replace the entire fan motor assembly if the fan blade or motor is damaged
8. Failing Water Inlet ValveValve obstruction (mineral deposits)– Replace the water inlet valve if it’s obstructed by mineral deposits
9. Failing IcemakerDamaged icemaker– Replace the icemaker if it’s damaged

Are you wondering why your Whirlpool refrigerator is emitting a loud humming noise? 

Typically, a Whirlpool refrigerator produces a low humming sound when the compressor runs or the icemaker fills with water. However, when the humming becomes excessively loud, it indicates a problem that needs attention. Let’s explore the potential causes of your Whirlpool refrigerator’s loud humming noise.

Disconnected Icemaker Water Supply

If the water supply to your icemaker is disconnected, it will produce a loud humming sound. Check if the icemaker is turned on and connected to the water supply. If it is disconnected, turn off the icemaker, connect the water supply, and turn it back on.

Floor Vibrations

If your newly acquired Whirlpool refrigerator is vibrating and humming loudly, it may be due to an uneven floor or loose feet. Adjust the refrigerator’s legs to level it and eliminate the vibrations. If the issue persists, place a thick anti-vibration mat underneath the refrigerator to absorb excess vibrations.

Obstructed Air Vents

An overloaded refrigerator with food items blocking the air vents can impede proper air circulation, causing the refrigerator to struggle and produce a loud humming noise. Rearrange the food items and ensure they are not obstructing the air vents, allowing for uniform air circulation.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Over time, condenser coils can accumulate debris and dust, forcing the refrigerator to work harder to cool itself, resulting in a loud humming noise. Clean the condenser coils regularly to prevent such buildup. If the coils are damaged, seek assistance from a professional technician.

Failing Compressor

A normally functioning compressor produces a low humming sound. However, if the compressor starts to fail, the humming noise may become louder. Check the compressor for excessive dirt or wear. Clean the compressor if it’s dirty, but if it exhibits signs of failure such as loud knocking, it may need replacement.

Failing Condenser Fan

The condenser fan circulates inbound air to cool the compressor and condenser coils. If the fan is obstructed by dirt, damaged, or loose, it can cause a loud humming noise. Clean the condenser fan if it’s dirty. If it’s damaged or loose, consider replacing it or seek professional help.

Failing Evaporator Fan

If the loud humming noise is coming from the freezer, the evaporator fan might be the culprit. Check if the fan blades are obstructed by ice or if the fan motor is damaged or worn out. Allow the fan to defrost naturally if ice is obstructing it. Replace the entire fan motor assembly if the blades are damaged or the motor is worn out.

Obstructed Inlet Valve

When the water inlet valve is clogged with mineral deposits, it can cause the icemaker to struggle to fill up with water, resulting in a loud humming noise. Inspect the water inlet valve for mineral deposits and replace it if necessary.

Non-Working Icemaker

If the icemaker is not functioning properly, it may produce a loud humming noise. Consider replacing the icemaker after having it inspected by a professional technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my new refrigerator making a loud humming noise? 

If your new refrigerator is producing a loud humming noise, it may be due to the icemaker struggling to fill up (if disconnected) or floor vibrations. Ensure that the icemaker is connected and stabilize the refrigerator’s legs. You can also use an anti-vibration mat to minimize vibrations.

Are Whirlpool refrigerators loud? 

Whirlpool refrigerators, like other brands, are not completely silent. They typically emit low noise when running under normal conditions and louder noises when there is an issue. It’s important to distinguish between normal operating noises and sounds that indicate a problem.

Why is my Whirlpool fridge making a loud humming noise? 

If your Whirlpool fridge is generating a loud humming noise, it may be due to a disconnected water supply to the icemaker. It could also be caused by floor vibrations resulting from an unstable fridge or issues such as dirty coils, a faulty condenser fan, icemaker, or water inlet valve.

Why is my new fridge making a loud noise? 

There are various reasons why your new fridge may be producing a loud noise. It could be attributed to a disconnected or faulty icemaker, floor vibrations, dirty condenser coils, or a malfunctioning compressor, fan motor, or water inlet valve.

What should I do if my fridge is humming? 

If your fridge is humming, first determine the source of the noise. If it’s coming from the back, check the evaporator and fan motor for ice obstruction, looseness, or damage.

Clean the components if they are dirty, but replace them if they are loose or damaged. Additionally, ensure that the fridge is stable, the icemaker’s water supply is connected, and the condenser coils are clean.

In conclusion

A Whirlpool refrigerator may emit a loud humming noise due to various reasons. Start by ensuring the icemaker has a proper water supply and the refrigerator is stable.

Additionally, check for obstructions in the air vents and clean the condenser coils regularly. Finally, inspect the compressor, condenser fan, evaporator fan, water inlet valve, and icemaker for any failures. If the issue persists, it is advisable to seek professional assistance.

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