How Long to Force Defrost Samsung Refrigerator (Answered!)

If you find your Samsung refrigerator encased in ice or need to defrost the ice maker, you may be wondering how long the force defrost process takes.

The duration of a Samsung refrigerator force defrost varies between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on the specific model.

However, you can potentially expedite the process by creating a warmer environment around the fridge and attempting to remove some of the ice manually.

In this article, we will delve into the step-by-step process of force defrosting, provide tips to accelerate the defrosting procedure, and outline important dos and don’ts to ensure a successful defrost.

It’s important to note that the force defrost method may vary slightly depending on the refrigerator model. Rest assured, we will cover as many models as possible.

Additionally, we will explore the reasons why frost forms in the first place, enabling you to take appropriate measures to prevent such issues from occurring.

Without further delay, let’s proceed by understanding the factors contributing to frost formation.

How to Force Defrost a Samsung Refrigerator

If you find your Samsung refrigerator covered in frost or need to defrost the ice maker, it’s important to understand the process and how long it takes. The force defrosting procedure typically lasts between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on the specific model of your fridge. However, there are methods to expedite the process, such as creating a warmer environment and manually removing some of the ice buildup.

Dos and Don’ts for Force Defrosting


  1. Turn off the refrigerator: Before defrosting, switch off the unit to prevent further frost formation.
  2. Empty the refrigerator: Remove all food items from the fridge and freezer to make room for defrosting.
  3. Remove removable shelves: Take out the shelves to clean them during the defrosting process.
  4. Clean the fridge interior: Clean the entire interior of the fridge and arrange the items back after cleaning.
  5. Keep the door shut: Minimize warm air influx by keeping the refrigerator door closed throughout the defrosting cycle.
  6. Place a towel in the ice bucket position: To absorb any water that may drip during defrosting, place a towel where the ice bucket usually sits.


  1. Don’t turn on the ice maker: Avoid activating the ice maker during the defrosting cycle. Wait until the process completes and the unit cools down.
  2. Don’t use metallic scrapers: Instead of using metallic tools, use a plastic scraper to remove frost and avoid damaging the fridge walls.

How to Force Defrost a Samsung Refrigerator

Activate the Force Defrost Mode

Some Samsung models offer an automatic defrost option called “Force Defrost” (FD) instead of a manual defrost. This function can be accessed through specific button combinations, which vary depending on the model. Refer to your refrigerator’s manual for the correct combination.

Below is a table overview of what it takes to force-defrost different Samsung models:

Samsung ModelForce Defrost CommandsSecondsAdditional Action
RF263Fridge + Energy Saver8
RF267Lighting + Freezer12Press Lighting after that at least four times
RF28Power Freezer/Freeze + Energy Saver4Press Power Cool/Fridge after that at least four times
RF24FSEDBSRPower Save + Fridge8
RF2380905R/AAControl Lock + Freezer8
SRF68OCDLSEnergy Saver + Fridge8
RF263BEAESREnergy Saver + Fridge8Press Control Fridge after that at least four times
RF23M8070SRControl + Freezer10-12
DR23J9011SRFreezer + Cool Select8Repeat 4 times
Other ModelsFlexZone + Fridge10Press FlexZone & Fridge at least four times
Energy Saver + Power Cool /Fridge12

Remove the ice bin

While the defrosting cycle is underway, remove the ice bin to expedite the process. Be quick in removing and closing the refrigerator door to prevent warm air from entering.

Repeat the Force Defrost process

If you are unable to remove the ice bin initially, repeat the Force Defrost steps until you can successfully remove it. This may take multiple attempts and can affect the total defrosting time.

Wait for the completion signal

After 20 to 40 minutes, the refrigerator will emit a beeping sound, indicating that the defrosting cycle is complete.

Reassemble the ice bin 

Once the cycle ends, return the ice bin to its position and remove the towel used to absorb any water.

Adjust the temperature

Allow the refrigerator to cool down before adjusting the temperature settings. Typically, the refrigerator temperature should be set to around 3°C (38°F), while the freezer temperature should be set to approximately -19°C (-2°F). Note that these values may vary slightly depending on the model. Wait for 24 hours before using the ice maker to ensure stability.

What to Do If Your Samsung Refrigerator Doesn’t Force Defrost

If your Samsung refrigerator fails to force defrost, it could indicate a problem with the defrost timer, defrost heater, defrost thermostat, or defrost control board. Consult a professional technician to diagnose and replace any faulty components.

How to Speed Up the Defrosting Process of Your Samsung Refrigerator

If you’re looking to minimize the time spent on the defrosting cycle, which typically lasts between 20 and 40 minutes, there are several techniques you can use to hasten the process for your Samsung refrigerator:

  1. Steam up the fridge walls: Place bowls of hot water on the refrigerator shelves to create steam, effectively accelerating the ice melting process.
  2. Use a hairdryer: If you have access to a hairdryer, direct the warm airflow onto the frosted areas of your Samsung refrigerator to facilitate faster defrosting.
  3. Turn on a home fan: If you have a portable fan, position it near the fridge to create a warm environment and expedite the ice melting process.
  4. Use a plastic scraper: To remove the ice buildup, gently scrape the frost using a plastic scraper. Avoid using metallic objects that may damage the fridge walls.
  5. Alcohol defrosting: For thin layers of ice, consider melting them with alcohol. Soak a rag in boiling water, add some alcohol to it, and then rub the ice with the wet rag.

How to Stop the Force Defrost of a Samsung Refrigerator:

To restore your Samsung refrigerator to its normal working state after defrosting, follow these steps:

Press the Energy Saver and Freezer/Power Freezer buttons simultaneously. This action will reset the screen, allowing you to resume using the refrigerator.


The automatic force defrosting of a Samsung refrigerator typically takes between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on the model and the techniques employed to expedite the process. Keep in mind that the defrosting procedures may vary slightly across Samsung fridge models.

Therefore, it’s important to refer to the specific instructions for your model before initiating the defrosting process. The guidelines provided above should assist you in achieving a successful defrost.

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