Are LG Refrigerators Good Quality Brand As Advertised?

The recently released JD Power US Appliance Satisfaction study has compared major refrigerator brands such as LG, Samsung, GE, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid.

According to the study, LG ranks second in overall customer satisfaction in the refrigerator category, just behind Samsung. This begs the question: are LG refrigerators considered good?

LG refrigerators are indeed highly regarded for several reasons. They are known for their reliability, energy efficiency, quiet operation, stylish designs, and sleek appearance. Additionally, LG refrigerators incorporate advanced cooling technology, offer ample storage capacity, and often feature smart technology, among other impressive attributes (source:

However, it is important to note that LG refrigerators do have a few drawbacks. One notable disadvantage is their relatively high price point. Additionally, there have been occasional reports of component failures. While LG refrigerators are generally considered to be of high quality, it is crucial to acknowledge that they are not exempt from issues or setbacks, which will be further discussed in this review.

In the subsequent sections, we will delve into the various lines and types of LG refrigerators available on the market. However, for those seeking a quick overview, the table below summarizes the pros and cons of LG refrigerators.

Pros and Cons of LG Refrigerators

a) Reliable – backed with a 5-year component warrantya) Reported compressor failure
b) Energy-efficient backed by energy star ratingb) Icemaker failure in some cases
c) Quiet, thus family and office-friendlyc) Not all are Energy Star rated
d) Sleek and stylishd) Cooling issues on some units
e) Advanced coolinge) Fridge leakage
f) Spacious choicesf) More sophisticated models are expensive
g) Impressive smart technologies
h) User-friendly and fun to operate
i) Varying designs with modern touches

Advantages and Disadvantages of LG Refrigerators


  • Reliability – Supported by a comprehensive 5-year warranty on components. 
  • Energy Efficiency – Endorsed by an energy star rating for efficient operation. 
  • Quiet Operation – Operates silently, making it suitable for both households and offices. 
  • Sleek and Stylish – Boasts an attractive and modern design. 
  • Advanced Cooling – Incorporates advanced cooling technology for optimal performance. 
  • Ample Storage Options – Offers a variety of spacious choices to accommodate varying needs. 
  • Impressive Smart Features – Equipped with cutting-edge smart technologies for enhanced functionality. 
  • User-Friendly – Designed to be easy and enjoyable to operate. 
  • Diverse Designs – Available in a range of styles with contemporary touches.


  • Reported Compressor Failures – Some instances of compressor failure have been reported. 
  • Icemaker Issues – Occasional incidents of icemaker malfunctions. 
  • Lack of Energy Star Rating – Not all LG refrigerator models carry an Energy Star rating. 
  • Cooling Problems – Certain units may experience cooling difficulties. 
  • Fridge Leakage – Instances of leakage from the refrigerator. 
  • Higher Cost for Advanced Models – More sophisticated LG refrigerator models can be expensive.

LG Refrigerators: A Detailed Review

In this comprehensive review, we will examine LG refrigerators to determine their quality and performance.


According to the JD Power Release, reliability is a key factor in determining customer satisfaction. Based on this study, LG refrigerators rank second in reliability, just behind Samsung. LG offers a 5-year component warranty, which speaks to the quality and durability of their units. While there have been some reports of component failures, such as compressor, condenser, and fan issues, LG refrigerators are generally considered reliable.

Verdict: LG refrigerators are among the most reliable options available.

Energy Efficiency 

LG has a significant number of energy star-rated refrigerators, with 69 out of their 91 models carrying this distinction. These energy-efficient models consume an average of 738 kWh annually, promising energy savings for consumers. Choosing an LG refrigerator with an energy star rating ensures efficient operation and reduced energy consumption.

Verdict: While not all LG refrigerators are energy-efficient, a majority of their models carry the energy star rating.


LG refrigerators prioritize low noise operation. The company employs Lo-Decibel Operation technology, resulting in fridges that run quietly. The noise levels range from an average of 44-48 decibels, depending on the specific model. This makes LG refrigerators suitable for households and offices, allowing for uninterrupted conversations or peaceful sleep.

Verdict: LG refrigerators are known for their low noise operation, making them suitable for various settings.

Style and Design 

LG invests in high-tech features and modern designs, giving their refrigerators a sleek and stylish appearance. Metallic panels and stainless steel finishes are common design elements in LG fridges. Additionally, features like InstaView allow users to see inside the fridge by simply knocking on the door, while the door-in-door design provides quick access to frequently used items without compromising temperature stability.

Verdict: LG refrigerators are renowned for their stylish and modern designs, incorporating innovative features.

Cooling Technology 

LG excels in cooling technology, ensuring optimal food preservation. Notable cooling technologies employed by LG include:

  • Linear Cooling: Provides food freshness similar to when it was harvested or purchased.
  • Door Cooling: Delivers cool fresh air to the entire fridge when the door is shut, quickly reaching the desired cooling temperature.
  • Smart Cooling: Utilizes sensors and venting systems to adapt to temperature and humidity changes, maintaining optimal food preservation.
  • Fresh Shield Cooling: Uses ducts to release cool air and rapidly cool the stored items.


LG refrigerators offer impressive cooling technologies, ensuring reliable and effective food preservation.

Refrigerator Capacity 

LG refrigerators come in various capacities, with an average range of 20-24 cubic feet. This provides ample storage space for different needs. Additionally, counter-depth options are available, saving space while maintaining sufficient storage capacity. LG also offers ultra-large fridges with 25-30 cubic feet of storage, ideal for larger households or offices.

Verdict: LG refrigerators offer generous storage capacity, catering to diverse storage needs.

Smart Technology 

LG embraces smart technology in its high-end refrigerators. One notable technology is ThinQ, which allows users to control their fridges using a smartphone. ThinQ also enables voice commands via Google Assistant or Alexa, offers preventative notifications, and adjusts settings for optimal performance. Other impressive features include Smart Diagnosis for early problem identification, InstaView for energy-saving access, and Door-in-Door for convenient item retrieval.

Verdict: LG’s integration of smart technologies enhances user-friendliness and adds a fun element to their refrigerators.

Fridge Line and Type

LG offers different lines and types of refrigerators to suit various needs:

  1. LG Line: This line is designed for everyday home use, offering simple and affordable units.
  2. LG Signature: The fridges in this line go a step further, boasting better features, superior technology, and excellent craftsmanship.
  3. LG Studio: Considered the epitome of LG fridges, the LG Studio line represents premium appliances crafted with advanced technology to complement your home and lifestyle.

As for the fridge types, LG provides the following options:

  • French Door LG Fridge: This type features double doors with a bottom freezer and an independent door.
  • Side-by-Side LG Fridge: The freezer and refrigerator are vertically aligned next to each other.
  • Top Freezer LG Fridge: The freezer is located at the top, while the refrigerator is below.
  • Bottom Freezer LG Fridge: These fridges have a pull-out freezer, also known as a drawer freezer, at the bottom.

Price: LG refrigerators come in a wide price range to cater to different budgets. Here are the average prices for various fridge types:

Fridge TypeAverage Price
InstaView LG Fridge$3,779 – $7,999
Door-in-Door LG Fridge$1,299 – $4,399
French Door LG Fridge$1,221 – $2,849
Side-By-Side LG Fridge$1,221 – $1,899
Bottom Freezer LG Fridge$1,169 – $1,799
Top Freezer LG Fridge$899 – $1,499

LG Refrigerator Problems

While no refrigerator is completely problem-free, LG fridges may encounter certain issues, particularly in French door models. Some common problems reported by customers include:

  • Compressor Failure: Faulty seals can lead to compressor failure, resulting in noise and inadequate cooling.
  • Ice Maker Failure: Issues arise when the water filter becomes faulty, control boards fail, or power switches develop problems.
  • Cooling Problems: Dirty condensers, defective motors, or failed compressors can cause the fridge to stop cooling effectively.
  • Leakage: Frozen or blocked drain lines, as well as faulty tank assemblies, may result in leaks within or outside the fridge.


Who Makes LG Refrigerators? 

LG Electronics, a South Korean company that belongs to the LG Group, is the manufacturer of LG refrigerators. They have production plants worldwide.

How Long Do LG Refrigerators Last? 

While LG refrigerators come with a 5-year replacement warranty, with proper maintenance, they can last anywhere from 13 to 20 years.

Where Are LG Refrigerators Made? 

LG refrigerators are primarily manufactured in South Korea, although some are produced in China and the United States.


Are LG Refrigerators Good? Considering factors such as reliability, energy efficiency, cooling technology, smart features, and noise levels, it is evident that LG refrigerators offer excellent performance and reliability.

Although problems may arise, LG fridges are less likely to break down compared to many other brands. Moreover, if repairs are necessary, they are generally easier to handle.

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