The fridge freezer sounds like running water; what’s the cause?

Since we use the fridge daily and always pack it with food and groceries, it starts to worry us when something unusual happens. To assure you, the refrigerator making a sound is completely normal, and most of it is not an issue.

In most cases, noises from the fridge like gurgling sounds, trickling or running water, hissing, etc., are usually how the fridge functions, and it works perfectly fine even when these sounds occur.

When the freezer sounds like running water, it could be most likely due to the automatic ice-maker. The water supply that connects the inlet valve when it reaches the appropriate temperature sends water to the inlet valve that allows water to flow into the ice-maker tray, and water starts to freeze. This cycle continues, which is not a problem. 

It can also be due to condensation. It happens as you open and close the fridge; moist air comes in contact with cold air, causing contraction that causes air to be drawn in the drain tube, producing a gurgling sound.

Every fridge, be it from the same company or a different brand, is bound to make noises that differ from one another. To know if your fridge is functioning healthy, read the points below.

When it comes to the sound of the fridge, what’s normal and what’s not normal?

The sounds a fridge makes that are normal:

  • The sound of fan speed. It changes due to the response in temperature when you frequently open the fridge.
  • A gurgling or boiling sound when the fridge is running.
  • Squeaking or chirping sound when you open and close the refrigerator, which happens due to the strong rubbers sealed on the door edges. With continuous use, the sound goes away.
  • A ticking noise when the defrost turns on or off
  • A humming sound when water is filling the ice-maker
  • Automatic defroster that sounds like running water
  • A loud noise when ice cubes fall in the storage bucket 

The sounds a fridge makes which are not normal:

  • Rattling sounds might be a sign that some of its functions are damaged
  • The dripping sound might be indicating a leak somewhere inside the fridge
  • A sound coming from the back of the fridge that sounds like fan blades hitting on something
  • Compressors usually make a low buzzing sound, but when the sound becomes louder, there could be technical issues

Lastly, if there’s a puddle or leakage of water outside the fridge, it will stop the refrigerator from cooling or make any sounds.  


Mechanical and electronic appliances can cause problems from time to time, and the issue varies. Manufacturers provide a warranty that can help you get quick fixes, which covers up to a year. Purchasing an extended warranty can also protect your refrigerator for a more extended period. If there seems to be an underlying problem that you cannot fix or knows its cause, you should call a maintenance specialist for help. 

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