Does putting your phone in a freezer save the battery?

The battery is a vital part of the phone, and it has evolved over the years. Today, two types of batteries are used in a cell phone: Li-ion and Li-po. These two batteries are most popular among phone manufacturers. 

We all want our batteries to last long as it is the lifeline of a phone. You may also come across various DIYs (Do It Yourself) applied to activate or prolong the battery life. One of the popular methods is freezing the phone battery in a refrigerator!

Does it work? Unfortunately, you will get a mixed reaction. You can read this interesting article about batteries and the myth about refrigerating them.

Myth or fact, we recommend not putting your phone in a freezer to save battery. Under any circumstance, it would be best to avoid it. All the phones have different aspects that might react differently. Therefore, it would be best to meet some experts to fix the problem than solving it yourself.

Can I put the Phone battery in the freezer to revive the battery?

There is no full-proved result about reviving a battery by keeping it in the freezer. Yes, it might work to some extent; however, it has no scientific backing as yet. Sometimes it can cause more harm than we can bargain. 

If you are curious, then you can give it a try. But make sure that the battery is removable. You only need to freeze the battery, leave the phone aside. Also, make sure that it is wrapped in a suitable plastic bag or zip-locked bag to prevent getting wet.

Furthermore, if your phone battery is not removable, then it would be best to go to a service center and changed the battery. You can also claim the warranty of your phone battery if it is valid.

Also, avoid putting your phone in the freezer if it gets to hot.

Freezing cell phone battery to prolong battery life

Freezing a cell phone battery may not be the best option. It might help to some extent, but it may not work for all. There different types of batteries. And some types like NiMH batteries boost the battery life to 90% when it is kept in the freezer.

Have you ever wondered how freezing helps to prolong the life of a battery? According to some research, when you put the battery at a low temperature, it decreases the self-discharge rate. You can click on this brilliant article to understand more about how batteries work.

Today, most cell phone batteries are not removable, which limits you from freezing the battery. Earlier, most of the phone batteries were removable. You could freeze the battery alone. But now, it has become quite difficult to freeze it. 

Therefore, it is advisable to visit a service center if the battery is not removable. Also, you can check this video out to know more about why a battery dies fast.

Freezing your cell phone battery should be the last resort. It might affect your phone at a later stage or may cause more damage. 

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