Why Is My Ice Cream in The Freezer Melting

If your ice cream was in a solid state when keeping it in the freezer, but when you checked it afterward, your ice cream was melting, then this is probably because your freezer isn’t at the right temperature. It might also be indicating that something is wrong with your fridge.

Of all the things you put in the fridge, ice cream is one of the most accessible foods to get frozen as it is not dense, unlike others. However, sometimes the flavors and brands of the ice cream also matter when you are freezing it.

How long does ice cream last outside the freezer? 

You probably know that we shouldn’t leave it out of the freezer for longer than two hours; any longer than that, then it would be better to throw it away. But before you reach that stage, let’s first find out the problem behind your melting ice cream!

There are many ways where you can find the problem behind this, they are:

Temperature settings of your freezer

Check the temperature of your freezer and adjust it according to your preference. Usually, the temperature range is kept between 0 and -5 degrees Fahrenheit. After the temperature settings are changed, the freezer might take 24 hours to adjust to its new setting, and then you can check the consistency of your ice cream.

Opening the fridge door constantly.

If you constantly open the door of your fridge, then the cold air will escape, and the temperature in the refrigerator will start fluctuating. The temperature of your fridge can also drop when you forget to completely close the door of your fridge and check that no items in the refrigerator are blocking the door from closing. 

Check the seal placed around the fridge door as well; make sure it sticks firmly. If not, you can change the seal.

Check the freezer vents.

Sometimes, when the freezer vents are blocked, usually due to a lack of space for airflow, the freezer cooling power decreases. Locate where the vents are placed in the freezer and organize the food items for proper airflow. 

Stock your freezer

When there are not many items in the fridge, the probability of your freezer getting cooled might not be as high as freezers that are stocked well with things. Why? Because many times, the items in the freezer help in keeping the freezer cool.

One sure way of keeping your freezer cool is by keeping filled containers or bottles with water to boost the cooling performance.

Placement of the fridge

When your fridge is not placed in the proper place, like rooms with higher warm temperatures, this affects the fridge’s cooling performance. 

Ensure also to check the back of the fridge to see that the wires connected to the plug are all in good condition and there are no cobwebs or dust. Also, check if there is space in between the freezer and the wall for proper air circulation.


Even after making all the points mentioned above, it still doesn’t get fixed. Then it’s time to call a repairer to look into it or buy a new fridge. You won’t have problems getting a new fridge as now there are many different options and brands to choose from, giving you no problems with melted ice creams!

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