Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement Troubleshooting!

When it comes to replacing the water filter in your Whirlpool refrigerator, Whirlpool suggests doing so either when the filter status light illuminates or after six months, whichever comes first.

However, it’s important to be aware of potential issues that may occur during the replacement process, as outlined in this troubleshooting guide for Whirlpool refrigerator water filter replacement.

After replacing the water filter in your Whirlpool refrigerator, you may encounter common problems such as a filter getting stuck, difficulty in unlocking it, or the filter popping out repeatedly. Additionally, the water dispenser may fail to work, or it might dispense water inconsistently or with an unpleasant taste. Another issue could be the failure of the filter light to reset.

It’s essential to be mindful of these potential problems that can arise when changing your Whirlpool refrigerator water filter. By familiarizing yourself with these issues and their solutions, you can avoid the need to wait for Whirlpool technician support or rely on their assistance through phone calls or emails.

This troubleshooting guide aims to assist you in addressing these concerns. It will walk you through eight common issues, providing insights into possible causes and do-it-yourself remedies.

Let’s get started!

Quick Troubleshooting Guide

ProblemLikely CauseRecommended Fix
1. Stuck FilterWrong filter installationGently remove the filter and reinstall it correctly
2. Filter Won’t UnlockBroken filter cap or wrong filter installationReplace the filter if the cap is damaged and reinstall a previously incorrectly fitted filter
3. Filter Won’t Stop Popping OutHigh water pressure, wrong installation, or damaged filterLower the water pressure to 40-100 PSI, reinstall a wrongly installed filter, or replace a damaged one
4. Water Dispenser Won’t DispenseWrong or faulty water filter, locked controls, faulty door or dispenser switch, blocked water supply, or defective inlet valveInstall the correct filter, unlock the controls, replace a damaged switch, unblock the water supply line, and replace a defective inlet valve
5. Water Filter LeaksWrong filter installationRemove the water filter and reinstall it correctly
6. Water Filter Dispenses InconsistentlyFailing to flush out the water filterHold down the water dispenser to flush out air from the filter
7. Dispensed Water Tastes BadFailing to flush out the water filterFlush out the water filter by holding down the dispenser lever briefly
8. Filter Light Won’t ResetWrong filter reset technique or installationReset the filter correctly and ensure you install the correct filter type

Common Issues with Replacing Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filters 

Here are eight common problems that can occur after replacing your Whirlpool refrigerator water filter, along with their respective solutions:

Issue 1 – Stuck Water Filter 

Sometimes removing the water filter can be challenging, especially during replacement. This is often due to incorrect installation.

Solution: To forcefully but carefully remove a stuck filter, follow these steps based on the type of water filter:

  1. Push Button Water Filter Removal:
  • Locate the push button at the base grill and press it until the filter detaches.
  • If the filter doesn’t disengage, long press the push button for a few seconds.
  • Try pushing on the water filter while pressing the button.
  1. Quarter Turn Water Filter Removal:
  • Turn the filter to the left by a quarter turn.
  • Pull out the filter, and if needed, use pliers to turn it.
  • Remove the cap if present.

Note: Different techniques apply if the filter is inside the fridge.

Issue 2 – Unable to Unlock Water Filter 

If the water filter won’t unlock, it is likely due to incorrect installation or a broken filter cap.

Solution: Check the filter cap for any signs of damage. If it’s broken, replace the entire filter. If the cap is intact, the problem is likely incorrect installation. Remove and reinstall the filter correctly or replace it if damaged.

How to Replace a Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter

Follow these general steps for replacing the water filter:

  • Step 1: Locate the old filter inside the fridge on the right-hand side or at the base grille. 
  • Step 2: Lift or open the filter compartment door and remove the old filter using the appropriate method. 
  • Step 3: Take the new filter, uncover the O-rings, and install it with the arrow pointing upwards. 
  • Step 4: Close the compartment door to complete the installation. 
  • Step 5: Flush the new filter by running a few gallons of water through it.

Issue 3 – Water Filter Keeps Popping Out 

If the water filter repeatedly pops out after installation, it may indicate an incorrect installation, a damaged filter, or high water pressure.

Solution: Start by checking the water supply pressure using a gauge. If it exceeds 120 psi, adjust the main valve to lower it. If the filter appears damaged, replace it. For incorrect installation, remove and reinstall the filter properly.

Issue 4 – Water Dispenser Doesn’t Work After Filter Replacement 

If the water dispenser doesn’t work immediately after replacing the water filter, the filter itself may be the problem. Other potential causes include locked controls, faulty door or dispenser switch, blocked water supply, or a defective water inlet valve.

Solution: Ensure you use a genuine Whirlpool water filter of the correct type and install it correctly. For other issues, unlock the controls, unblock the water supply line, or replace a defective switch or water inlet valve.

Issue 5 – Water Filter Leaks 

Leaking water can result from an improperly fitted water filter where the O-rings aren’t securely in place.

Solution: Remove the water filter and reinstall it correctly to prevent leakage.

Issue 6 – Inconsistent Water Dispensing 

If the water from the dispenser flows irregularly or not at all, trapped air in the system could be the cause. Failure to flush the new filter immediately after installation may result in this issue.

Solution: Hold down the dispenser for at least 2 minutes to flush out the filter. If the problem persists, use a container to hold down the dispenser for a few seconds to release trapped air. Flush out approximately 3 gallons of water before use.

Issue 7 – Unpleasant Taste in Dispensed Water 

If the water from your dispenser has a bad or bitter taste after replacing the filter, it may be due to a failure to flush out the filter. Flushing the filter helps eliminate carbon particles that can contaminate the water before it enters your fridge.

Solution: Flush out the water filter using the previously mentioned steps.

Issue 8 – Water Filter Light Doesn’t Reset 

Sometimes even after changing the filter, the water filter light fails to reset. This issue can occur due to various reasons, including:

  • Installing the wrong filter or incorrect installation
  • Faulty wiring
  • Incorrect reset method

Solution: Ensure that you install the filter correctly and use the appropriate type. Obtain the correct filter from Whirlpool or its authorized distributor, EveryDrop. After installation, follow these steps to reset the filter light, depending on your refrigerator model:

  • Option 1: Press the ‘Water Filter’ button on your refrigerator for approximately 3 seconds. Wait for the indicator light to reset.
  • Option 2: Press ‘Max Cool + Max Ice’ simultaneously on your refrigerator for about 3 seconds. Wait for the unit to flash and beep, indicating a successful reset.
  • Option 3: Press ‘Filter Reset’ on your refrigerator and wait for the filter light to turn off, signifying a system reset.


How can I determine the type of Whirlpool water filter I have? 

You can identify the Whirlpool water filter type by checking its printed number or conducting an online search based on your refrigerator model number.

How do I reset my Whirlpool refrigerator after changing the water filter? 

To reset the water filter status light on your Whirlpool refrigerator, press the ‘Water Filter,’ ‘Max Cool + Max Ice,’ or ‘Filter Reset’ button for approximately 3 seconds, depending on your specific refrigerator model. The filter light should reset after releasing the buttons.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, replacing your Whirlpool refrigerator water filter doesn’t guarantee that everything will go smoothly. As evident from the aforementioned problems, complications can arise. The key is to be able to troubleshoot your Whirlpool refrigerator, and the provided guide will assist you in doing so.

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