Best Wine Fridge In Australia

Every wine connoisseur knows that wine tastes differently depending on how it’s stored. This is for several reasons that we will go over below. Since properly storing wine is more important than simply putting it wherever it is most convenient to use, everyone who likes wine keeps them in an open refrigerator.

We have the best wine fridges in Australia below, and we also answer questions like:

  • What’s the perfect temperature to store wine?
  • Can you use a wine fridge for beer, or do you need a bar fridge?
  • How much do wine fridges cost to run?

And much more. But without further ado. Let’s get into it.

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Australian Wine Fridges Reviews

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  1. Cuisinart 8-Bottle Wine Cooler
  2. Devanti 18 Bottle Wine Cooler
  3. Russell Hobbs 7 Freestanding or Integrated Wine
  4. Swan Under Counter Fridge
  5. Devanti Wine Cooler 28 Bottles

Cuisinart 8-Bottle Wine Cooler

The design of this cooler makes sure you keep the wine’s flavor, bouquet, and body in style! Integrated technology and convenience come together in the Cuisinart private reserve wine cellar. Designed for maximum efficiency, this compact wine showcase keeps 8 bottles of red, white, and Champagne at a comfortable temperature.

You can change the desired temperature at the touch of a button, ranging from 39°F to 68°F. One thing you’ll notice or not notice is how quiet it is. That’s because of the thermoelectric cooling system that conserves energy without sacrificing performance.


  • Very quiet
  • Excellent temperature control (LED Display)
  • Touchscreen controls easily adjust temperature and interior light


  • Relatively pricey

Devanti 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

Perfect if you want to keep you have a large wine collection, and you want to store your wine bottles in the dining room, without them getting hot because of the Aussie summer. This wine fridge by Devanti has a capacity of 18 bottles, with a clear glass door, for easy viewing. 

It has a touch panel control for easy adjustments, and it’s very energy efficient. However, it does mean it takes some time to get to the required temperature, especially when you first buy it. But this usually isn’t too much of an issue for people. To top it off, It has a handy child-lock on its control panel for total peace of mind, comes with a 1-year warranty, and is budget friendly.


  • Large capacity
  • Safety child lock
  • Pull-out chrome racks


  • Takes a few hours to get to the temperature when first bought.

Russell Hobbs 7 Freestanding or Integrated Wine

The standout feature of this wine fridge is that it’s a single vertical column, which can be used as a stand alone feature, or can be integrated in cabinets. The black glass adds to the modern stylized design, and the reversible feet and adjustable door ensure that this wine cooler will fit into any decor regardless of style or layout. 

The 22 liter capacity means it can accommodate up to seven bottles of wine. The 6 chrome shelves can hold one bottle of wine per shelf, keeping your wine bottles safe. It has a B-grade energy efficiency rating and LED display, so you can reduce your energy costs.


  • Vertical design
  • Holds 7 bottles
  • Energy consumption: 182 kWh/year


  • A few negative reviews on it breaking

Swan Under Counter Fridge

The sleek glass-fronted fridge comes with a generous 80 liter capacity for chilling various items. It has three black wire slide out shelves for internal storage, which are easily removed and adjusted to suit your needs. With its adjustable thermostat of 3-10 degrees, you can keep not just your wine, but beer, soft drinks, and food at the perfect temperature whenever you want them. This 85W fridge has an A+ energy rating, making it particularly economical to run.

Despite its larger size, it’s still the right size to fit under the counter, tucked away, or even left free-standing. Ideal for homes big or small, apartments, offices, staff rooms, outhouses, cafes, hotels, or student accommodation.


  • Large capacity 
  • Reversible door
  • 1 year warranty


  • Not as high tech as the other options

Devanti Wine Cooler 28 Bottles

The bigger brother of the other Devanti model. However, we felt the need to include it because of the impressive 28 bottle capacity making it the large wine fridge on the list. This is the perfect option if you need something for a larger wine collection while still showing the wow factor with its design. 

With its circulated cool air, the wine cooler offers you the same high-precision thermo-electric cooling technology so you can keep your favorite vintages at their correct temperatures. It also has a touch control panel, and built-in LED light so you can check the labels on the wine.


  • Large capacity 
  • Dual-layer glass door
  • Child-lock


  • The larger capacity isn’t the best for everyone

How we picked it up

We looked at a few different models comparing large and smaller wine fridges, wine coolers, bar fridges, and much more for long term wine storage. We looked at storage capacity, temperature ranges, adjustable wire racks, and if they have a humidity control system, dual temperature zones, and the list goes one.

However, we didn’t just take our option, we read all the reviews, and checked out CHOICE for the best consumer advocates. We also looked through to find more quality wine cabinets and found most wine chillers were under $1000. We then scanned all major online retailers’ websites to find some affordable options.

Buyer’s Guide to Wine Fridges

Wine fridges are very straightforward, but you should know a few things about wine storage and coolers before you go out to buy one.

The flavor of all wines is heavily influenced by their age. Still, storage temperatures are vital in preserving their flavor-and that is why a refrigerator was developed to keep wine cool. It’s the perfect place to keep your wine collection whenever you need one.

Temperature Range and Fluctuations

It is important to keep wine within certain temperatures to preserve its quality in these types of refrigerators. Since reds and whites have different optimal storage temperatures, it’s important to know what ranges of certain temperature products can reach.

Alternatively, temperature fluctuations can cause air to react with the ingredients in a bottle of wine, dampening its flavor. You need a wine fridge that provides a consistent temperature level to prevent wine damage.

Champagne and Sauvignon Blanc should be served between 6-8ºC, while Chardonnay and most other whites should be served between 10-12ºC. 

Red wines are best served a little warmer because they tend to have more tannins, larger fruit structures, and are more complex.

Temperature Zones

The compartments of some wine fridges have multiple zones where different bottles of wine can be stored at different temperatures. If you plan to store multiple types of wine in one refrigerator, this feature is crucial.

Humidity Control

With some wine fridges, the relative humidity can be controlled at a constant level (usually around 70%) to help wine age better. Some products do not have such a feature, but if you want well-aged wine, this will be a must-have.


Vintages can actually be tainted by vibrations that cause the sediments within them to move out of place over time, changing their flavor. Vibrations can be caused by the fridge’s fans or by the shelves moving manually.

When it comes to wine cabinets, wooden shelving is usually preferable to metal shelving since it is easier to pull and causes fewer vibrations, although it takes up more space.

However, this is just a minor problem, but we thought we should mention it, to any wine connoisseur out there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a wine cooler be used for beer?

Certainly. As with wines, different types of beer taste better when they are stored at certain temperatures. Lagers and wheat beers should be stored with lighter wines, while dark ales should be stored with darker wines.

Can you put red wine in wine fridges?

You can, but you should note that red wine should be kept at a different temperature than other types of wine. If you’re going to put a bottle of red wine in a wine fridge, either make sure that the fridge contains only red wines or has two or more temperature settings.

What temperature should wine fridges be in?

How you store wine depends on its type. Red wine is usually stored at 14-20°C while white wine is usually kept at 8-13°C. A dual-zone wine fridge is recommended when you plan to store multiple kinds of wine in one compartment.

How much do wine fridges cost to run?

Wine fridges are generally very power-efficient, depending on their size and overall power consumption. The cost of running a wine fridge is typically lower than that of a regular kitchen refrigerator.

What’s the difference between a kitchen fridge and a wine cooler?

The temperature of a wine cooler is typically lower and more consistent than that of a kitchen fridge, which helps prevent your drinks from being too warm or too cold. Furthermore, wine refrigerators should be considered more carefully. Wine refrigerators should be placed in warm or dark places so that the drinks inside do not spoil.

Wine fridge alternative products

Single wine cooler product

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The bottom line

Oenophiles and wine lovers worldwide favor high-quality wines in wine refrigerators. We believe there is a wine cellar for every budget. A wine cooler like the one you dream about will never be found in the Cuisinart 8 bottle cooler. Your friends will envy you for features such as an LED display, silent running, and a glass front. Plus, Australian customers can pick it up for under $500. 

Happy shopping, and remember, you can never have too much wine!

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