Haier Refrigerator Not Cooling (Quick Fix) 

If people are asked to choose an essential electronic home appliance, the majority will vote for the refrigerator. 

Over the last few decades, the refrigerator has become an indispensable part of our households, so even the tiniest problem with it makes us panic. However, like other home appliances, fridges may develop issues, but they can be easily solved if you have the proper technical know-how. 

One of the most prevalent problems noted by refrigerator users has been related to improper cooling. That’s why we thought of creating a guide to let you know how to fix a Haier refrigerator with a faulty cooling system. 

Haier Refrigerator With No Cooling But A Fully Functioning Freezer

1. Evaporator Fan 

If the freezer is running, but the fridge isn’t cooling, the first thing you should check is the evaporator fan. Turn its blades to check if the fan spins without any stiffness because when it does, the motor is fine and you’ll need to get a new fan. 

You should also use a multimeter to check if there’s continuity in the windings to ensure the faulty motor is responsible for cooling issues. A broken evaporator fan is often the reason behind cooling problems, because when it stops, there’s no way for cool air to enter the fridge from the freezer. 

2. Evaporator Coils

Along with the fan, another probable cause behind the lack of cooling can be faulty evaporator coils. You’ll first need to take off the back panel of your fridge to reach the coils. If there’s frost deposit on the coils, it might have affected the cooling and you’ll need to manually defrost the coils by turning off the fridge for 3-4 hours.

Frost deposits on evaporator coils may also indicate that there’s some fault in the defrost system of your refrigerator. The defrost heater is often to blame, and contact a professional technician to get it changed. 

3. Air Damper Control 

If you notice that the air damper control of your fridge is broken or closed, it might have caused the cooling to stop. When the damper control is fully or partially closed, it prevents cold air from entering the fridge. Those who have prior experience in dealing with home appliances may change the air damper control themselves or take help from a professional technician.

4. Defrost Timer 

Another reason why your Haier fridge might not be cooling properly is due to a faulty defrost timer. You’ll need to gradually move the dial towards the defrost cycle setting to get to the bottom of the issue. This should ideally turn on the defrost heater within seconds but in case nothing happens within half an hour, it indicates that the timer needs replacing.

Note that most recent models of Haier refrigerators are built with auto-defrost. So, the defrost heater of the fridge turns on multiple times a day to keep it free from frost buildup. 

If the defrost timer fails, your refrigerator will suffer from excess frost buildup, especially on the evaporator coils, which prevents cold air from entering the fridge.

5. Defrost Control Board  

Along with the defrost timer, we recommend checking the defrost control board if a Haier fridge fails to cool. The defrost control board regulates the defrost cycles, so any problem with it may impact the proper defrosting of the fridge. If you find the defrost control board to be broken, replace it with a new one to restore cooling.

We even recommend checking the thermistor for continuity with a multimeter to ensure that it’s sending the correct temperature readings to the control board. Without proper functioning of the thermistor, the compressor and the evaporator fan of your fridge fail to work. 

6. Defrost Thermostat 

The main task of the defrost thermostat is to keep a check on the temperature fluctuations of the evaporator coils. A sudden dip in the temperature leads to frost deposit on the coils, and the defrost thermostat prevents this by sending power to the heater to start a defrost cycle.

If you cannot find any continuity reading from the defrost thermostat on the multimeter, it’s best to replace it. This will restore the defrost cycle of your Haier refrigerator to its regular frequency, leading to frost-free evaporator coils and proper cooling.

7. Main Control Board 

Can’t find any problem with the above mentioned components? You should check the main control board for any signs of damage or burns. 

These are usually caused by sudden power surges and can damage the control board beyond repair. However, there’s only a rare chance of coming across such a problem, especially if you’re consistent with the upkeep of the electrical systems in your house. 


What Should You Do When A Haier Refrigerator Is Running But Failing To Cool? 

1. Check The Plug

Before checking any other part of the Haier refrigerator, observe if the plug is fully inserted into the power outlet. Also, ensure that the outlet isn’t damaged or blocked and there’s proper power supply. 

2. Check The Temperature Control Thermostat 

At times, the cooling of your Haier fridge may stop due to a faulty thermostat. So, make sure it’s on the cold setting and move the thermostat to an even lower temperature to see if the fridge cools down. But you should avoid frequently changing the temperature as it may affect the cooling ability of the fridge. 

3. Check The Door Gaskets 

Another reason your Haier fridge may fail to cool is due to loose gaskets that are unable to maintain a proper seal. If you observe that the doors of your refrigerator don’t seal well, the gaskets should be changed to ensure proper cooling. 

4. Check Where Your Fridge Is Located

You may not realize this during the initial installation, but certain factors like exposure to direct sunlight or high temperatures impact the cooling ability of a fridge. If your refrigerator is situated in a part of the house that gets extremely hot during summer, consider moving it to a cooler location. 

5. How Frequently Do You Use The Fridge? 

Do you tend to reach for your fridge quite frequently? If so, it may somewhat reduce the cooling capacity of the unit. Make sure to limit opening the fridge door frequently to let the different compartments cool properly. And do keep the temperature setting low so that it cools down faster. 

You should also avoid keeping hot or warm food inside the fridge as they may disrupt the ambient temperature. We recommend waiting for the food to cool down to room temperature before storing it in the fridge.

6. Check The Air Vents 

A common mistake is blocking the air vents in the freezer and refrigerator compartments with food items as this can obstruct the flow of cold air, leading to improper cooling. If the vents have been blocked for a while, your Haier fridge may take up to a full day to reach the required temperature. 

7. Check The Fans 

In case these components of your Haier refrigerator are working properly, it’s time for you to move on to the fans. As you might know, your fridge has two fans – the condenser fan and the evaporator fan. You’ll need to check the condenser fan motor and evaporator fan motor to confirm if they’re working correctly. 

Spin the fan blades to see if they’re moving without any stiffness. And when you observe dust buildup, make sure to clean the blades for the fans to spin freely. 

However, at times the fan blades may fail to move altogether, so it would be best to use a multimeter to test the motors for continuity. When there’s no response, you’ll need to replace the fan for the fridge to start cooling properly. 

8. Check The Condenser Coils

If both fans seem to be okay, the next component you should check is the condenser coil. Even the slightest deposit of dirt on the coils may interrupt proper cooling inside the fridge compartment due to slow heat dissipation. Remember to keep the condenser coils clean so that your fridge doesn’t have to work too hard to maintain a cool temperature. 

9. Check The Start Relay

In very few instances, the proper cooling of your Haier fridge might be affected due to a faulty start relay. 

Check the start relay after inspecting the other components of the fridge. It’s usually situated by the compressor, and you’ll need to test it with a multimeter for continuity. If there’s no reading or activity, the start relay is likely damaged and needs to be changed. Without a fully functioning start relay, the compressor won’t start, which takes a toll on the cooling of the fridge. 

10. Check The Start Capacitor

While checking the start relay, we also recommend scanning the start capacitor, which is responsible for providing a power boost to the compressor for an easy start. If the start capacitor of a fridge is faulty, the compressor will fail to work or cool to its full potential. 

Like the start relay, you need to use a multimeter to check for continuity from the start capacitor. In case it fails the test, install a replacement so that the cooling of your fridge isn’t compromised. 

How To Restart A Haier Refrigerator? 

At times, the only solution for restoring the cooling ability of your Haier refrigerator is to reset it. This is especially helpful when your fridge is showing error codes or if it suddenly stops working. When the problem persists even after reset, you need to inspect the various components minutely. 

1. Unplug The Fridge 

As most Haier refrigerators lack a reset button, you’ll need to begin by unplugging the power cord to cut off the power supply. As soon as you unplug the fridge, the compressor and motor reboot, similar to what happens to appliances during a sudden power outage. Some people prefer switching off the circuit breaker, but we recommend disconnecting the refrigerator from the power outlet. 

2. Wait For A Minute 

You should at least wait for a minute before plugging the fridge back into the power source. If you didn’t know already, it might take the fridge a few seconds to completely shut down after being unplugged. 

However, a minute is not enough for the fridge to defrost. If your goal is to remove frost deposits from the condenser coils, you may need to keep the refrigerator unplugged for at least an hour. 

3. Replug To The Power Source 

After a minute, replug the fridge to its power source and turn on the switch. Check whether the control panel and interior lights of the fridge are working to confirm that the reset process was successful. 

We also recommend observing the compressor and condenser to note if they’re running without interruptions. If the fridge fails to work as expected, you’ll need to perform a hard reset. 

4. Unplug And Wait For 40 Minutes 

To hard reset the fridge, you’ll need to follow the same steps that are mentioned above. Just make sure to keep the fridge unplugged for 40-60 minutes to help the compressor and condenser return to their default settings. This can potentially fix errors and improve the overall cooling performance of your fridge. 

As a hard reset is likely to defrost your fridge, empty all perishable contents beforehand. Also, lay a rug or towel underneath the fridge to catch the water. 

Remember that hard resets should be performed sparingly to keep your fridge in good condition. If you happen to face a recurring problem, it might be better to get the fridge checked by a professional technician. 

5. Select The Preferred Temperature Settings

When you hard reset a fridge, it goes back to the factory settings, so after replugging it, you’ll need to adjust the temperature. The preferred temperature for the fridge is 40°F, while a temperature of 0°F or lower is recommended for the freezer. 

You can easily adjust the temperature of your Haier fridge through the control panel by pressing the “Temp” button. Just press it multiple times until you find the desired setting. 

If your fridge has manual temperature dials, choose a setting between 1 and 7. The higher setting usually indicates the lowest temperature in such fridge models. 

Most users prefer the fourth setting as it helps the fridge maintain a temperature between 38°F and 40°F. 

6. Wait 24 Hours For Proper Cooling 

After a hard reset, a fridge can take up to 24 hours to reach the preferred temperature. That’s because the compressor and condenser coils of your fridge will need some time to return to their usual efficiency.

There’s no need to panic if the fridge doesn’t cool immediately. Give it a day, and then check whether everything is working fine before seeking help from Haier. 

Final Words 

That’s everything we had to tell you today and we hope our tips will help troubleshoot your fridge without much hassle

Other than that, if any process seems overly complicated or if you aren’t able to detect a fault, make sure to contact Haier customer service. A representative will visit your home to inspect the fridge and provide quick solutions. 

When you have a fridge that’s still under warranty, getting help from the brand is always recommended, as tampering with the refrigerator components may void the agreement. And there’s no need to worry since the brand is likely to include cooling problems under the warranty. 

Until next time, take care, and goodbye!

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