How To Reset A Maytag Refrigerator

Refrigerators are prone to malfunctioning from time to time, but luckily it is quite easy to reset them.

However, sometimes things can get too complicated, and try as one might, the fridge just won’t work. In such a situation, it is best to call for a professional.

But before you do, we suggest giving resetting a shot. All that is needed for most kinds of resets is the unique code of the fridge, which can easily be located on its body.

Now, if you’re wondering “how to reset a Maytag refrigerator?” then you’ve stopped by at the right place. So, without any further ado, let’s jump in to Maytag refrigerator troubleshooting! 

How to Reset A Maytag Refrigerator?

How To Reset A Maytag Refrigerator If It Stops Working Randomly?

Step 1: Get the program code of the fridge from a plate that is located toward the right of the interior of the unit. You’ll find the program code right alongside the serial numbers and model numbers.

Step 2: Push the door alarm key located atop the control panel. Thereafter, press and hold the key that will reduce the freezer temperature.

Step 3: Once you do the above, release the key for the door alarm and wait for three seconds. After this time period, free the other key as well. You’ll notice that the display shows “PE,” which basically means that the fridge has begun the programming mode.

Step 4: Push the button that will reduce the temperature of the freezer again. This will confirm the entry.

Step 5: Now, the display should flash the precise code that you gleaned in the first step. If the display is flashing this code, then you’re good to go. All you need to do now is hold the key for the door alarm for another three seconds in order to leave the programming mode.

However, if the correct display code doesn’t flash on the screen, then it must be input manually.

Step 6: Whatever numbers that are flashing on display can be changed by pushing the keys for increasing and decreasing the temperature of the fridge. The “up” key for changing fridge temperature displays numbers, whereas the “up” key for changing freezer temperature shifts the decimal point.

So, the next thing you must do is to press the “up” key to change the freezer temperature. This will shift the decimal point to where the first number must be input. Thereafter, press the “up” key that changes the refrigerator temperature as many times as the first digit of the code.

For instance, if the correct code is 3130, then once the decimal point moves to the first spot, you must press the key for fridge temperature thrice to denote a three.

Step 7: Again, press the key denoting freezer temperature to shift the decimal point to the subsequent spot. After that, press the key for fridge temperature once to denote “1.” Continue this process till you’re able to enter the entire code correctly.

Step 8: Once the correct code finally flashes atop the display panel, press and hold the key that can reduce the temperature of the freezer until the numbers on display begin to blink and flash. This is an indication that the code has been saved, and releasing the button now will get the fridge to work again.

Step 9: Close the fridge doors to exit programming mode. Note that these steps must be performed if the control panel has been replaced.

How To Reset Maytag Refrigerators After A Power Outage?

Step 1: To do this, you must first disconnect the fridge from the socket and let it remain disconnected for around thirty minutes. The time period may sound like a lot, but this actually gives the compressor enough time for stabilizing itself and restarting effectively.

This is more so true in the case of a small power outage, where the compressor gets too many instructions at once.

Step 2: Once thirty minutes have elapsed, plug the fridge back into the power source and turn it on. The fridge should begin functioning normally again. However, if it still refuses to work, then resetting the display panel may be required.

How To Reset A Maytag Refrigerator Front Panel?

To do this, you have a variety of options available. You can attempt any of the below combinations  to reset the display panel:

1. Hold the “Power Save” and “Lighting” buttons simultaneously for approximately 8 seconds, and the fridge will begin to work again.

2. Hold the “Lighting” and “Energy Save” options together for approximately 10 seconds.

3. Hold the “Freezer” and “Ref” options simultaneously for 8 seconds.

4. Press and hold the “Power Freeze” and “Power Cool”’ buttons together.

5. Hold the “Quick Freeze” and “Vacation” options simultaneously for around 8 seconds.

6. Hold the “Power Freeze” and “Vacation” buttons together for 8 to 10 seconds.

7. Hold and press the “Ice Type” and “Filter Reset” buttons together for approximately 8 seconds.

In the case of a power outage, the fridge will reset automatically. However, if there is no automatic reset, any of the steps mentioned above should work. If these steps also don’t work, then it may be time to call in a professional since there could be a problem with the device wiring.

How To Reset A Maytag Refrigerator Compressor?

Step 1: Find the power cord that connects the fridge to the socket and disconnect it from the power outlet. Now, leave it disconnected for some time.

Step 2: Switch off the fridge temperature to ‘off’ or ‘0’ as the case may be.

Step 3: Once the internal controls are off, connect the fridge again into the socket.

Step 4: Change the fridge and freezer settings to whatever your preference is. We recommend keeping it at 5 or 6 since the controls are usually between 0 to 9.

Step 5: The fridge will need 24 hours to stabilize itself according to the selected temperature. After this, the temperature has successfully been reset. But if this doesn’t work, then it may be time to call a professional and get the compressor changed.

How to Reset A Maytag Refrigerator Door Alarm?

Step 1: Check to see if the fridge door or the freezer are open. If either or both are open, then close them completely and ensure that the doors are sealed properly. Doing so should make the repeated beeping sound stop. Once that happens, the door alarm resets automatically.

However, if the doors remain open for more than 5 minutes, it will start ringing again. If an improperly closed door was the cause of the alarm ringing, then the problem should be solved. But if it isn’t, then perform the following step.

Step 2: If there is a door alarm key located on the front pane of the fridge, press it. If, despite pressing this button, the fridge is still beeping, then the following step must be followed.

Step 3: Doing a hard reset is the last resort. For this, you must unplug your fridge and keep it that way for approximately 5 minutes. Once it is plugged back in, it resets automatically.

In case this step, too, doesn’t work, then there’s probably an internal fault with the fridge door or freezer switch. Alternatively, it may also indicate that the switch isn’t being pressed the way it should, and both these issues need a professional to repair them.

How to Reset a Maytag Refrigerator — Specific Models

There are multiple Maytag fridge models with different ways to reset each. So, if you’re looking to reset a particular model, then here’s how to do that…

How to Reset Maytag Mfi2569veb3 Refrigerator?

For resetting a Maytag Mfi2569veb3 refrigerator, the control panel must be reprogrammed in the following ways:

Step 1: Know The Program Code

To conduct the following steps, it’s necessary to know the program code of your fridge. It is located on the top-right corner, inside the fridge. The model number and the serial number are mentioned here too, and you might want to make a note of these for future reference.

Step 2: Open The Fridge Doors

Opening the fridge doors makes it easier to enter and exit the program mode.

Step 3: Enter The Program Mode

Hold and press the door alarm key, which is located on the control panel. In addition to that, hold and press the key that reduces freezer temperature, and then let go of the door alarm key.

Once 3 seconds have passed, the front panel should flash “PE,” which indicates that the fridge has entered the programming mode. Pressing the key that reduces the fridge temperature further confirms the entry into the programming mode.

Step 4: Select The Correct Program Code

This is a crucial step. The display panel should now flash the actual code of the fridge, and if it’s the same as what was found in the first step, then the process is over. Simply close the doors to the fridge and end the programming mode.

However, if the codes don’t match, utilize the keys that perform temperature regulation of the fridge to shift the decimal point. Move it up and down as needed to select the number to be entered.

Step 5: Ensure The Code Is Saved

Now, once the code has been entered, hold and press the key that reduces the fridge temperature until you can see the code flashing on the display screen. This is an indication that the code has been saved by the fridge.

Step 6: Leave The Program Mode

Simply shut the fridge doors to exit this mode. Do keep in mind that this method mostly works for a majority of Maytag fridge models.

How to Reset Maytag Refrigerator Mf12568aew Control Board?

The following must be done for resetting the Maytag refrigerator Mf12568aew control board:

Step 1: The top right side of the fridge has a unique code. So, make a note of it. 

Step 2: Once you replace the board and power the fridge, you’ll notice a default code, “PE0 000” on display. To enter the code, press the “Temp Alarm” and hold it while pressing the freezer temperature down keys for 5 seconds. Thereafter, release the “Temp Alarm” key but continue pressing the freezer temperature down key for at least three more seconds. 

Step 3: You’ll notice that the displayed number will switch from “PE0 000” to “PE.” This indicates that the fridge has entered programming mode. Press the freezer temperature down key once more to enter input mode, and after entering it, you’ll see “PE0 000.”

Step 4: Now, press the fridge temperature key again once and the first 0 before the decimal point to 1. Enter the unique code of the fridge as per this method.

Step 5: Press the freezer temperature “up” key once the first digit is in place to shift the decimal point ahead. Press it again till you reach the second digit. Replicate it twice until all four digits have been entered.

Step 6: Again, press the freezer temperature down key and keep holding it till the display code begins flashing. Thereafter, press any key for exiting.

Step 7: Now, the control board has successfully been reset, and the fridge should begin working again.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, resetting Maytag fridge components isn’t tough at all, especially if you know a thing or two about electronics. Initially, the whole process might seem a little daunting, but it gets easy with time.

Before we sign off, we’d like to give two last bits of advice. Firstly, always read the instruction manual before attempting to tinker with the fridge. Second, don’t hesitate to call a professional if things don’t seem to be working. In fact, we always recommend letting the professionals do what they’re best at!

With this, we’ve reached the end of the guide, and we hope you found it helpful.

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