Why is there no light in the freezer but has light in the refrigerator?

It is difficult to walk in the dark, and so when the light goes off, we use a torch. Just imagine how hard it would be when you wake up at night craving some chips, but you cannot see anything. Similarly, there is a light in the fridge to easily find and pick out our favorite food without struggling to find it. Since most people usually open the fridge more than the freezer, it is reasonable to have a light in the refrigerator.

But when it comes to the freezer, a question arises as to why there is no light inside. There’s a pretty good reason. Let’s find out.

The freezer is placed at the top, although a small compartment has more light and is close to eye level, making it easier for us to find things, and it does make sense. And a fridge without a light in the freezer is more affordable.

A few high-end mounted refrigerators have light in the freezer, and if you want one, you can call a manufacturer for customization.

The reason why there is no light in the freezer

The main reason why there is no light in the freezer is that it’s expensive. According to the manufacturing point of view, it all comes down to the cost-benefit. Although it is not that costly to add a light, considering other features like a switch, wirings, etc., adds to the cost.

To install a light in the freezer costs the same as installing one in the fridge, and the amount is the same. People tend to open the refrigerator more than the freezer, and since we already know what goes inside the freezer for preparation, it makes us easier to find what we need. 

So it’s a no-brainer that we don’t need the effort to see what’s inside the freezer, and the benefit is less compared to the refrigerator that emits light. It will just be a decoration piece at an extra cost, and the manufacturers want to save as much as possible while manufacturing a product. 

For most people, it’s not a problem, and they are less concerned about it. 

  • Bulbs, when exposed to extreme cold, might burst, and a cold-proof light will be expensive.
  • When the freezer is stuffed with food, it might block the light
  • The light in the freezer might cause the food to warm up

Since we’re living in a modern world, some luxury refrigerators have a light in the freezer, but it doesn’t come cheap. While some can afford it, some might not. 


Having a light in the freezer is all a matter of cost. We can also make the best use of a refrigerator accordingly to our requirements, given that it’s not going to function any less for not having a light in the freezer. 

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