How To Dispose Of A Fridge

How To Dispose Of A Fridge

If you’re thinking about buying a new fridge, chances are you’ll want to get rid of your old one. But getting rid of an old fridge isn’t as easy as it may seem. Their weight makes them a serious safety concern. Moreover, a bulky old fridge can also cause environmental damage when thrown away. But don’t worry! In this guide, we will explain how to dispose of items such as:

  • Making appointments with waste service companies
  • Waiting for specialized pickup people
  • Searching for potential buyers
  • Dropping it off at a recycling center
  • Selling it to scrap yards

Old fridges must be disposed of properly. These can’t be just thrown out with your other trash. Waste management companies, electrical companies, or potential buyers can all be contacted to dispose of an old fridge. 

Try Meeting With Waste Service Companies

Fridges are large and bulky. You cannot store them with your regular waste. Moreover, daily trash pickups usually do not specialize in collecting large and chunky objects such as a fridge. However, certain waste management service providers deal in picking up such large and bulky electrical appliances. So, it is definitely worth calling and making an appointment. 

Usually, when you make an appointment, it is free of cost. If the company accepts to pick it up, you need to move the fridge to the curb and keep it there. Fridges are heavy objects, so it is best to call friends or family members to help carry them to the curb.

On the day of the scheduled pickup, keep the fridge ready by the curb, and the waste management service providers will come to pick it up. They will usually take a service charge. 

Wait For Specialized Pickup People

It is not uncommon for some areas to have pickup people who come and collect large appliances. This does not happen daily, so you need to find out when they come and collect such large objects.

If you have a fridge in need of disposal, waiting for such pickup people that specialize in discarding large objects is an ideal solution. You can quickly check for the dates and timing from specific sites online. 

After you find out the working days of such specialized pickup people, you need to call and schedule a course of action. If they agree, you simply have to bring out your fridge to the curb and keep it there. Make sure to remove all the locks and hinges to make the process of disposal easier for them.

On the scheduled day, the pickup people will arrive and safely dispose of the fridge. Make sure always to call and inform them that you’re disposing of a fridge. This will give the pickup people ample time to plan and prepare. 

Look For Potential Buyers

Sometimes, throwing and discarding might not be the best idea. Fridges usually use different chemicals to keep them cool. These chemicals are not environmentally friendly and may cause health risks and hazards.

This is why it is always an excellent idea to search for potential buyers who want to buy a second-hand fridge. To do this, you need to make sure your fridge is old but still in running condition. People will not usually buy an old fridge that needs repair or is faulty. 

It is effortless to look for potential buyers. With the growing use and influence of technology, it is easier now than ever to sell and buy things online. If you plan and sell it in the second-hand market, you can start posting ads on different sites.

There are many sites out there that will let you post an advertisement for free. Some sites also have a wider reach when it comes to buyers. But for such sites, you might need to pay a small fee. But it is worth it as finding a use for an old fridge is so much better than throwing it away and damaging the environment. 

Drop It Off At A Recycling Center

Usually, when waste management or trash pick up collects fridges, they dispose of it at landfill areas. This is a severe environmental risk and can cause damage to the surrounding areas due to the chemicals present in the fridge.

The only way to avoid such problems is to drop an old fridge at recycling centers. If you are someone who worries about the environment and wants to follow proper procedures, then dropping your old fridge at a recycling center is an excellent idea. 

You can start by searching for nearby recycling centers. Good recycling centers make sure that all the parts and pieces are correctly disposed of. You can also search for specific recycling centers that emphasize Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD). Most recycling centers need prior notice. So, make sure to call and inform a few days in advance, and on the scheduled day, the center will send members to pick it up. 

Selling It To Scrap Yards

One of the most convenient and accessible ways to dispose of an old fridge is locating a scrapyard. There are so many scrap yards out there that will be willing to buy used fridges at a low cost.

They make sure that the parts and pieces of the old fridge find use somewhere else. They also make attempts to recover and reuse the metal parts so that there is minimum waste. 

The easiest way to do this is first to find a genuine scrap yard offering a good deal. Moreover, the scrap yard should also be willing to take the old fridge in the first place. So, make sure you call and enquire first.

Particular scrap yards are selective of what they take. If the scrap you choose is willing to take the fridge, simply load it up and take it to the destination. A pickup truck is an ideal vehicle to transport such a heavy and bulky object. 

When Buying A New Fridge Do They Pick Up The Old One?

When buying a new fridge, it is common for retailers or manufacturers to offer a removal and disposal service for your old fridge. This service typically involves the retailer or manufacturer sending a team to your home to remove and dispose of your old fridge.

Some retailers may charge a fee for this service, while others may include it in the cost of the new fridge. It is important to check with the retailer or manufacturer before purchasing a new fridge to see if they offer this service and what the cost may be.

Also check if they have any restrictions on the type of fridge they will pick up and dispose, such as size and condition. It’s also worth to check with the local authorities if they have any regulations regarding the disposal of old appliances, some municipalities may offer pick-up or drop-off options for old appliances.

By inquiring about the removal and disposal service when buying a new fridge, you can ensure that your old fridge is properly and responsibly disposed of, without adding any additional burden on you.

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