Is the Midea WHS-87LSS1 the most versatile mini fridge ever?


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On August 6, 2015
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Midea WHS-87LSS1 Mini Fridge is a compact, reversible door refrigerator, perfect for the bedroom or the office. With its adjustable shelf, this fridge offers enough space for all your refreshments and snacks. It's really useful and it scored 95 points in my rating system. I definitely recommend it!


There can only be a countable few brands on the same footing as Midea when it comes to innovative and energy-efficient home appliances. This is evident when you try out this 1.6 cubic feet reversible door refrigerator.

I know since I had a chance to try it for a whole week last month. I had joined a couple of friends for a sailing adventure in the Adriatic Sea. We chartered a 3-cabin yacht to do all the island hopping and snorkeling at our leisure.

Besides my bunk, this cute and compact unit in the cabin turned out to be among the fascinating mini-fridges I have ever tried out.

Features of Midea’s Mini Fridge Review

This compact fridge may seem light in features at first glance, but that’s just no so. Inside this compact unit, you’ll find all of the features you would usually need.

Refrigerator Type and CapacityThis is a compact, reversible door refrigerator.
1.6 cubic feet (that is 45.3 liters if you prefer the metric system).
It comes with a separate chiller compartment, which is a welcome addition for a compact design.
Midea WHS-65LSS1 Mini Fridge - Type and capacity
Midea WHS-65LSS1 Mini Fridge – Type and capacity
Drawers and Shelves1 adjustable and removable wire rack.
Midea WHS-65LSS1 Mini Fridge - Drawers and Shelves
Midea WHS-65LSS1 Mini Fridge – Drawers and Shelves
Temperature ControlIt has a manual temperature control. You can adjust it from a minimum of 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) to a maximum of 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius).
Voltage and CertificationVoltage: 115 Volts (V).
Wattage: 75 Watts (W).
Energy Star certified.
Design Finish and Materials UsedRobust stainless steel construction with hard packed Styrofoam insulation.
It is available in three finishes: glossy black, white and stainless steel.
Midea WHS-65LSS1 Mini Fridge - Design and materials used
Midea WHS-65LSS1 Mini Fridge – Design and materials used
Full Dimension and WeightThis mini fridge has an overall height of 19.37 inches.
It has a width of 18.58 inches and a depth of 17.72 inches.
As for the interior- a space that is 25.6 inches high, 16 inches wide and 14.2 inches deep.
With the handle included, the fridge has an extension depth of 17.72 inches.
With the door opened at 90 degrees, the mini fridge has a depth of 34.41 inches.
Its weight is 35.3 pounds (15.7 kilograms)

Special Features

This compact fridge has a reversible door, allowing you to customize how the fridge opens –  depending on the space available. It also incorporates a freezer unit – not something you usually get with units this small.


A 1-year warranty backs the sale for the full unit. The compressor itself is backed by a two-year warranty covering performance and quality.

Midea WHS-65LSS1 Mini Fridge - Infographic
Midea WHS-65LSS1 Mini Fridge – Infographic

What’s Special About This Mini – Fridge?

1. Ultra-Compact Design

The fridge measuring only 17.7 x 18.6 x 19.4 inches is by far the most compact refrigerator I have come across. This is small enough to fit right under your office desk or between your bed and the nightstand if you like.

2. Reversible Door Convenience

I am a firm believer that appliances should be designed with enough leeway to allow you to customize them to the way you live and do things. The reversible door concept means you can easily unhinge the door from its default setting of opening from left to right and make it open from right to left.

3. Your Drinks and Snacks Always at the Right Temperature

The manual temperature control is exact. It’s just the sort of feature you’d need to keep your refreshments at the right temperature. As a test, I left an open can of coke inside for three days, setting the temperature dial at a minimum. To my surprise, after the full 3 days, it was still fresh – so yeah, this mini fridge rocks.

Other Reviews

Across most online stores where this Midea compact refrigerator is featured, it has high ratings. Here are some random comments posted by verified purchasers:

Heidi P.

  • I have placed this fridge in my bedroom, and not once have I ever noticed it switching on and off. It is ultra-quiet. It works great, and I cannot imagine not having it…

Nic Bedward

  • A direct cooling system that works flawlessly. No complaints so far. I highly recommended it.

G. Cromwell

  • I had it for 3 weeks now, and my feedback is this – Super efficient and noiseless. I put it right under my desk, and no one knew it’s even there!

Overall Impression


Are you tired of running out of ice? Look no further than the Midea WHS-87LSS1 undercounter ice maker. This sleek and compact unit produces up to 2.4 lbs of ice per day and has a storage capacity of 2.4 lbs of ice. Plus, its self-cleaning function makes maintenance a breeze.

Not only is the Midea WHS-87LSS1 practical, it’s also stylish. Its touch control panel and included ice scoop add a touch of class to any kitchen. And its quiet operation won’t disrupt your party or gathering. Don’t settle for less, upgrade to the Midea WHS-87LSS1 for all your ice-making needs.

For this size of a refrigerator, there is not much you can ask for. They are specifically built to store just a couple of items, some refreshments or sandwiches in the office. That aside, it’s a sturdy, efficient and silent unit.

Here is a brief look at its pros and cons to help put this into proper perspective.

BreezerFreezer.com Rating - Midea WHS-65LSS1 Mini Fridge
BreezerFreezer.com Rating – Midea WHS-87LSS1 Mini Fridge


  • Compact design
  • Fitted with a reversible door
  • Includes a freezer
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty (2 years for the compressor)
  • Energy-star certified
  • Low noise
  • If you are looking for a great offer, go here >>> – (amazon link)


  • Midea could have done a better job making the handle more ergonomic.

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