Koolatron KWC-4 Review – Is this the perfect Coca-Cola personal mini-fridge?

KWC-4 Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge

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On August 3, 2015
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This is the perfect mini fridge for storing cans and bottles in your office or room. It scored 93 points out of 100 in my rating system. It's simply the best Coca-Cola personal refrigerator.


If you are looking for the perfect mini Coca Cola refrigerator then Koolatron KWC-4 might just be your best option.

This fridge is very portable and can fit in any place you want. The state of the art cooling system makes sure your beverages keep the exact temperature you intend them to.

The classic design of this refrigerator with a polar bear holding a bottle of Coca Cola makes it all the more desirable. Doesn’t it? 🙂

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The basic features of Koolatron KWC-4 Coca Cola Personal 6 Can Mini Fridge are discussed below:

  • Inside space of four liter capacity. This can easily hold 6 cans of your favorite beverage.
  • The size and shape of the refrigerator ensures you can easily carry it around.
  • The cooling is done silently and vibration-less.
  • Rounded edges.
  • The vibrant Coca Cola red color makes it fun to keep around the office.
  • Automatic door locking system.
  • The full dimensions are: 11 inch by 8 inch by 11 inches.
  • It has two selves to store more cans on.
  • It’s a frost free type refrigerator.
  • It’s made out of hard plastic but the manufacturers made sure it doesn’t look or feel in any way cheap.
  • This unit weights approx. 4.7 lb
  • The Koolatron KWC 4 Coca Cola Personal 6 Can Mini Fridge runs on 120 V.
  • The fridge is energy efficient but not Energy Star certified
  • ETL certified â€“ listed in 1-UL.
Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge - Infohraphic

The best things about Koolatron KWC-4 Coca Cola Mini Fridge:

Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge
Koolatron KWC-4

If you want to watch a game with you friends, through in a little party or play some board games on a Saturday night just take this mini fridge along – they will appreciate it for sure.

This Coca Cola refrigerator is virtually noiseless and vibration-less. This is very important as it is the type of unit that you carry around with you and keep it so close  – I, for one, know I highly appreciate a low noise operating appliance…

What other customers say about it:

Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge - inside look

According to various review websites and online shopping portals, the Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge rates high in the category of small, personal fridges.

People regard it as one of the best products to come in the market. The pricing is reasonable as well.

Students favor it mostly – it’s a great thing to have around when you spend a lot of time indoors, studying. Installing the fridge in their room virtually serves all their needs.

The only drawback is that it’s not an Energy Star rated appliance, though I found in my testing that it is rather energy efficient.


BreezerFreezer.com Rating – Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge
BreezerFreezer.com Rating – Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge


  • The design is very good
  • The unit is portable
  • Can cool your drinks down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Can hold as many as 6 cans
  • Soundless and vibration-less operation
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy built
  • Click here to see it’s Amazon ratings


  • No energy star rating
  • Not enough space for your food

Overall, it’s pretty good for personal use and you should definitely give the Koolatron KWC-4 fridge a try. This product is not going to disappoint you.

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