Does White Claw Expire?

Hard seltzer is exactly what it is, seltzer with alcohol. Many people consider White Claw as a vodka soda drink, but that is not precisely true. However, to the untrained palate, the drink resembles everyone’s favorite cocktail-making White Claw and is an up-and-coming heavyweight in the industry.

Did you know there is no vodka in White Claw? It’s a malt beverage that is fermented. Malt generally comes from barley and grains. It seems to make sense, as White Claw is owned by Mark Anthony Brands, regarded as the pioneer of the flavored malt categories.

In this article, we answer the most frequently asked questions giving you insight into White Claw, so you know when you are on to a good thing.

Let’s dive in.

What’s the shelf life of White Claw?

This seems to be controversial for some reason, it may be due to the flavor, and many people think this is a vodka seltzer drink (hard seltzer), but it’s not.

White Claw has a shelf life of around a year after it was packaged. Storing it chilled is the perfect way to present this tasty beverage and provide the most enjoyment.

Should white claw be refrigerated?

There are no special requirements to refrigerate White Claw, but many people feel that the beverage is more refreshing when served cold, as are most other seltzer beverages.

Placing White Claw in the fridge does not extend the shelf life; it’s still a year.

How do you decipher the expiration date?

It’s easy once you know how, and it plays a vital role in buying White Claw. You should check the expiry date of White Claw so you can get the maximum life out of the beverage, that is, if you intend to have it in the fridge for months on end.

This is how you understand the expiration code on a can of White Claw:

Batch Code Example:


XX:XX XX (Time & Internal Digits)


It’s all straightforward when you look at it logically.

What type of alcohol is in White Claw?

It’s not vodka! The alcohol in White Claw is malt liquor, many think that malt liquor is heavy and strong tasting, but on the contrary, it can be delicate and light when masterfully fermented.

Malt liquor is from fermented barley and other grains. Other carbohydrates can also be used to ferment malt liquor. 

Other beverages, including malt liquor, include Colt 45 and Smirnoff Ice, a name that is synonymous with Vodka but not a drop to be found in their trendy drinks.

The balance of the seltzer and tasty flavors make White Claw a force to be reckoned with in this market segment for light alcoholic beverages.

How many white claws equal a shot of vodka?

A 12fl oz 5% ABV White Claw has the same alcohol (14g of pure alcohol) as a 1.5fl oz shot of 40% vodka.

Confused? The answer is that one White Claw is equal to one shot of vodka or any other spirit distilled to 40% ABV.

This translates to one White Claw being equal to a shot of vodka, whisky, brandy, rum, a glass of wine, and a standard beer.

White Claw may taste light and refreshing, but it can pack a punch for the unsuspecting drinker.

Is vodka in White Claw?

It’s neither vodka nor beer. It’s made with blended seltzer with yummy hints of fruit flavorings. White Claw is gluten-free, unlike many beers, and can be enjoyed if you have gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

Why is White Claw so popular?

It tastes fantastic and is comparable to having a beer without the heaviness that beer can have and the distinct odor on your breath.

It is low calorie, who doesn’t need to watch their calories, and with just 100 calories per can, you can have a slim line night out with your friends without worrying whether you will be piling on the pounds.

The hard seltzer market is dominating the industry with massive sales. With ready-to-drink beverages such as White Claw, you can have your friends over and have a wonderful evening at home drinking this light, tasty beverage.

It’s a marketing coup, and the lockdowns played directly into the hands of the producers. Drink at home and stay safe!

Is White Claw healthier than liquor?

No, you must take responsibility for your drinking and be accountable for your actions. The alcohol content in White Claw is the same as a shot of vodka. It bottled liquors. Abusing alcohol can lead to life-changing conditions such as liver damage and kidney damage.

If you think that fewer calories and being gluten-free equate to a healthy alcoholic beverage, you are wrong, and there are consequences for alcohol abuse.

Drink responsibly, and don’t drink drive.

Can you smell White Claw on your breath?

It seems like a loaded question that may have some deception behind it. If you mean, can you fool law enforcement if you are stopped for a traffic violation,  the smell of your breath is not the only indicator that you have been drinking alcohol?

By and large, alcohol is odorless, and when mixed with a seltzer with a hint of fruit juice, there should not be a strong odor from your breath from white Claw compared to drinking a few beers.

Can you gain weight from White Claws?

Look, weight gain is a simple math equation: increased calories minus calories burned through the day through work or exercise. If there is a calorie deficit, you lose weight. If the calories have increased, you can gain weight.

If you drink four White Claw beverages daily, you have increased your calories by 400. That is 2800 extra calories in a week. If you don’t burn the calories, you gain weight.

Now, if you are a weekend social drinker and you will go and drink a few White Claw and maybe a few more, it is not such a big deal. Your weekly activities will more than likely compensate for the increase in calories.

If you gain weight, you know what needs to be done.

How many White Claws does it take to get drunk?

Who knows? But it only takes five cans to put you over the drink-drive limit.

Becoming drunk depends on different factors, such as tolerance to alcohol. If you are a seasoned drinker, you can drink much more than the weekend warrior.

However, you may not be aware that carbonated alcoholic drinks are absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly.

Because White Claw is trendy and has a cool image at the bar, you may be tempted to drink more than usual, and with the light flavoring, you may be drunk and not realize how far gone until you head for the outdoors or stand up.

Be under no illusion White Claw is strong, and it is the same alcohol as a shot of vodka or a standard beer. Drink responsibly at all times.

Why do White Claws get me so drunk?

Many people dislike the taste of beer, so when confronted with a tasty sweet beverage, it’s easy to consume, not realizing how much alcohol is present in the drink.

You may hear that White Claw has a low alcohol content; the truth is it has an average alcohol content and nothing low about it.

White claw has a cool image, and so many youngsters are drinking it that they can succumb to peer pressure, and it tastes great, so why not.

Fizzy drinks are absorbed into your bloodstream more quickly than other alcoholic beverages.

Do seltzers give you less of a hangover?

No. The alcohol in the drink gives you a hangover, and very often, your hangover is caused by dehydration despite spending a night drinking White Claw.

The only way to prevent hangovers is to drink in moderation and ensure you are hydrated before you sleep, which may mitigate the effects of the alcohol.

Hangovers are generally proportional to the amount of alcohol you have consumed.

Are White Claws addicting?

Yes, Alcohol is addictive. When you drink alcohol, your brain quite likes the feeling and releases dopamine as a kind of reward to you.

Alcohol accelerates the production of dopamine, much like other drugs. This is why alcohol is so addictive.

When you combine alcohol dopamine and clever marketing techniques, White claw may become irresistible to you for more than alcohol. Being part of the crowd is very important to many people, and the vicious cycle starts to suck you into the bottomless vortex.

Final thoughts.

With a year’s shelf life, you are pretty safe to stock up on your favorite hard seltzer. It tastes best when straight from the fridge, nice and chilled.

With the hard seltzer market in the US being 38.66 billion dollars, it is not hard to realize why alcoholic beverage companies want to have a large slice of the pie, and White Claw is making big inroads into the hard seltzer market being the number 1 in 2022.

Its trendy tastes great and has attracted an incredible following in the younger generation, but it is still an alcoholic beverage; however, you sugarcoat it, and drinking alcohol can have consequences.

Drink responsibly, and don’t drive.

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