How long can you freeze egg rolls? (cooked and uncooked)

Is the egg roll Chinese or American? The debate continues as egg rolls are becoming a popular snack worldwide. The delicious egg roll can be a little filling, but it is the perfect entree when you have guests over. The origins of the humble egg roll point towards Asia, and why not? However, there is a burning question, can egg rolls be frozen and remain edible?

Did you know that spring rolls were customary during the Chinese New Year? They represented the change in seasons where fresh vegetables would be abundant, hence the name spring roll. But along the way, people who lived in areas of North America were not so optimistic about spring in February and came up with the sumptuous egg roll that is so prevalent today.

This article will look at egg rolls and give you the lowdown on how to maximize the life of these delectable morsels. We answer frequently asked questions so you can extend your culinary prowess.

Let’s get into it.

Do egg rolls expire?

Yes, they do. Uncooked egg rolls have a relatively short shelf life of 3 to 4 days if stored in the fridge correctly in an airtight container. However, the life of uncooked egg rolls in the fridge will depend on the filling.

If you break down the component parts of the egg roll, the wrapper is made from flour and eggs. If the flour is heat treated to above 160℉, it will kill off the bacteria in the flour. This can be done in the microwave.

An egg roll wrapper stored in a Ziploc bag can last up to three months in the fridge, so the short life span reflects the filling ingredients.

The ingredients in an uncooked egg roll are typically veggies and meats, like ground beef and chicken. It’s easy to understand that raw meats will spoil quickly even stirred in the fridge. But even so, 3 to 4 days in the fridge is a reasonable time before cooking.

Cooked egg roll leftovers can be stored for 5 days in the fridge if the egg rolls are placed in an airtight container. After 5 days, the egg rolls may become floppy and lose their bite, plus the bacteria growth will have accelerated significantly, so they should be discarded after 5 days.

Does it make a difference if you cover egg rolls in the fridge?

It makes a big difference to the shelf life of the food and the flavor. Uncovered egg rolls in the fridge will be susceptible to bacteria growth. This is for both cooked and cooked egg rolls.

Placing the egg rolls in an airtight container with a sealable lid will enable the egg rolls to last for up to 5 days without being doubtful if your egg rolls would be safe to consume after a few hours in the fridge.

Often your fridge is not as cold as you would imagine. The door constantly opening in a busy kitchen elevates the temperature of the fridge above 40℉, which places the contents of the fridge in the food danger zone where bacteria growth can be exponential, causing the food to spoil in just hours.

Covering prepared egg rolls or cooked rolls is essential to the shelf life of the rolls.

Can you put warm egg rolls in the fridge?

Warm, yes; hot, no. Leave your egg rolls to cool after cooking so they can be handled without burning your fingers. Once the egg rolls are warm, place them in an airtight container to maximize their shelf life.

Placing hot or very warm egg rolls in the fridge will elevate the temperature of the fridge, and again place the contents of the fridge in the food dangers zone, which ranges from 40 to 140℉ between these temperatures, Bacteria proliferates on food, making it potentially dangerous to eat if the food remains at this temp for two hours or more.

Fridge compartments usually are not that efficient at removing the heat from the inside of the fridge. It can take an hour or more for a fridge to reach 40℉ under normal circumstances. Introduce a heat-radiating airtight box, and you can see the problem.

Do egg rolls go bad in the fridge?

Yes, they do. It is more that the contents go bad than the wrapper. The contents of egg rolls, cooked and uncooked, are susceptible to bacteria growth unless stored correctly in an airtight container.

Uncooked egg rolls in the fridge should be cooked within 48n hours to ensure they are not loaded with harmful bacteria, and cooked egg rolls last for approximately 5 days before they should be thrown in the garbage.

However, cooking does kill bacteria, in particular salmonella, which is found in eggs. Salmonella is killed at 74℉, so don’t worry too much about the egg rolls wrappers that contain eggs.

How long can egg rolls sit out?

2 Hours. According to the USDA, perishable food has a maximum life of two hours when left out at room temperature. 

There is a common misconception that egg rolls are protected from bacteria by the outer wrap., This is not true. Even if hot, the heat soon dissipates through the egg roll wrapper, and the filling is at room temperature and in the danger zone.

When food is at room temperature, it is in the danger zone for foods where the bacteria in the air and in the food can accelerate growth exponentially, rendering the food inedible in just two hours.

If you are having a family get-together or preparing egg rolls as a starter for your family meal, it’s important not to let leftovers sit out at room temperature. Placing the egg rolls in an airtight container and placing them in the fridge will extend their shelf life so you can enjoy the egg rolls tomorrow.

How long do egg rolls last in the fridge?

They have a similar shelf life in the fridge. If they are homemade and will last for 5 days, cooked or uncooked. Store-bought will last the same time, and leftovers should be consumed within two days.

Below is the shelf life of egg rolls if stirred correctly in the fridge and the freezer.

Egg rollsRefrigeratorFreezer
Leftover2 days2 Months
Homemade (cooked/uncooked)5 days6 Months
Store-bought (cooked/uncooked)5 days6 Months

Do frozen egg rolls go bad?

No, not in the sense that they rot.

Egg rolls, or any other frozen food, in theory, have an unlimited shelf life in the freezer if stirred at 0℉ or below. But the truth is the egg rolls will degrade in the freezer. They will lose color, texture, and flavor once you pass the recommended freezing time.

However, there is more to freezing egg rolls than meets the eye, and if you want to get the most life out of frozen egg rolls, they must be packaged correctly.

Store the egg rolls in a Ziploc bag. When the bag is full, squeeze as much of the air from the bag as possible and then seal it closed. You can wrap foil around the bag as further insulation, protecting it from freezer burn.

Place the parcel of egg rolls in an airtight container and then freeze.

It’s always a good idea to freeze egg rolls in potions if you are freezing a large batch. This way, you can retrieve what is needed for the freezer.

How do you thaw egg rolls?

Place the egg rolls in the fridge. They will defrost entirely in 24 hours. However, why not cook the egg rolls frozen? It’s doable, and they taste just as good.

Typically, frozen egg rolls can be taken immediately from the freezer and placed in a deep fryer. But keep in mind to cook the egg rolls at first over medium-low heat before turning the heat high for a few minutes or until the egg rolls have a wonderful golden hue and a crispy exterior.

In less than 15 minutes, you can prepare air fryer egg rolls and have them on the table. Egg rolls with chicken, pork, shrimp, or vegetables are impossible to make any simpler.

It is better to air fry egg rolls to give them a crispy texture instead of deep frying them. And because it takes less time, air frying is undoubtedly superior to baking.

How do you know if an egg roll is bad?

If the egg roll wrap has spots or signs of mold, it isn’t good and should be discarded immediately.

Bad egg rolls will have an odd odor that will let you know the egg roll is bad and could be slimy.

Don’t eat an egg roll with a slight smell of anything unusual; if it does not look right, throw it in the garbage.

Final thoughts

Egg rolls are quite a delicate food; as such, they have a short shelf life depending on their stored condition.

Storing egg rolls in an airtight container is key to extended shelf life.

Freezing egg rolls is the perfect way to preserve this delicious food. They can last up to six months in the freezer and can be cooked from frozen by either frying, baking, or air frying.

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