Does Jägermeister go bad?

Jägermeister is America’s #1 imported liquor, But how did this happen? It’s called versatility. Jägermeister is more than just a sweet liquor from Germany; it can transform cocktails and spin the most traditional cocktails like a Manhattan, bringing added depth to an already popular cocktail.

Jägermeister translates into English as “master of the hunt,” but with 56 herbs and spices, it’s also said to have some medical benefits and can help if you are down with a heavy head cold or the flu.

In this article, we will explore Jägermeister to bring you the information you may not have even thought about and much more as we answer some frequently asked questions.

Let’s dive in.


Does Jägermeister expire?

Yes. But you have to treat it poorly, like leaving it in brought sunlight and stored where the temperatures are high and not sealing the bottle after it’s been used.

Although Jägermeister is versatile in how it can be used as a liquor, its character is robust and should not be considered delicate. Unlike other liquors, Jägermeister can stand up to the test of time if treated well.

After cracking the seal on Jägermeister for the first time, it is imperative that after every shot you pour for yourself and your guests, the bottle top is screwed back into place and sealed.

If you can take care of your Jager meister in this way and store it in a cool place away from direct sunlight, you will be enjoying your Jägermeister or Jager (for drunks in a hurry) for as long as you wish.

Do the herbs in the product keep it stable? The only people who know the answer to this question are the makers of Jägermeister. The 56 herbs are a closely guarded secret and somewhat of a mystery. However, there are more than herbs in Jägermeister, and botanicals and flowers are all used to infuse a unique flavor into this unique liquor.

Does Jägermeister need to be refrigerated?

Yes and no. Jägermeister can be enjoyed best when it’s cold. The unique blend of herbs and botanicals reveals their taste profile when Jägermeister is cold.

But let us not get carried away with placing Jägermeister in the fridge. There is a suggestion that the best place to store jager meister is in the freezer.

Icey cold Jägermeister is said to be the perfect way to down a single shot of this digestif after a meal or at any time when drinking this unique product with friends.

You might think storing a bottle of Jägermeister in the freezer is excessive, but imagine how long a bottle of Jägermeister takes to chill down to 0℉ from room temperature.

How long can Jägermeister sit out?

Indefinitely if it’s in the right environmental conditions. If you have Jägermeister sealed sitting on the side in a drinks cabinet, you can expect it to last indefinitely, well, at least a couple of years, the same as other liquors.

Liquor contains a lot of alcohol, and alcohol has a low-temperature threshold before it will start to evaporate. To be precise and for the techs, the ethanol in your liquors consists of the following.

  • Formula: C₂H₆O
  • Molar mass: 46.07 g/mol
  • Boiling point: 78.37 °C
  • IUPAC ID: ethanol
  • Density: 789 kg/m³
  • Melting point: -114.1 °C
  • Vapor pressure: 5.95 kPa

You can readily see how temperature can affect Jägermeister, particularly the alcohol content of the liquor. Once the alcohol evaporates, the Jägermeister will have a different flavor profile. It may be more robust in flavor but weaker in alcohol which could be misconstrued as a sign the Jägermeister has gone bad.

The cooler the Jägermeister, the better; it is imperative to seal the bottle after each shot has been taken.

How long does Jägermeister last in the fridge?

It will depend on one thing alone. How often do you take a shot of the chilled Jägermeister? In terms of extending the product’s shelf life, storing it in the fridge is unnecessary.

In the right conditions, Jägermeister will last indefinitely if the bottle is sealed correctly after you have taken a shot. Leaving the top of Jägermeister is not advised. The alcohol will evaporate, and airborne particles could settle in the liquor. It would still be safe to drink, but it is not desirable.

Does Jägermeister get better with age?

Unfortunately no. The infusing of the herbs and botanicals stops when the Jägermeister leaves the oak casks that it has been stored in for twelve-month.

It is a myth that liquor ages in the bottle. It does not; it can only age in the original cask it came from, and even then, there is a balance of time between a great product and not so good product.

Once bottled and stored correctly, Jägermeister will be as good as the day it was bottled in Germany.


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Is Jägermeister good for you?

How much sugar is in Jägermeister?

Here is the list to help you decide the sugar content of Jägermeister.

Typical valuesper Shot(2,0 cL)
Fat< 0,1
Protein< 0,1
of which sugars2,6

To place some perspective on the sugar in Jägermeister, a 1oz shot of Jägermeister contains 4g of sugar which is 15 calories.

The average shot glass in the US holds approximately 1.25 to 1.5 0z, so erring on the higher side, the amount of sugar in each shot is around 22 calories.

Comparing Jägermeister with something else sweet like chocolate, a 1oz measure of chocolate equals a massive 142 calories.

So, is Jägermeister heavy in sugar? Not really. Will it make you pile on the pounds? It depends on how much you drink and how often.

Is Jägermeister good for you?

Jägermeister was first developed as a digestive and anti-inflammatory remedy for stomach ailments, eczema, and persistent coughs. Jägermeister is a popular after-dinner drink in Germany, consumed to ease digestion, though many of us only know it as a shot.

Some people swear Jägermeister is a cure for influenza. Although there are no medical studies, there is empirical evidence that Jägermeister can be medicinal. Jägermeister should be consumed in moderation like all other liquors. Otherwise, you may think your piano playing has improved as a direct link to Jägermeister.

Is Jägermeister good for sleep?

If you struggle with sleep or insomnia, alcohol will never be the remedy and may worsen things over time.

However, Jägermeister has a relatively high alcohol content (35%), and a few shots should make you sleep soundly. Because Jägermeister is a digestif, it is easy on the stomach, so if you are not used to having a tipple before bedtime, Jägermeister may be the bedtime tipple for you.

Furthermore, Jägermeister is considered a tonic with herbs and botanicals and a healthy drink perfect for sleep and digestion.

Will Jägermeister make you drunk?

Yes, it contains 35% alcohol which is high, other liquors like whisky are around 405 by volume, so don’t look at a Jägermeister as a drink that can be consumed excessively.

Drinking alcohol and getting drunk varies from person to person. If an occasional drinker consumes two shots of Jägermeister, they may feel the effect of the alcohol straight away.

Whereas a seasoned drinker could drink a few jager bombs, a appear to be coherent and lucid in speech and thoughts.

Final thoughts

To get the most out of drinking Jägermeister drink it icy cold for the flavors to flourish on your palate. Cold Jägermeister is a much nicer drink than warm.

If Jägermeister is stored correctly, it will last a long time and will not expire or go bad.

Drink moderately and never drink and drive.

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