Does Bud Light Expire?

Have you ever found an expiry date on a bottle of Bud light? It’s on the base of the bottle and represents the date that the beer is considered to be at its best or freshest. What’s going to happen if you drink expired beer?

In this article, we will explore the expiry date on Bud light and what it means to consumers, such as how you can get sick from drinking expired beer.

Let’s get into it.

Did you know that Bud light from Anheuser -Busch (A-B) company has an expiry date? You heard right Bug d light has an expiry date, and it’s not measured in years but days. 

A-B company gives Bud light the freshest before the date of 100 days. That’s just three months and two weeks. It is not long when most of you think beer has an indefinite lifespan and maybe improves like wine the longer it’s left in the bottle.

Bud light degrades after 100 days and has a shelf life of about nine months but may not be drinkable after that time.

Let’s get into some frequently asked questions and provide you with the answers.

Is Bud Light good after the expiration date?

It depends on how the Bud light has been stored. If it’s been chilled and in a dark area, then the Bud light should be okay shortly after it expires.

To clarify the expiration date further, it’s more of a freshest before the date that informs the consumer when the Bug light is at its optimum for taste and aromas. Expiry seems to suggest that beer goes bad, which it does not.

After 110 days, Bud light will start to degrade slightly and continue degrading until the beer has lost its beer-like taste and may not even taste like beer.

The beer’s volatiles is degraded by light, temperature, and age. The volatiles is the aromas from the hops used in the brewing process, and they can be subtle in the case of bud light or more robust in other beers.

How do I know when my Bud Light expires?

It is easy to check. On cans and bottles, it is printed on the bottom and looks like this: 21AUG22. After the date is printed, your beer will start to degrade, so when buying your Bud light from the liquor store, check the bottom of the bottle, making sure you have the full expiry time.

Can you drink old Bud Light?

Yes, if your Bud light has been refrigerated and kept cool and out of direct sunlight, then you can drink Bud light after it has expired.

Even an open bud light will last for a couple of days in the fridge before oxidation ruins the beer. Unopened beer may taste fine a year after the expiry date, but A-B is trying to convey to its consumers that Bud light, in its freshly brewed form, is far superior to that of a bud light that has exceeded the expiry date.

Old Bud may taste stale and a little bit strange. It’s harmless but will not taste the same as freshly brewed Bud light.

Does Bud light beer expire if not opened?

Yes, but that does not mean it’s not safe to be consumed. Bugs light is best consumed within the first 110 days of production for the freshest taste profile. After 110 days, the beer will slowly but surely degrade, losing its wonderful taste and some of its carbonation.

If you have unopened bud light that has expired, it will be drinkable if it’s been refrigerated and out of direct sunlight. After 110 days, the beer will slowly lose its freshness.

Why does beer come in dark bottles?

It’s akin to sunglasses for beer. It prevents chemical changes within the beer.

Brewers of beer have chosen to use darkly tinted glass to avoid the skunking process. Intense light causes a photooxidation reaction in beer hops that results in the formation of the substance 3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol. That explains why so many beers come in brown glass bottles nowadays.

What is the skunky taste of beer?

It’s something very unpleasant that is described as similar to a skunk’s aromatic secretions.

Beer that has been compromised to UV rays takes on a very different odor and taste profile that you will not appreciate.

What are the side effects of drinking expired Bud light beer?

If the beer is not skunked, then not as many as you would imagine.

The alcohol in Bud light (4.2%) is sufficient to prevent the beer from going bad. Alcohol does not go bad to the point where it will make you ill. You may suffer from a stomach upset but feel fine otherwise after consuming expired beer.

The beer loses its flavor as it ages despite rumors that it continues fermenting and improves. The beer will taste stale with not much or any flavor and be flat, with no carbonation. It’s not a pleasant drinking experience for beer lovers, but you will not be sick.

If you pour your bud light and there is no foam, then throw it out. Its flavor profile has diminished completely.

Is beer still good after the expiration date?

Most beers will be ok past the expiration date, which is true for Bud light. The 100 days is a short time, and the beer should be ok a further six months down the line, but after that, the beer will become unpleasant to consume.

Keeping your Bud light in the refrigerator will certainly help with the life span of the beer.

Should Bud light be kept in icy cold conditions to extend its life?

No. The aromatics in Bud light are delicate and subtle, by storing the bud light at between 35 -40℉ deadens the flavor profile of this delicate mass-produced beer. It’s not just Bud light. All mass-produced light beers should be served 2-4℉ for optimal flavor profiles.

Warmer beer will give you a better drinking experience allowing you to enjoy Bud light to the fullest.

Does Bud light taste better in a bottle?

It’s been a myth for a long time that beer tastes better in a bottle, it’s easier to hold and may look coolant and feel nicer on the lips, but the truth is Bud light in a can is a better way of storing the beer. 

You know that light is the worst enemy of beer. No light can get p[ast the aluminum can, making it a more secure way to have your beer and protect it from the dreaded skunking.

Should Bud light be stored on its side?

No, it is another myth. Bud light has all of the alcohol brewed prior to canning and bottling the beer. Storing beer on its side is good for craft beers that still may be fermenting in the bottle. Even then, it’s doubtful if it makes a difference.

If you have ever tried a bottle of wine with sediment, you will know that having the sediment on the side of the bottle is a pain in the neck.

Wine is set on its side to keep the cork wet and for no other reason. A dry cork will let wine seep out of the bottle and bacteria into the bottle, spoiling the wine.

Storing the bud light in the refrigerator stops it from degrading

Unfortunately, the best beers in the world expire. It’s an organic product, and even if you wrap it in silk, it will still expire.

Bud light and other mass-produced light beers only have a lifespan of around nine months if stored in a cool dark space like your refrigerator.

Other beers have considerably less time than Bud light, so don’t think Bud light is an inferior beer for one moment.

You can try the following to keep your beer in good condition:

  • Keep Bud light cool at all times but not icy cold. You can store Bud as low as 30℉, but it’s not optimal, and the beer will not have the best flair profile.
  • Keep your Bud light out of direct sunlight to avoid skunking.
  • Keep your beer upright. Keeping beer upright leaves the smallest air pocket. Place your beer on its side, and the air pocket increases, which can oxidize your Bud.

Are there hops in Bud Light?

Yes. The aficionados want craft beers, but they don’t understand the bud light is a pure beer. Many like to bash Budweiser beers, and Bud light is no different.

Many bees tap into the ubiquitous corn fructose for the beer’s sweetness. But did you know the only thing in Bud light is  Barley, rice, hops from Germany, and water?

Final thoughts

Many of you may not know that beer has an expiration and that the mass-produced Bud light is not an exception to the rule.

The good news is Bud light, despite the bashers, is a pure beer without preservatives being added to extend the life span of the beer.

Bud light is brewed traditionally regardless of its mass production, which is why it’s one of the best-selling beers in the world.

Next time you pick up a pack of Bud light, check the date to ensure you have many months of drinking pleasure.

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