Can You Eat Eggs That Have Been Frozen

If you have been to the supermarket and found a good deal on eggs, should you buy them and store them in the freezer?

It is not a question that you typically come across, as eggs have a pretty good shelf life if stored properly. A fresh egg stored in the fridge lasts up to six weeks.

In this article, we will find out if you can indeed freeze eggs and if they are edible when thawed.

Let’s get into it.

Can you freeze a fresh egg?

You may read many contradicting theories about this subject so let’s discuss some rational ideas for you to be able to decide if freezing an egg is a viable proposition to extend the life of your eggs.

You may read that placing an egg in a freezer will make the shells crack and let bacteria enter the egg. Why would the shell crack?

The shell may crack if it has a hairline fracture not visible to the eye or if the egg is warm, say at room temperature of 80℃ or 176℉. It is pretty warm but not outside the realms of possibility.

A warm fresh egg entering a freezer may cause a thermal crack in the egg, so it makes sense to cool your eggs in the fridge before placing them in the freezer.

Will bacteria enter through the cracked shell making the egg bad? The freezer does not kill bacteria but makes bacteria dormant so that no bacteria will enter your egg.

Given reasonable facts, it seems that placing a fresh egg in the freezer is a viable option.

However, the USDA advises not to eat eggs if the shells have been cracked in the freezing process.

Can you freeze eggs in a carton?

Taking your eggs from the store and placing them directly in the freezer is not advisable. There are a couple of reasons why this is bad practice.

Do you know that all the carton eggs are whole and without cracks? It is advisable to examine the eggs before freezing.

Place the eggs in the fridge for twenty-four hours to be chilled before freezing. This will reduce the possibility of your eggs cracking in the freezer.

Are you aware that a carton of fresh eggs lasts for three months? Frozen eggs last for twelve months, it is a big difference, and if there is a promotion on eggs, it’s worth stocking up.

How do you tell if eggs are frozen?

It will be icy! You may see a hairline crack in the eggs shell, this is nothing to be worried about, and as explained, bacteria in your freezer is dormant, so it will not enter the egg.

An average size egg reaches 32℉, it takes 32 minutes for the egg to become totally frozen. This will extend the egg’s shelf life for twelve months.

How do you thaw frozen eggs?

It is a simple process: take them from the freezer and place them in the fridge to defrost slowly. Eggs are pretty thick, so the center or yolk will take some time to defrost thoroughly.

Are fresh eggs still good if they freeze?

The eggs are perfect for boiling or frying if you have frozen eggs in their shells. You will notice some changes in the egg. The yolk is more solid and less runny. It is acceptable for boiled eggs and fried eggs.

If you plan a recipe like a cake, then you will find an egg frozen in its shell will not mix like a fresh egg. The yolk changes structure during the formation of ice crystals when freezing. The ice crystals effectively mash the yolk changing its characteristics.

Did you know that raw eggs will last for a year in the freezer?

How long can raw scrambled eggs be frozen?

Scrambling eggs before freezing is a terrific idea. Like most frozen foods, eggs will change slightly and lose some of their properties if frozen for too long. The shelf life of the scrambled eggs will be up to twelve months, but for the best results, eat the eggs before the twelve months are up.

The best way to freeze scrambled eggs is to place them in a flat container with an airtight lid, and you could place a sheet of cling film across the surface of the eggs to prevent freezer burn.

Your scrambled eggs should be thawed in the fridge if possible. The best thing about freezing raw scrambled eggs is they taste exactly the same as fresh eggs, and you have a ready-prepared meal.

Can you freeze cooked scrambled eggs?

Yes, if you have a lot of scrambled eggs left over, break out of the airtight container and refreeze the eggs. The shelf life is shorter at around four months, but when the eggs are reheated, you can’t tell the difference between fresh and frozen eggs.

Can I cook frozen eggs?

Yes, but not before thawing the eggs. The idea of freezing eggs is to extend the life of the eggs, and now you are in a hurry to eat them. If you place a frozen egg in the frying pan, it will cook but not so well, parts will be burned, and it will take some time.

Remove the eggs from the freezer, place the egg or eggs in the fridge, and leave overnight, if possible, so they thaw completely.

Thawing the eggs in the fridge will reduce the possibility of the eggs being exposed to bacteria.

Do freezing hard-boiled eggs ruin them?

Hard-cooked eggs can technically be frozen, but the flavor won’t be perfect. When the whites are thawed, they become tough and rubbery and leak extra water.

However, since the cooked yolks store remarkably well, It is advised to consume the boiled whites right away and freeze the yolks separately in an airtight bag.

How do you defrost eggs quickly?

If your eggs are in an airtight container like a zip lock bag, then simply run tap water over your eggs to speed up the thawing process.

This works well with scrambled eggs, but the best way to thaw eggs is to place them in the fridge overnight or at least a screw hours before they are needed.

Can you scramble frozen eggs?

Yes, it is a great way to prepare your eggs for a meal, frozen eggs that have been thawed thoroughly make excellent scrambled eggs.

You may notice the yolk’s textures are a little more solid, but when scrambling frozen eggs, it is nice to have a few chunky pieces of egg yolk in your food. If this is unacceptable, you could liquidize the scrambled eggs for a fine texture when cooking.

How do you check to see if eggs are bad?

If the shell is intact, it can be challenging to see if an egg is bad or not. However, if you take a bowl of water, a fresh egg will sink, and an older egg will float. This does not mean the floating egg is bad. It means it’s older than the egg that sinks.

If you use this method to check your eggs, it is always worth breaking them into a container one at a time and then placing the good egg in the mixing bowl.

This way, one bad egg is not going to spoil six cracked eggs.

Bad eggs smell terrible when cracked, with a heavy sulfur type of smell. Bad eggs have a gray appearance and combined with the smell, and it is evident the egg is bad. It can’t be missed for sure.

If you suspect the egg is old, you may want to discard then take the risk of the egg being on the turn.

Why do my eggs freeze in the fridge?

If the temperature in your fridge is too cold, turn the thermostat up to 40℉ and buy a fridge thermometer, it is worth knowing the accurate temperature of your fridge, not just for eggs but for all of your foods.

If the problem is persistent, you can store your egg cartons lower down in the fridge. This should resolve the issue.

What’s the best way to freeze your eggs?

When freezing eggs, add salt, sugar, or acid to maintain the optimum texture. One teaspoon of salt, one tablespoon of sugar, or four tablespoons of lemon juice are needed for each pint of yolks; for entire eggs, reduce these amounts by half.

Keep track of how much salt, sugar, or lemon you add and make the necessary adjustments to your final recipe.

If you freeze raw eggs in ice cube trays or muffin pans, it’s best to transfer them to a resealable bag or container after around 24 hours because eggs are prone to absorbing the odors and aromas of any other item in your freezer.

Use airtight containers such as zip lock bags to prevent odor transfer. Using smaller bags is often more convenient than storing, say, a pint of scrambled eggs, depending on the size of your family.

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